With a depressed face, Tubel didn’t start to go back until Xingqi finished his dinner. It’s not enough to clean a bear. It makes him feel better not to smell the meat. It makes him feel better to think that there will be meat to eat again. Bell finally has a smile.
When Tubel came ashore, he smelled all the places where his bear could smell, and he was afraid that there would still be a smell of bear Sao. Because he hastily made a bear hygiene at noon, Xingqi smelled it again and fined the original foundation of food for doubling again. This time, he can finally rest assured to go back.
Looking at the bonfire, Tubel was still depressed and smelled the residual meat in the air, and his belly was thundering again. Sometimes it is not good to have a nose that is too clever. Tubel realized another proverb.
"Tubel is back. How did it take you so long? Where did you learn about your physiological needs just now? You bears are really energetic." Xing Qi said when he saw Tubel coming back for so long, and there was no smell.
"It’s good and tasteless this time, but it will hurt your health if you are so annoyed, Tubel. Although you are a bear, you should pay attention to your health."
Is it really so good to get such a compliment from Starkey that Tubel fainted on the spot and felt that he was really so good in the eyes of Starkey’s boss?
Two weeks later, Tubel was finally injured, and it was no longer a dry outside. The recovery of fighting capacity of Tubel, a five-star king-level pale-backed bear, made this man and two beasts feel safe again. It’s been so long here that Xingqi and Baiyun Crane eat meat in large pieces every day, but they are still quite depressed.
Although Tubel is forced to be clean and hygienic every day, he is still very happy surrounded by the smell of meat. He feels that Tubel is lazy and unwilling to move since he came here. He really hopes to live in this valley every day, sleep in the sun and play a little game. This is the good life of Tubel, my pale-backed bear.
Baiyun Crane has been going hunting and inspecting Gu ‘an every day for the past two weeks. Since Xingqi punished Guibei, the food was reduced to one point, and Tubei gave it to Baiyun Crane for hunting. Of course, on the first day, he hunted his prey according to his own appetite, and the food was distributed to Tubei, which was much less.
When Xingqi didn’t pay attention, Tubel asked the Baiyun crane to eat more food on the senior animal pressure, and Xingqi’s younger brother said that if he didn’t eat more, he would advise Xingqi to kill the Baiyun crane.
Baiyun crane’s spiritual wisdom is still not open, but it also knows that it is ready-made for Xingqi. It is cumbersome for the owner to practice, because it absorbs a lot of energy from Xingqi through contracts every day. This is also the reason why many medicines and spirits of Xingqi are so slow to rise by themselves.
Baiyun crane doesn’t know that Xingqi is worried that the repair will grow too fast. After all, Xingqi is only fourteen years old and has never felt that the drag of Baiyun crane is to treat Baiyun crane as its own potential and train thugs.
Baiyun crane has been hunting for a long time, but it can be said that it is a good heart. First, I told Xingqi that eating the meat of the soul beast can speed up the practice. Xingqi thought that the soul beast really still has the energy to practice, and most of the soul force and soul nucleus are also a part of this body. Baiyun crane didn’t care, but he and the only soul beast didn’t want to eat meat, so he didn’t bake it, and he didn’t have anything to do. Xuantian didn’t deliberately practice the barbecue, but he also sent time to strengthen his soul beast feelings. Of course, Tubel made a profit.
At the exit of this valley, one person and two animals looked into the valley behind them, and their moods were different. Tubel was deeply attached to the white crane, but he didn’t go hunting himself after liberating his sense of freedom, and he came back to eat barbecue hard, and he would be tired of eating meat.
Xingqi’s face is full of excitement, such as granny Liu’s leaving the country and going to town. There are so many main medicines waiting for him to pick his own nest. Now the big stupid bear in that small valley can finally play its role before he can live up to his barbecue this time.
【 Chapter sixty-three One man and two beasts 】
At the entrance of a famous valley, a man, a white crane and a pale-backed bear stood with a strong cold wind, but the man and two beasts still waited for half an hour.
Xingqi is blowing this cold wind, but he feels particularly cool. Two weeks have passed, and he is still so excited every time he thinks about the harvest. Besides, the horse will go into the forest to collect medicine. It is not a problem to have Tubel as a thug.
These two weeks, my barbecue in this valley has exhausted me. Looking up at it, it seems that I have grown up in a daze. Baiyun Crane nodded with satisfaction. This is also a hard-working harvest. If I think that I have a king-level pale-backed bear younger brother, I may be able to collect herbs here. But if I give the purple crystal to Tubel, I won’t have an emperor-level master younger brother …
Earth Bell’s two stars are almost settled by himself, but it will take a while to let it be purple crystal and amethyst lion soul nuclear stars. Earth Bell looks silly and motionless. The bear brain seems to be thinking. It seems to be a clown.
As soon as I got to the valley exit, Xingqi and Baiyun Crane were all thinking. Tubel was packed up by Xingqi for two weeks and stuck to Tubel Taniguchi. After briefly recalling these two weeks of happy life, I saw Xingqi and Baiyun Crane thinking. Tubel looked around and found that he still didn’t follow the boss in the past two weeks. Tubel also pretended to be thinking, especially when he saw Xingqi nod to the stunned Baiyun Crane. Tubel pretended to be more real.
After a flash of half an hour, Tubel finally couldn’t stand thinking like this, so he looked at Xingqi and Baiyun Crane now and found that Xingqi and Baiyun Crane looked at themselves strangely, which scared Tubel. Did Tubel smell like that again? Tubel quickly sniffed at himself.
Tubel was scared by Xingqi, and he was still a bear. If this happy bear ruined himself, his life would be gone.
Tu Bei smelled the body again and still didn’t smell. When he looked at Xing Qi again, he found that Xing Qi was frowning and looking at himself. This is not tasteless. How can you still look at yourself? Tu Bei fell into thinking about how to make Xing Qi unhappy again.
"Tubel, are you finished with this stupid bear? The sun is almost on the top of your head. What are you dawdling about?" Starkey stared at the stupid bear with anger and directly braked the stupid bear’s wonderful performance in these two stars.
"This is your territory. Why don’t you stay here if you don’t open the way in front?" Xing Qi saw such a dense forest in front. Why didn’t this silly little brother let himself come before escorting?
Tubel was depressed again and went to the front of the team. He didn’t know you, and he didn’t say that Tubel couldn’t tell Xingqi that he was in a daze when he saw Xingqi and Baiyun Crane. Besides, you haven’t said anything yet, and you dare not walk alone.
In the dense jungle, Tu Bei’s face was reluctant to walk in front of him, and he kept thinking about how many times these two multi-stars had been wronged by the boss. How could they be so moldy? Xing Qi and Baiyun Crane were behind Tu Bei.
A month later, in a vast grassland, one man and one beast walked dozens of meters high and a white crane flew more than one meter high. In the cold wind of weeds, waves of ups and downs stretched like waves.
Starkey’s feet lightly touched the grass leaves and duckweeds floated in the waves. Starkey looked at the big stupid bear on the left and said, "Tubel bears also have collections, such as those fighting interests. But you told me that your pale-backed bear family likes wars and often fights with other ethnic groups, and your bosses in the spirit and beast department encourage each other to fight." Starkey looked straight at Tubel.
When Tubel explained the danger of Tiexia Ridge to Xingqi, he also went to Cangbei Bear, a powerful earth bear lineage race, from time to time. When Tubel told Xingqi that he was a bear family, he became excited from a calm face when he saw Xingqi hearing about the earth bear lineage.
Tubel finally felt that it was worthwhile for the boss to take part in the many bloodline battles. When he heard that his ethnic group’s top 100-level soul beasts had not moved a muscle in the war, his face changed when he heard the name of the earth bear. It seems that the clan struggles for this bloodline, and Tubel himself thinks so. He is very satisfied with his white clan heart now.
Tubel didn’t know that Xingqi’s face changed greatly because Xingqi thought of alchemy, and now he can’t maintain a long-term heart fire and accumulate medicine, so he needs an auxiliary medicine to lead the medicine to be more stable, and the medicine quality is high.
It is said from Xuantianjing that a mild medicine is needed, although spirit wine is also ok, but there is not much spirit wine, and it is even more reluctant to part with this earth bear blood, which is a good thing. The earth bear soul force is khaki and the earth is steady and heavy, so it is certainly good to make medicine.
Xingqi, this is the blood of the earth bear of Tubel. Of course, Tubel is his younger brother now, and of course he has to manage the collection for Tubel.
"Eldest brother, you should be happy to have a younger brother of the earth bear lineage. We pale-backed bears are orthodox blood relatives of the earth bear. We win more battles. Of course, there will be battles every time. There are many soul nuclei and many special things. Of course, I also defeated a tiger clan leader." Tubel stood up and said proudly.
"Tubel, you are a master of your clan. Even the tiger clan chiefs have been defeated by you. Then you have a strong fighting capacity and you have a lot of fighting interests, right?" Star Qi finally showed the fox’s tail and pretended to be surprised. Tubel glanced around and didn’t believe Tubel’s record.
As soon as Tubel saw Starkey looking at himself like this, of course, the bear’s body was straighter, and the bear’s neck was red because the bear’s head was held too high. His proud record will certainly make the boss treat himself better.
Some time ago, Tubel Xingqi led a famous mountain valley. As soon as Tubel came out of the valley, he wanted to show his ability well so that Boss Xingqi could give himself more food, because the boss had told himself and the dead crane that after that, the daily food intake would be as much as the roast deer.
Xingqi let himself have no chance to show except after clearing the way in the jungle and crushing those trees. Those soul beasts feel their momentum far away and hide or flee, but the boss asks not to restrain their momentum. Now the boss wants to hear his record, so his boss has a high position in his heart, and this food treatment will of course rise
Of course, Tubei kept talking about his achievements in ethnic wars. Of course, those who lost and fled were gone, and it was time to increase the fierce atmosphere at that time and continue to add some sign language
Xingqi looked at the big stupid bear and told him to fight altruistically, but the bear’s mouth splashed with foam, which blew up his situation in the past, and he danced with two huge paws to say that the starting point of the battle was still red. This pale-backed bear is really full of violence.
I want to bleed those pale-backed bears when I go to the residence of Tubel ethnic group. If the pale-backed bears don’t get together and shoot themselves to death, it seems that it’s hard to do it. Look at Tubel, this bear is delicious. Nine times out of ten, it’s delicious. I want to find more good medicine in this deep mountain and get some fruit to brew the side brewed with 100 fruits in the mysterious wooden bamboo slips. It can be said that it’s almost a spirit wine.
Baiyun Crane has lived in Tiexialing since he was a child, and he has learned a lot since he followed the master Xingqi. But now he looks at it and jumps like a pale-backed bear, waving it in his paws. Is this really a five-star king-class pale-backed bear? This makes the Baiyun crane gain more knowledge. Is it true that the more advanced the spirit beast is, the more he will flatter and brag? It seems that he has to develop in this respect if he wants to become an advanced Baiyun crane spirit beast.
"Earth bell you fight? Are there many soul cores? " The more Xingqi watched this, the more excited he became. Big Stupid Bear quickly broke his glorious history.
"I didn’t know these were very important at that time, but I was arrested by the patriarch and most of the profits were taken away by the patriarch. A small number of bosses, as you know, most of the powerful pale-backed bears like me have spouses, and my mother bears took them away."

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