I glanced at Chufei and asked if Chufei had seen it. He immediately shook his head and said that he didn’t know what my grandmother and I were talking about.
Grandma’s mood has returned to normal when she shook her head and hurried on together.
See grandma returned to normal. I asked grandma. Now that I have decided to deal with Chutianzhong’s grandmother in the black net, let Chufei come out with the little blue snake.
Grandma said that she came to plan to stabilize Chu Tianzhong and take him away from the snake pie first, and then the small blue snake entered the black net to quickly defeat Chu Tianzhong’s red light. When the red light of Chu Tianzhong’s body is as short as possible, it will be defeated to the degree of self-explosion or being killed without blasting.
Even if the small blue snake can’t defeat the red light of Chutianzhong body to self-explosion in the shortest time or be killed without exploding at the same time, it can reduce a lot of red light of Chutianzhong body, which can at least reduce the damage of Chutianzhong body when it explodes.
However, she changed her mind when she arrived at the top of the mountain from the dilapidated courtyard of Snake School.
Chutianzhong self-explosion will happen at any time, and it is unknown whether the black net can bear the damage of Chutianzhong self-explosion or not. Both the black net and the small blue snake may suffer the damage of Chutianzhong blasting body at the same time, so it is better to choose between them to bear the damage of Chutianzhong blasting body.
So grandma decided to take Chu Tianzhong to the bottom of the mountain with a black net, which at least ensured the safety of Chu Fei’s blue snake.
Grandma said that her first ten fingers burst into the black net with half black and half white streamers to try her best to bless the resistance of the black net.
At this point, grandma paused and said that the black net had lost its spiritual power. She expected it, but she didn’t expect it. She always held some expectations in her heart, hoping that the black net could resist the damage caused by Chutianzhong’s self-explosion
However, it turns out that her expectation of falling into the dark net is completely lost, but fortunately, Goo Goo let her see hope again.
Grandma smiled and said that she is also a layman, and naturally she can’t get rid of the vulgar black net. For her, the black net is more than a weapon. For her, it is like a goo boy. When I saw the black net lose its spiritual strength, she was sad.
I nodded and said that I felt grandma’s feelings. I could feel grandma’s feelings at the moment. I said that Goo Zi would eventually find a way to restore the black net to its original state.
At this point in the speech, our party happened to pass Chutiancheng Cave, the head of the former Ishida Hidden Snake Sect.
Look at the hole of the cave, where a huge stone has never been moved. I know that the head of the Snake Sect, Chu Tiancheng, is still in the cave at the moment.
I asked grandma to wait for a wave and Chufei came to help.
Chufei and I joined forces to move the huge stone at the mouth of the cave. After that, Chu Tiancheng, the head of the Snake Sect, appeared in my sight.
But at the moment, ChuTianZhong, the head of the Snake Sect, is already full of vitality.
After seeing the body of Chufei, the head of the Snake Sect, Chu Tian-cheng, he shook his body and shed tears. Then he wiped a tear and picked up the body of Chutian, the head of the Snake Sect, and walked in the direction of the dilapidated courtyard of the Snake Sect.
Chu Tian-cheng, the head of the Snake Sect, died after all, although his body hasn’t hardened yet. Chu Fei leaned forward with his back so as not to let Chu Tian-cheng, the head of the Snake Sect, fall to the ground when walking.
Even so, because ChuTianCheng, the head of the Snake Sect, is burly and far taller than ChuFei, when ChuFei walks behind his back, ChuTianCheng’s body and feet will always drag to the ground.
Chufei carries the body of Chutiancheng, the head of the Snake Sect, and tears keep falling to the ground as he walks forward.
I don’t know what it’s like to help Chufei hold the body of Chu Tiancheng, the head of the Back Snake Sect, and see Chufei’s tight lips and tears falling.
Comfort words can sometimes alleviate people’s bad feelings when they encounter something, but no matter how many things die, comfort words are powerless.
At this time, people are used to talking about the so-called grief and resignation. Everyone understands it, but it is difficult for the parties to bear the four words at the moment.
Only the passage of time can really dilute the pain caused by those four words.
At this time of the day, it started to rain, and the wind blew the weeds and trees in the mountains, making a splash, except for the rain and the wind, which left only the footsteps.
Entering the dilapidated courtyard of Snake Sect, I saw that the dilapidated courtyard was crowded with people, and I was looking forward to the return of my grandmother and Chufei.
We returned to the snake school, the ground was crumbling, and Afu walked a few steps to pick up Chu Fei’s head of the snake school, Chu Tiancheng’s body, and at the same time he looked at Chu Fei with concern.
At this time, the people of the Snake Sect in the courtyard all knelt down and bowed down at us, saying thank you, grandma, and I welcome the return of the snake Sect leader Chu Fei.
Chufei saluted those sect members who came to the Snake Sect to help him with their fists, saying that the Snake Sect remembered that this kindness will be repaid in the future.
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After entering the snake pie together, my grandmother and I stayed in the courtyard temporarily before returning. Chu Fei took everyone to the courtyard of the head of the snake pie.
The snake pie thing came to an end and I was completely relaxed. I felt tired and tired. After my grandmother and I returned to the temporary courtyard, I fell asleep.
Although it is the fifth level of practicing bamboo slips, it can also make the feeling of physical fatigue disappear, but this time I gave up the method of practicing to relieve physical fatigue
I want to relax completely when I feel tired enough to breathe.
When I opened my eyes again, I saw that grandma was awake when she didn’t know. Grandma sat by the bed and held her black net in her hand.
"Grandma, you’re awake." I gave Grandma a big hug from behind when I saw Grandma moving.
"How did Xiao Ran sleep?" Grandma accepted her black net and asked me with a smile.
"Must be good, grandma. Can you sleep well?" I put my pillow on grandma’s shoulder.
"It must be good, too." Grandma smiled in her voice.
Get up and tidy up properly. My spirit is linked to Yin Zhu Li Gu Zi. Has it thought of a method to restore the efficacy of spiritual things, such as keeping spiritual roots and restoring spiritual things?
Goose told me that there were some details, and he didn’t confirm them. When he asked me to give him some more, he would surely be able to recall them.
I praised Goo Zi and told Goo Zi that I expected his good news.
I asked my grandma that the key to the secret room of Snake Sect had been blown up with Chutianzhong’s explosion. That secret room is equivalent to having no key. If there is no key, we can call the secret room and get it. What should we do?
Grandma said she wouldn’t give up the snake pie. Another seal said that although the key to the secret room was destroyed, it didn’t prevent us from hitting the secret room door.
I was surprised to ask grandma that she didn’t have the key, such as opening the secret room door. Grandma smiled and said, we need to know that if we play the secret room key, we can also play the secret room door by copying a secret room key.
I nodded my head and didn’t trust my grandmother to confirm whether the imitation key she said was sure to hit the snake and send the secret room door. Grandma said nine times out of ten.
"Grandma, I don’t take such a snake-sent secret room, which is the most important place in the past dynasties. I want to go to the secret room of the snake-sent secret room, and I can’t make any mistakes." Nine times out of ten, I know that Grandma is not fully sure about the efficacy of her imitation key
"I have made up my mind to say more." Grandma waved her hand to stop me from continuing.
After these, grandma took me away from the temporary courtyard to the courtyard of the head of the Snake Sect to find Chu Fei. When we found Chu Fei, Chu Fei had already arranged for the foreign affairs of the Snake Sect to catch up with the head sent abroad.
When my grandmother and I arrived, several leaders immediately got up from their seats and stood down. Chufei quickly greeted me and my grandmother to sit in the room.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-two Men have gold on their knees
My grandma and I just sat down, and as soon as we saw my grandma and I coming, we got up from our seats and stood down, while several heads came to me and grandma in unison to give us a respectful fuels and salute.
"Give the Lord of Yin Luomen a gift." The heads are very respectful.
I was surprised that several leaders in front of me were so respectful and glanced at grandma. I saw grandma’s eyes beckoning me to deal with it
"Return the gift to the heads" received grandma’s eyes, and my mind flashed through the scene when the heads of various factions met in the film. It seemed that in that scene, besides kowtowing, it was a salute with fuels.

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