"Skunk, do you really want to do this?" Uchibo doesn’t know what happened in the process, but he knows that if he doesn’t persuade the ferret this time, the family may be in danger.
"I’m still the same sentence, kid. I won’t move, but I’ll kill your department. When your child grows up, you can still seek revenge from me. I don’t care." After that, I couldn’t see how he moved the people around him, and then the skunk killed all the people in the field alone
"Come out of the mirror. That’s the right name, isn’t it? You’re grandpa Shuiping. In principle, I should call you a cousin, right?"
"Ah, I knew I should have stopped Qing to bring this kid back. I know you can’t lie, which means that this kid really helped our Uchibo family. It seems that my biggest mistake is that I didn’t figure out what happened. You said it was good. I really am Uchiha Kagami, your mother’s cousin, and you called me a cousin. You were right!" Uchiha Kagami directly skunk appeared not far away.
"Not much nonsense. You moved my parents. I should settle accounts with you, but Shu Mao said that I put that hatred, but what did you do to him? Gouge out his eyes? Do you know? In fact, I am very sad and difficult in the village and the family, and that kid told me how to save the family. I really saw the hope of saving the family, you know? I was so happy at that time that I laughed. I haven’t laughed for many years because I saw hope. "
"Tree mau help uchiha at three generations with Jiraiya’s adult to kill those things you hide against the family who is the credit? I told you it was Shu Mao! At noon, I had another quarrel with being reincarnated by filthy soil, or Uchibo, do you know? What is the reason why Huoying likes Shu Mao best? It is because all the families in his ideal village are in harmony to meet foreign enemies instead of fighting in the village! But just finished this matter, what happened to Shu Mao? I think it must be hard for him now? Is this different from betrayal? I didn’t help you talk until noon, and you stabbed him at noon. "
"Ha ha, thanks to you, I haven’t been able to open the kaleidoscope successfully. I just opened the kaleidoscope when I saw Shu Mao’s eyes bleeding and weak. I told me before Shu Mao that Uchibo was a fighting clan. I don’t quite understand it because my blood is still cold, but now I think my blood is hot! All of you will die! "
I don’t know when the mirror opened the kaleidoscope. This opponent is very powerful, isn’t it? Is this the amazing talent of the ferret?
"Do you know, ferret, my family has been waiting for someone to open this kaleidoscope because I know that my eyes are running out and I need a kaleidoscope so that my eyes can become an eternal kaleidoscope, so that I can have the kaleidoscope sharingan forever. Who will be my opponent then?" The mirror doesn’t matter. It is true that Shu Mao is his pursuit target, but now the prey has been replaced by the same kaleidoscope!
"Who take who eyes also not necessarily! Just leave your eyes to my Shu Mao brothers! " It suddenly occurred to the ferret that he had killed his people, which was a judgment to the clan, and a rebellion to the village. I’m afraid I can’t stay in Konoha any longer, and I can just finish what Shu Mao said at the beginning. That’s just right!
"You must be able to help!"
"You must be able to help!" Two people summon blue bones almost at the same time, which is the biggest symbol of their strength!
"Bang, two giant bones directly collided fiercely and came to support in the distance. I heard this loud noise and the pace of support accelerated."
The ape-demon was worried that the wave would immediately make him go outside. He just walked not far when he met Naruto who came to help stop the water.
"Brother, what’s wrong with you?" As soon as Naruto saw the ape’s arms, Shu Mao immediately leaned over anxiously.
"Naruto, stop listening to the orders of the ape’s predecessors first." Shu Mao replied weakly, and then Shu Mao was completely relieved.
"Stop the water, you guard the black flame, and don’t let a person pass over there. Now we have to believe that the skunk says he will handle the affairs of the clan. He doesn’t want to see the villagers suffer any casualties because of this. Naruto and I will go to Gang Shou’s adult Shu Mao’s eyes have been gouged out by Uchibo, and I will ask Gang Shou’s adult to help him heal."
"Naruto, you also come here. I don’t trust your side! Please stop everything! " Although it really hurts, Shu Mao ordered it.
"Naruto don’t worry, Kakashi is watching in front. More people will come here then. No problem." The ape looked at Naruto’s violent breath and immediately comforted him.
"Right now, the key is to heal Shigeru Naruto. You are quick to go! I’ll meet Kakashi. "
Naruto snorted. Obviously, he also wants to avenge his brother.
"Naruto follows!"
Naruto heard the seriousness of Shu Mao and lowered his head without saying a word.
"Fire and phoenix magic!" Mirror directly to a fire escape.
"Water shield! Fire and fire dragon inflammation bomb! " Not to be outdone, the ferret immediately returned the color.
Stop water just arrived here and just saw the two men fighting as a bee. Kakashi was staring at the field and watching it carefully. Obviously, this battle attracted his attention.
"Ah stop water eldest brother, you’re here! By the way, eldest brother Shuishui can go in and I will stop others. I really didn’t expect you Uchihiro people to do such a thing, you know? It scared me to death! "
"I won’t go in if I can’t. I believe the ferret will take care of the ferret. He has already realized that!"
"Kakashi, maybe you need help. Please help me!"
"Oh, stop those people?"
"Well, it’s best to stop Uchihiro from handling things by himself, so the nature becomes inappropriate."
"Don’t worry, I will help you!" Shuishui and Kakashi obviously didn’t know that the reinforcements were all covered with slugs, and anyone who played tricks would be immediately known by Huo Ying.
Chapter 60 Treatment of genocide tail
Hyuga Hiashi was completely shocked when he saw the tragic situation of Shu Mao. He felt incredible. Has Uchibo reached this point now? Then I remembered what day I immediately put the slugs in my arms on the tree.
"Adult slug, please help Shu Mao stop bleeding first!"
"Ah, little slug, Shu Mao has been holding on, but his eyes have been bleeding. Please help him treat it first and inform Gang Shou to prepare for Shu Mao’s treatment!"
"I informed Lord Gang Shou to go to the hospital and told us to go directly."
"Full adult, right? When all the support forces tell them not to step into the Uchibo family, they will be handed over to the ferret! " Shu Mao still emphasizes this matter, and he obviously doesn’t want the village to step in, otherwise the nature will really change.
"Your eyes?"
"It’s okay. When I just fought, I came over with a pair of eyes. It should be no problem to find my sister for a transplant!" After the simple treatment of slugs, Shu Maoxian felt that his eyes were not so painful.
"Rizu patriarch Gang Shou just said that everything should be arranged by Shu Mao." The slug timely informed the latest news from Gang Shou.
At the same time, all support forces received orders to surround Uchihiro and his family not to attack and wait for the skunk to come out! Obviously, Gang Shou understood the skunk. He wanted to carry all the crimes by himself. This is a child who is very similar to Shu Mao!
"Mirror you about? Although I don’t know why your strength is so weak, I think you have no chance! " The skunk has a great grasp of the present situation.
"I remember because of purple clouds adults? I didn’t expect Lord Zixiao to be so powerful! It affects you until now! "
"Skunk! You talk too much in battle! " I don’t know when the mirror ran behind the ferret. At this time, the ferret’s body became a phantom. Several crows flew out of the ferret’s body and the original good mood became very bad!
"You fell in love with my illusion at the moment you appeared. I didn’t trigger it, just waiting for you to relax!"
"So that’s it! Do it! You can have these eyes! You can also bring it to that kid, that is, we did something wrong. Hey, Uchihiro has been out of touch with the village for too long. Indeed, if I knew that kid Uchihiro had done so many things, I wouldn’t have watched it. What a pity! "
"It’s a pity that you just don’t believe in Huo Ying, don’t believe in the village, and don’t believe in Shu Mao. You deserve it all."
The skunk didn’t approach the mirror directly, but not far away. He was best at shuriken Ninjutsu and directly harvested the mirror’s head, so the mirror was killed by the skunk without even making a final counterattack.
When the ferret was fighting with the mirror, he found the mantra of the mirror body. A member of the dark part naturally knew that it was human body ninja. Strictly speaking, it was human body sealing to seal something. Generally speaking, it was self-destruction and even mutually assured destruction. The ferret was very cautious. The mirror showed that there was no chakra, but shuriken Ninjutsu killed him.
Otherwise, he will die instantly, and his body will explode directly. If the ferret kills him at close range, then it’s almost the same if the ferret doesn’t die now, right?
The skunk went from the mirror head to the kaleidoscope. These eyes didn’t show any outstanding strength in this battle. It was probably that these eyes were almost at the limit. Before the battle, the mirror said that he urgently needed a kaleidoscope. The skunk didn’t even think about it. He wrapped his eyes directly on the spot, summoned the psychic, gave it to himself, and then asked the crow to give it to the five generations of trees. Obviously, he was going to give it to Mao.
When those eyes left his body, the ferret suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that when he held those eyes just now, a sound sounded in his heart to merge him into his eyes! Only then did the ferret think that these eyes were really magical.
The ferret found that the surrounding environment was destroyed by his own fighting with the mirror, and many ethnic groups were far away from this battlefield. The ferret knew that there were only those old, weak and sick people left in the present ethnic group. When he thought of this, he thought of fighting with himself just now. According to his health, it was only half a year left! The skunk sighed and chased them directly. He killed all the adults, leaving a few of them to look at his children with fear and help them stay in place.
"Your parents, including the new patriarch and elders, were killed by me, and you know who I am, but I promised a person that I wouldn’t kill the children’s home. I will keep you. After I leave, the villagers should come back to pick you up and go to the school. You can go to the mainland to find me after you finish your studies. Now I won’t tell you what I killed them. I want to endure the school and I won’t teach you these things, but when you are adults, you can pursue the truth by yourself. When the time comes, you should make your own judgments. Even if you come to retaliate, Then, without waiting for these children to cry, the ferret went directly to the illusion and let the children fall into a simple fantasy.
"Stop water and tell Shu Mao that I won’t go back to Konoha. I believe he can get to know you and then go into the dark. Join my parents. In addition, my brother also asks you to take care of me secretly. If my brother has done something excessive, help me stop him if necessary. Give it to Shu Mao. He will take care of it!"
"I’m sorry at last!" Say that finish while the water stop is unguarded, knock the water stop out directly.

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