As the last trace of medicine in the body was sucked by refining, Meng Fei’s eyes showed a smile on her mouth.
At this time, although the physical progress is small, he has a faint break into the third section of the earth star, which has made his combat power more fierce
Ten months’ continuous refining and refining of the spiritual charm has obviously made great progress.
Meng Fei got up and called the little dragon mouse to let it enter the iron plate to guide those fish demons to practice. I believe that the little dragon mouse means that those lucky days will definitely become a great help to Meng Fei after surviving the fish demon.
For this, Meng Fei’s dark eyes are flashing.
Because all the objects that can be lucky from heaven in his life house have changed in quality.
Meng Fei can’t say anything about this change now, but he will definitely understand it after he believes it.
The last ten-day deadline is coming.
He fears the holy land.
Courtyard Meng Fei takes a seat. Wide cold is still pale but extremely disguised terms.
For Meng Fei invited to sit down, the old ghost strongly refused to be grateful and awe-inspiring to Meng Fei on one side.
In the East China Sea, the rudder training is even more disguised.
It’s calm only when the moon is cold, but a pair of beautiful eyes fall on Meng Fei, but it’s still difficult to hide the complexity.
Although I know that Meng Fei is deeply hidden, I don’t know that he is so powerful that it is hard to believe in the cold heart of Bing Yue.
I don’t know if Senior Meng can come to lead Senior Meng to Kaifeng Town, Fudao Square, and suddenly come to practice the respectful tone outside the courtyard of the holy land at the order of the senior deacon.
Meng Fei finally arrived when he looked up and saw a flash of divine light.
Get up, step wide and cold, follow the East China Sea rudder, practice behind the back door, practice in the refined operator association and lead it straight to the operator square.
At the moment, many practitioners in the East District have already learned that they are living in special personnel to maintain order and are constantly rushing to Fudao Square.
The revelation of the mysterious holy land is enough to arouse the curiosity of cultivation, but they will not miss an opportunity to gain insight.
However, Meng Fei’s practice in the forward direction is all courtesy and concession, which shows enough respect
Yue Bai’s rudder was hidden in the crowd, and the black man’s eyes rested on Meng Fei’s different colors and passed.
Fudao square
It’s still a sea of people, except for important things to leave and practice. The number of practices here still reaches nearly 100 thousand
Although the eyes are not part of the assessment, the atmosphere is still heavy. All eyes are dignified and fall on the five deacons of the Square Lian Fu Association.
There are two people on the left and right sides of the old man’s head.
Shengdiqi Branch assesses that the top 100 practitioners can get one token in the top 10 places, among which the chance will be known after entering the holy land.
Get the pledge before the first ten practices.
The secret of the old man’s voice fell thousands of eyes, and ten dodging lights roared and gathered, revealing that cultivation attracted a lot of envious and awe eyes.
Ten flashes of light came from the old man’s kiss xiu

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