Third, I feel so sleepy!
Then he lost consciousness and limped
The strength of Loquat Ten Zangs is between elite forbearance and quasi-shadow, which is similar to that of Chiba and Shuibian, but after many days of getting along, I am very confident in Chiba and others, and my vigilance is also put at the lowest point, adding Shuibian, an illusion genius, to perform Loquat Ten Zangs in an instant.
There is no need to be ashamed when Loquat Ten Zang wakes up afterwards. It is mainly due to the sneak attack on water. Moreover, later generations, he knew that orochimaru, a "colleague", was even more unbearable and was taken by the ferret and almost killed.
Chiba lifted up the Ten Zangs of Loquat and made chakra seal the Ten Zangs of Loquat temporarily. chakra will give them to the pharmacist Ye Naiyu. She nodded and said, "Everything goes according to the original plan. You take Bai and Ten Zangs of Loquat and find a place to hide. We’ll call you afterwards according to the secret code. If no one calls you back to Konoha in three days!"
Chiba paused and said, "Be careful!"
Yao Naiyu, a pharmacist, stared at Chiba with beautiful eyes and nodded hard. "You are also careful!"
Bai is also very sensible and waved his hand. "Goodbye, Chiba Nissan!"
Stop the water and burst into tears. Finally, someone remembers him.
According to the plan, the Chiba team is divided into two roads, Chiba and Shuiping, to complete the attack on the signal department of Wuyin Village, while Yakushi Nonou takes care of the loquat ten hidden with white.
It’s enough to have Chiba and Shuishui. If the enemy is difficult to deal with, it’s no matter how many people come again. If the enemy’s strength is not good, it’s no use coming to Yakushi Nonou.
Bang, bang, bang!
In the distance ahead, the explosion sound of the detonator keeps coming.
Chiba and Shimizu immediately moved forward.
Without this drag bottle, Chiba’s speed is at least three times higher.
Chapter one hundred and one Four generations of Shui Ying
"Hurry up!" Chiba somehow restless urged water stop way
Ok, chiba’s attitude is really a little out of whack.
Water stop took a deep look at Chiba and didn’t speak quickly. It was also unconsciously accelerated by one point.
At ordinary times, Chiba feels very warm to stop water, like a big brother. Although his brain is not good (is there such a black man behind him), he is very opinionated about everything and calm when he meets anything.
Today, Chiba is unusually restless.
In fact, Chiba is bitter and can’t say that he suspects that someone is playing tricks on him. Can Uchiha Obito intervene? Don’t talk about stopping water. I believe that stopping water will definitely recognize him as crazy.
There is still a glimmer of belief in saying that uchiha madara stops water. Maybe if Uchiha Obito is up to something, are you kidding?
Uchiha Obito but martyrs have sacrificed buried in konoha cemetery, ok!
Chiba two silent fast forward.
The explosion ahead is getting louder and louder, and the distance from the battle site is getting closer and closer.
Half an hour before midnight
It has been marching for several hours. The secret signal department stopped to have a rest, eat some food and supplement it. Strictly speaking, the secret signal department belongs to the civil service. Unlike other ninjas, most of them can’t stand the long-distance March.
Hoshigaki Kisame, the body guard, looks worried, but he can barely force those ninjas in the secret code department to come. They belong to different laws and regulations, and the secret code department doesn’t respect him. Secondly, the secret code department really doesn’t have the strength to March, and most of them are sweating and panting.
Just find a place to rest. The male ninjas in the secret code department sit in a circle and eat their own food. Obviously, these people have no intention of inviting Hoshigaki Kisame to dinner.
The only female ninja saw this scene and wrinkled her eyebrows. She got up and came to Hoshigaki Kisame and smiled sweetly. "Brother Hoshigaki Kisame?"
Hoshigaki Kisame, who was picking up a glass of water to drink, looked up in surprise and asked, "Huh?"
The delicate female ninja laughed and said, "Come here and have dinner together."
Although Hoshigaki Kisame’s appearance is not flattering and he is not a monopoly, people like Ninja World tend to give people a sense of security and are very popular with girls.
Hoshigaki Kisame refused without hesitation, but he was worried that he was not in the mood to do well with these people. "Please don’t be so considerate to me!"
The male ninja in the secret code department looked at Hoshigaki Kisame with a jealous face. All of them tried to be attentive to her, but they failed. After Hoshigaki Kisame came, the female ninja treated Hoshigaki Kisame differently, which made him unhappy in the secret code department ninja.
"Hey, leave him alone! He said so!"
Another ninja in the secret code department secretly ran, "He doesn’t get along with our secret code department!" "
When the female ninja heard this cynicism, she frowned and retorted, "We are all implementing it! And these roots are gone. "
The other one ate and drank, and snorted, "We brainiacs and his physical guards are lovers!"
Moment Hoshigaki Kisame suddenly face solemnity came to the sign department.
Just cynical code ninja face big change fear way "you what are you doing? !”
The ninja in the cocky secret code department is very scared. If you see a wolf or rabbit, you will shrink as hard as you can for fear of being beaten by Hoshigaki Kisame.
Hoshigaki Kisame didn’t talk so much about it with them. Just now, he realized that he had set a trap and was triggered by someone. There were some changes connected to the bitter silk thread, so he quickly got up and drank a way.
"Let’s go!"
Suddenly, someone in the code department came out to stop it, and his face was calm, which was different from his panic code department.
Hoshigaki Kisame strange asked "… what? !”
The sudden change just stopped the man from suddenly changing his image.
Hoshigaki Kisame was surprised that someone made the transformation technique be able to hide from his horse, holding the sword and waiting for it.
The man’s figure changed and eventually turned into a child’s figure. "Don’t be nervous, Hoshigaki Kisame, it’s me!"
Hoshigaki Kisame Shark’s face is full of incredible expressions, his eyes are wide open and he muttered to himself, "No … impossible … how could it be you? !”
The ninja in the secret code department was also surprised. When he got up, he shivered after seeing the child.
The delicate female ninja exclaimed and pointed at the child and screamed, "Four generations of Shui Ying, you are four generations of Shui Ying adults!"
The child looked like a ninja, nodded and said calmly, "It’s me."
"But what did you come here? !”
Delicate female ninja looks incredible and blurts out questions in her heart. Although they are very important, it’s not necessary to let Guoying go out in person.
Yagura, a fourth-generation Shui Ying, shook his head and looked grim. "Because I learned that a secret information of our village was leaked and sold to neighboring countries, your whereabouts have been exposed, so I personally came here to see which country ninja colluded with us as traitors."
"How is it possible … you’re kidding!"
Just that mocking Hoshigaki Kisame fat consciousness refused to believe that his fat face squeezed out a fake smile.
Yagura glanced sideways with a worried face. "Would I be joking about such a thing?"
They feel four generations of Shui Ying security more and more fear, but fear in the mind that a trace of dissatisfaction is also accumulated.
Although four generations of Shui Ying Yagura told them the truth, no one would be happy to be used as bait in vain. If Yagura didn’t come or shot late, maybe they would be killed by ninjas from other countries.
If it’s a combat ninja as bait, it’s enough. At least in case of emergency, it can react, but they are civilian ninjas in the secret code department.
Of course, no one dares to question the decision of four generations of Shui Ying Yagura, the chief culprit who started the "blood dance era" in Wuyin Village, to oppose his decision that it was not the birthday girl who ate arsenic-it was too long!
Chapter one hundred and twenty Konoha Ninja
"Then we …"
Or Hoshigaki Kisame asked first to break the silence.
Four generations of Shui Ying Yagura’s tender face looks calm and firm, and there is no doubt that "stand by and wait for the enemy!"
Whew! Bang!

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