However, the development of quarrelling behind has far covered the scenery of the magic circle, and due to some major changes, the magic circle has slowly declined and suddenly disappeared. Now there are some small remnants of magic in the mainland, and there are even fewer.
Tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years, there have been occasional inferior weapons in the mainland, and several artifacts will flow out every once in a while, but the battle clothes have never appeared, and there are many different planes.
It’s strange that two ice bucket statues, Bing Qiuyu and Xu Yinshuang, appear. The mainland has never heard of a cold bucket statue and two women just came out and reappeared such an advanced combat suit, which made many bucket statues think that it’s normal to come from the boundary plane.
Hear a Cui question ice autumn rain and Xu Yin cream two women didn’t reply is Xu Yin cream mercilessly stared at the ice autumn rain and ice autumn rain eyes staring straight at the star strange body is sending out the light of clear color Xuan matte xuan clothes.
"Armor artifact-level armor!" Feel the ancient breath of Xingqi’s body in Tsing Yi, and the cold heart of the autumn rain suddenly jumps. Just now, in a battle, Xingqi’s body is really strong, but it can’t stop his own artifact cold light sword, so it is against this Tsing Yi green light.
Such a profound breath, such a perfect suit, even the magic lines have been completely covered up, and only those great craftsmen can do it. This suit must also be an artifact level. There are quite a few good things in this strange star, which are quasi-six Dan, special artifact level combat knives and artifact suits. If only they had these things, there would be green light in their eyes.
"Magic circle artifact armor comes from the boundary plane." When you hear Ke Nanfeng and others, the star wizards suddenly understand that it is no wonder that they have a familiar feeling when they look at these patterns.
Although I don’t know what this magic circle is yet, it should also be one of the similar arrays, or the array of this world is because I didn’t understand it at first, so there is no array in this world, and I didn’t know it long ago.
From the name of Ke Nanfeng and Xue Yang, they should have known this magic circle for a long time, and then think that Ke Nanfeng and Xue Yang, who were excited but not surprised, handed over the magic circle themselves as a magic circle.
Well, in meditation, Xingqi suddenly felt the fiery eyes of the ice autumn rain return to absolute being again, only to find that the ice autumn rain was staring at himself with a green light in Tsing Yi and felt Xingqi return to absolute being and had a cold smile again.
"Xuan Kun Xuan has also been discovered!" Xing Qi’s heart is a tan when he fought with Luo Yan’s knife. It can be sure that he was seen by the autumn rain. Now this Xuan Shu Xuan clothing seems to have been found in trouble.
Many people are jealous, but they have quickly put away their greed. If the two women, Bing Qiuyu and Xu Yinshuang, are really bound, they are really annoying.
However, the people followed the ice and autumn rain, and their eyes also looked at Xingqi Tsing Yi, which made the people’s hearts stir again. Xingqi has an artifact-level sword, but this Tsing Yi is not also an artifact armor.
【 Chapter 451 Xingqi is the strong metempsychosis? 】
The fighting stopped again. There are two small holes near a huge cave. The mouth of the cave is divided into Xingqi and Bingqiuyu. Around 20 meters, there are four buckets of mountains, Cui and Ke Nanfeng, and six people are standing around 100 meters, but they are both like silence.
Dozens of stars wonder at the crazy killing scenes of ice and autumn rain, which deeply shocked the scene of all the kings and emperors. Once again, the scene was quiet, with the lingering wind of fighting still blowing wildly.
Suddenly and violently, the mountains looked at the hot eyes, and Xing Qi also sensed that depending on the greed, Xing Qi slowly converged. Just now, the green light of Xuan Yi was propped up, but it was just to guard against the sneak attack of the mountains. Now it was quiet. Xing Qi didn’t show it to everyone as a monkey. Of course, putting it away can also reduce the further stimulation of the greed of the mountains.
Just now, that knife has saved the Luo Yan knife and the gas department has run out. Now, Xingqi doesn’t want to stimulate many fights, and he doesn’t want to fight with the ice and autumn rain. If he fights again, he will be beaten. He can’t break the ice and autumn rain, and Xingqi doesn’t want to find a beating.
Star wonders about the ice and autumn rain. Half an hour is due to the strength of * * and there is no quarrelling. After a few minutes of gasping for breath, Star wonders about his physical strength once again. Except that he has some firm but gentle scars, he glanced at the positive momentum, floating in an uncertain meditation, and moved with crooked thoughts. I don’t want to take part in the imperial retreat in the direction of blood and yang behind him.
Xingqi’s retreat once again touched several people’s aura, and several people were locked into Xingqi’s violent mountains and Cui’s huge heart. However, I felt that the blood in the distance swept to Lingli’s eyes and violently endured greed in my heart.
Whoo! Xingqi wants to retreat, but the ice and autumn rain have no intention of letting Xingqi retreat, and there is no intention of warning her eyes to be cold and murderous. Xingqi followed Xingqi slowly.
Well, seeing this scene, I am secretly unhappy, but Ke Nanfeng and others are happy. It seems that this autumn rain still wants to kill Xingqi or is determined to kill Xingqi.
Ok! Very good! To follow the ice autumn rain with Xingqi will definitely lose both sides in the end, no matter who dies, and maybe it will pull aside the blood Yang. If this is the case, it will be really cheap. I waited like an idea. In the eyes of several people, I was a little bit overjoyed, and I gave up killing again to Xingqi and the ice autumn rain.
Whoo! Feeling cold and murderous, there is another revelation behind him. The muscles of the body once again collapse and tighten, and the rope muscles twist at a high speed. The operation of the body is doubled, and a large number of reiki once again pour into Xuan Kun Xuan Yi. An idea can open the array to defend against attacks.
And a huge fist holding Gaga straight ring with the other hand has changed the pale yellow spirit sword. Although I have not been able to threaten Samsung to fight for life, I have my own unique skill, the boxing and the sword. If anyone wants to sneak up on Xingqi behind, he doesn’t mind paying for these two unique skills.
However, this time, Xingqi miscalculated that the ice autumn rain really wanted to make moves, but the rapid break was a side of Xu Yin frost, and Xu Yin frost broke to stop the ice autumn rain from making moves again.
"How do you want to fight again? You don’t insult others … "If you can’t wait to attack Xingqi, you will turn and stare at the autumn rain and Xu Yin frost, and your breath will fluctuate faintly.
Xingqi cold hum unfinished blood Yang also fell to Xingqi’s side. Just now, Xu Yin’s frost wanted to sneak attack on Xingqi and smiled at Xingqi. Blood Yang then stood in the way of Xingqi’s two women’s red eyes and looked at ice and autumn rain coldly.
Xingqi was very moved. Just now, Xueyang warned several people about the sudden mountain, but he felt love in his eyes, but he didn’t expect Xueyang to come forward to help himself in such a situation, which made Xingqi’s heart fluctuate greatly. He has always been thinking about Farley Xueyang to appease his family, and Xueyang is extremely wary of taking photos and touching himself.
No matter what the blood yang means, such a scene jumps out to block yourself, but it can be true that when a friend treats the fragile meridians of forced operation, Xingqi can’t fight again, otherwise the newly generated meridians will inevitably collapse, and Xingqi’s face will show a little warm smile and nod back a few steps toward the blood yang.
"Xingqi Pavilion misunderstood us. He meant that Xingqi Pavilion was too surprising. This Tsing Yi and that silver knife made us very interested. We really want to know the origin of these two things. We want to know that these two things are rare outside the pavilion. But I didn’t expect that this world is two when I saw it." Indifferent Xu Yinshuang once again took a look at the ice and autumn rain, and suddenly his face showed a smile. His eyes looked at Xingqi with a look of god, but he gave a look at the blood in the sun.
Ice and autumn rain reveal the battle clothes and add their own cold quarrelling, which has already been recognized by these fights. There is no need to hide the fact that you and others have come from the boundary. Although the disclosure of your identity may cause the strong in this plane to covet your battle clothes, it will cause trouble, but it can also deter some masters of honour and emperor by their identities, just like these fights just now, if you don’t hear yourself coming from the boundary, you can’t help but converge.
Want to clear this point Xu Yin cream frankly admitted, but Xu Yin cream to Xingqi Xuan matte Xuan clothes and Luo Yan knife also heart this export directly pointed out that Xingqi armor and combating Dao extraordinary attracted several fights of eyes to Xingqi physically and mentally.
"What a disaster!" Xing Qi’s face is cold, Xu Yin’s frost heart is really insidious, and there are few interesting faces. On the surface, admitting that he is from the world is pointing to telling himself that his battle suit and Luo Yan Dao are more advanced than others. This is not pointing the finger at himself.
Looking at the mountains, Cui Dou Zun is even hotter. Looking at her eyes, Xing Qi will know that this indifferent woman has succeeded. But even if these two women don’t point out that they are afraid of it, they are also worried about it. Hum, I am not saving oil lamps, but it is a disaster to lead me to the east. I won’t have a disaster to lead me. Xing Qi is even more sneering.
"Ha ha, it turns out that this is called a battle suit. Today, it’s a long experience. It’s a lucky time for a star to pick it up in a cave. Hey hey, I don’t know if the interface is rare. But will the world war machine and the battle suit be better than the world? This is interesting.
The two of you really surprised Xingmou, but Xingmou really had to admire two treasures from the interface, right? Even so arrogant, it is not afraid of being coveted by this strong face.
I’ve heard that there are a lot of seven-level and seven-level Dan medicines in the world. Have you brought a lot of them this time? Xingmou has never seen seven-level Dan medicines. I’m really eager to know if you can come up with one for Xingmou and several others? "xingqi Zhang face to make a pair of eyes looked Xu yin cream is very surprised and looking forward to.
There are a lot of treasures on the boundary. Although it is nonsense, it makes the eyes of the bucket statue shine. A six-Dan can’t achieve a bucket statue and a seven-Dan can have five levels of assurance. The impact of the bucket statue is that when the bucket statue impacts the bucket emperor, a seven-Dan help is also great. What if Dan …
Cheng Dou Zun’s master is looking forward to the real top-level strength of Dou Di in this continent. Seven Dan’s master’s strength can increase, and one Dan’s master’s strength can impact the emperor’s level. It is definitely more attractive than a sharp weapon and an artifact armor. It is a fatal thing for many Dou Zun.
"Ha ha, my sisters are down and out. Let Xingqi Pavilion laugh. If there are seven or Dan, how can my sisters rob these six Dan?" Xu Yin cream didn’t arrive at Xingqi for being so strong. I also know that seven or Dan has that kind of moth-like attraction to face and smile. When it comes to the sisters, Xu Yin cream deliberately stressed the sound.
Xu Yinshuang pointed out that she didn’t have seven or seven Dan and made an explanation. At the same time, she stressed that she and Bing Qiuyu are sisters and sisters, which means that there is a teacher and a background. This is a warning to the ambitions of the violent mountains and Cui.
Can let people from the boundary plane to the boundary plane, his legacy must be unusual. It is true that he heard the implication of Xu Yin frost, but Xu Yin frost didn’t know that Cong was mistaken by Cong. This illocutionary warning not only didn’t scare the violent mountains, but also made Ke Nanfeng’s heart greedy. A powerful legacy can’t scare a few people from yearning for the emperor.
Suddenly and violently mountains also know that Xingqi’s words are aimed at nonsense. It’s just a doubt that several people are talking nonsense. But after Xingqi’s words are finished, Xu Yin frost’s facial expression is extremely changed, and it’s actually a secret threat. Isn’t this a little bit of silver here? Without being pressed, it makes the credibility of Xingqi’s words reach 50%. The face was taken back by Xu Yin’s words, but the heart jumped with joy.
"Hum received a cave to pick up your light armor, but even the magic circle is hidden. Only a master craftsman can make it. How can this happen? Come on, are you the master of the world? The world can often have a master who is afraid of being discovered by the enemy when he is seriously injured, but he fled to the world with a lot of treasures. "Ice Qiuyu also knows that the strange things are moving, and he can’t help but grunt and think about treating people with humanity."
The phrase "metempsychosis of the strong in the plane" once again gave Bao Luan and Tiao Cui a bomb in their hearts. It’s really scary to grow up as a star genius. This has always made Bao Luan and Tiao Cui Dou Zun feel scared and puzzled.
This statement that Xingqi is a strong person in the world has made several people feel bright. In this way, Xingqi’s series of extraordinary growth and terrorist talents can explain the past, and thinking about Xingqi’s childhood dementia for nine years is also a side effect of metempsychosis.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect to be seen by you. It’s good that Xingmou was really reincarnated, but he was hunted down and reincarnated. At that time, he was hunted down except for a few things he had with him. It’s good to get the treasure and escape." Xingqi heaved a sigh and admitted that he was reincarnated.
Hear xingqi so frankly admit and suddenly and violently mountain, Cui, Ke Nanfeng is also a little feeling nodded and not much radical, and blood Yang also smiled at xingqi to see all the people so insipid response. Ice Qiuyu opened his mouth to say something but kept silent.
【 Chapter 452 Blood Yang moves 】
The feet are ruined, the sun is dim, and many of the original hot air is a little cool. The stars are strange with ice and autumn rain, and the atmosphere in the backcourt is softened, and there is no strong momentum.
Xingqi directly admitted that it was the reincarnation of the strong. Although it was expected by Ke Nanfeng, Bao Luan, Xue Yang, etc., the impact on the two women was still great, while the impact on the two women, the autumn rain and Xu Yin cream, was even greater, which made the two women violently shocked in their hearts.
Ice autumn rain and Xu Yinshuang came to Qiuji mainland not long ago, but they were just curious about the stars or heard of a young genius Dan Shi and Dou Huang who were only in their twenties. Of course, now it should be regarded as a genius to fight for Xing Qi, who is only in his twenties, that is, Xing Qi’s metempsychosis is only more than 20 years. This is what makes the two women afraid of earthquakes.
As far as two women know, this Qiuyan plane has undergone tremendous changes tens of thousands of years ago. Suddenly, the channel unilaterally closed and became a boundary plane. The strong can reach the boundary, but it is difficult for the strong to reach this Qiuyan plane. Several other disciples and sisters can experience it from the boundary this time, that is, by relying on the help of two virtual walkers, they suddenly broke the wall and opened a channel to reach this plane through this temporary storm channel.
From tens of thousands of years ago to today, there are two ways to get from the boundary to the Qiuyan plane. One is to rely on the plane jiepai, and the other is to open the wall by violence. jiepai has a big family and a big faction to control it. If it has a big family or a powerful background, then Xingqi will not be seriously injured and hide in the boundary. Then Xingqi can break the wall by violence in the second scheme.
Violence breaks through the wall, and it takes less virtual walkers to be strong, so the strength before Xingqi’s metempsychosis is not the virtual walkers’ level, which makes people fear that the virtual walkers are the top strong in the world, so it is normal for Xingqi to have this artifact-level armor and that kind of special combat knives.
Think about yourself and just want to kill the virtual walker level master Xing Qi. Think about the reincarnation of the ice autumn rain, but Xu Yin frost remembers his legacy in his head or he heard that several virtual strong wars and fallen masters in recent years want to find a similar name or * *, a strong weapon.
The scene is quiet again. The ice and autumn rain are afraid of the metempsychosis of the strong in Xingqi’s world. I am greedy. I look at Xingqi’s silence, but I can’t find Xu Yin cream. I want to look for the strong metempsychosis of Xingqi’s world. Several people look at Xingqi and two women from time to time, and their minds turn sharply. It seems that they are thinking about three people’s identities, calculating the loss of blood, but still smiling like outsiders, but watching all this.
Sweeping the silence, several people sneer at their own statements in Xingqi’s heart, which seems true or not. Their souls have the knowledge of Mo Tian’s remnants, and they are indeed metempsychosis of the strong, but they are not metempsychosis of the strong in the world. This is for you to ponder.
Of course, Xingqi also knows that sometimes things are always wrong, so the bachelor admits that even these people are in doubt. If a few people just now believed that they were reincarnated, but their admission might have dropped to 60%, they would not pay attention to the idea that Xingqi would retreat back again, but the body Xuan Tianzi has been running quickly again while repairing the body meridians and secretly guarding against several people.
Xingqi guessed right. Ke Nanfeng and Bao Luan’s heart really shook. That someone would admit that he was a strong man without hesitation, and that he had his precious armor and combat knives in his previous life. You know, even if Xingqi was a super strong man in his previous life, now Xingqi is still a fighter, so the bachelor admits that it is not to provoke others to think about it.
I still doubt that Xingqi is a strong metempsychosis, but now it’s a sudden change, but I believe that Xingqi is a dumb luck and found an ancient magic circle. It’s also possible that one or two of these things will appear. Of course, it seems that if Xingqi is really a strong metempsychosis, it is necessary for them to go to Qing Xiang Valley to participate in the life and death experience of Adian Silk and so on, and have long since hid in an unknown corner to recover their strength.
Ke Nanfeng and Bao Luan still doubt that Xingqi has realized his greed for battle clothes and combat knives before thinking about the reincarnation of the world’s strong and scaring himself, because Xingqi knows that the reincarnation of the world’s strong will definitely shock him and drink himself, and that he just felt a little scared. The more he pondered, the more likely he was.
"I don’t know if Xingqi Pavilion was a strong man in the world before reincarnation. Maybe we are still one of our own?" Looking up, I saw that the retreating star, Qibing Qiuyu, suddenly changed its normal state and smiled at Xingqi, and suddenly and violently, the statue of several fights also recalled from thinking and looked at Xingqi.
"Ha ha, you said we may be one of their own? Who is before me? Will I tell you? " Looking at the ice and autumn rain, smiling, Starkey answered sarcastically.

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