"Gee," the girl shook her head and took his hand off her face. "It’s not that I have old ideas, but that everyone thinks so. The girl is going to get married after all."
"According to your idea, you won’t be your parents’ children after you marry me?"
Without waiting for Ding Qiunan to say anything, Li Chu continued, "The boys and girls here are really the same. They are all from our old family. Don’t be paranoid, but don’t worry when you are not pregnant. Now you are pregnant and you are under pressure to have boys and girls."
The girl looked at Li Chu with a serious expression. wait for a while nodded without saying a word.
Li Chu stretched out his hand and pulled the girl into his arms, stroking her back with one hand and said softly, "Girl, it’s the most important thing that I have you here. Don’t think about those."
Ding Qiunan choked in his arms and said, "Well, I don’t want to after I know Li Chu."
"Yo, why are you crying again?" Li Chu patted several girls on the back. "Girl, you have a baby in your stomach now, so that the baby can grow up healthily."
Listen to him, girl. He wiped his chest and raised his head.
Li Chu disliked pie pie "Yi ~ wiped my nose on my clothes".
"Snow" girl didn’t hold back laughing, raised her hand and slapped him on the chest. "You hate snot." She also wiped her face with the back of her hand.
Li Chu took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped it for her. "Are you better now?"
"Well, I don’t want to hear you again," Ding Qiunan sobbed seriously.
"Then let’s go to the room. I’ll test you today to see how your time record is."
"Ah, I have to take an exam today. Can’t I take a day off?" Hearing his words, the girl’s little face wrinkled into a ball at once.
Li Chu got up and rubbed the girl’s head and pulled her up. "Now you have to work harder to get through the review and come to the hospital, otherwise I don’t trust you to run so far with a big belly."
Yes, that makes sense. When you enter the hospital class, you won’t have to travel so hard every day. After hearing what Li Chu said, the girl will be motivated immediately.
It’s not like Li Chu pulled her and went to the room by herself.
It took more than an hour for two people to ask and answer questions in the room before they stopped. Li Chu was still satisfied with the result, and it was not a big problem to pass the evaluation base in the Chinese pharmacy.
It’s still a month before the judging starts in early March, so long is enough.
Li Chu has reported Ding Qiunan’s name to several leaders in the college and said hello to them.
And I also went to Li Baonian, the deputy director of the steel mill who has been promoted, and told the deputy director Li about the situation at home. When the time comes, the review passed the transfer order and sent it to the steel mill, but I didn’t agree to let people go. That would be in trouble.
Ding Qiunan has been lying in bed after washing. Li Chu brought her a cup of prepared milk powder for her to drink.
From today on, we must find a way to increase the nutrition for the girl. Although we know that our practice is quite melodramatic, Li Chu just hopes that his wife and the baby in his belly can be healthy and healthy.
After putting the girl to sleep, Li Chu couldn’t sleep for a long time. He reached out sideways and gently stroked the girl’s flat abdomen. Here is a little life that is the continuation of his blood.
Li Chu racked his brains thinking about how to supplement Ding Qiunan with nutrition.
He can vaguely remember that folic acid is good for pregnant women and children.
However, folic acid is a chemical synthetic drug, and he doesn’t know whether it is available or not.
Sorry about the chemical classification of folic acid, Li Chu, a liberal arts student, said that he couldn’t even remember the list of elements.
By the way, you should eat more nuts. Although walnuts are scarce, there are many peanuts and melons in his family. Well, I started peeling them for my daughter-in-law to eat.
In this way, I slowly fell asleep in my mind.
During the Spring Festival this year, because Aunt Wang Shuhe stayed in the south and didn’t come back, Li Chu and her sister and brother-in-law agreed that the two of them would go to Li Chu with their children and stay here at night.
On New Year’s Eve, it happened to be Sunday, and Li Qin’s family of four came at noon.
Several people prepared meals together and posted Spring Festival couplets. Their faces were filled with happy smiles. Even Wang Wen cooked a special dish today.
Jiayuan and Jiadong are also playing crazy. Li Chu didn’t buy less firecrackers this year. Jiadong took his sister to play in the alley.
After a busy lunch, four adults and two children just sat "ahem" and Wang Wenqing cleared his throat and said, "Little Chu Qiunan tells you a good news."
Li Chu and Ding Qiunan stopped looking at Wang Wen automatically, waiting for him to continue.
"Your sister sent the documents yesterday, and now she is their street manager."
"Oh, my sister, congratulations!" Ding Qiunan applauded at Li Qin.
"Elder sister, this is really good news. You should drink two more cups later." Li Chu picked up the bottle and filled it with wine in front of Li Qin.
"Your sister was so happy that she didn’t fall asleep for half a night last night."
"What are you talking nonsense? Who’s happy that she didn’t fall asleep for half a night?" Li Qin heard Wang Wen arrange her to raise her hand and hit him on the arm. "I was nervous and afraid that I couldn’t do it well."
After that, Li Qin looked at her brother and sister-in-law with a reserved smile. "Oh, what’s there to congratulate? No matter where you are, you are the people."
Hearing this, Li Chu directly laughed and gave a hand. "Elder sister, this is home. We are all our own people, so don’t make a report, okay?"
Li Chu’s words amused several people.
"You smelly little sister, how can you say that?" Listening to Li Chu’s jokes, Li Qin raised her hand to fight, but it was a bit far away.
"This is really good news for my sister. I also have good news for you." Li Chu took Ding Qiunan’s hand and looked at Li Qin and Wang Wen.
The girl is still a little embarrassed, blushing and lowering her head.
Li Qin and Wang Wen are still waiting for Li Chuwen. As a result, Ding Qiunan still turned red next to his mouth for a long time.
Suddenly Li Qin thought of something, and his eyes gradually widened to see Li Chu and Ding Qiunan.
Wang wen also reaction to come over corners of the mouth smile.
"Is that true? Does Xiao Chu Qiunan have it? " Didn’t get the answer, Li Qin asked in a hurry.
When they heard their mother’s words, the two boys stared at Ding Qiunan with great interest, and Wang Jiayuan bowed his head and looked at his aunt’s belly.
Li Chu smiled and nodded. "Sister Qiu Nan is really pregnant."
"Thankfully, the Lao family has a queen." Li Qin raised his head with his hands folded and worshipped the sky.

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