In the second message, he knows that there are angels besides God in the dusk universe, and they should be above the mortal life.
And God can split his will, but other worlds can be reorganized. So, has the universe god entered and reorganized at dusk in the post-Kraft world?
In addition, angels are not deeply branded by the dusk universe, which is very beneficial to them.
They should be able to do something about this. In other words, God has his own plans and angels have their own plans.
At dusk, the high-level life in the universe is struggling desperately to get rid of the given fate.
The hall fell into silence.
After a while, Tianyang heard a slap in the palm, but it looked like Su Lie.
"Well, well, although these are not good news, you see, Kraft Gate has not seen any god for thousands of years, and there are many different gods in the world, but they can be eliminated, that is, even if they are really gods, they are not necessarily powerful."
Su Lie got up. "Maybe even if God can reorganize our world, it will become weak because of water and soil, but it can be knocked down and destroyed, otherwise our world will be finished."
Tianyang nodded and added, "In front of the flagstones at dusk, I heard that four churches and several super fortresses have mastered a number of flagstones."
"They should have read more news before it is normal for them to know that the universe knows that this cosmic god may appear in the world behind the door at dusk."
"Whether it is the church, the super fortress or the golden court, it is right to disclose this information to everyone. Aren’t they going to publish this information? What good is it for them?"
Su Lie said otherwise, "Maybe they announced it, but we haven’t reached the level yet to know that these news are highly unknown."
"Or maybe they can’t read it at all."
Tianyang leng "can’t read it? How can even I can … "
He paused for a moment and then his inspiration flashed, "Do you need some conditions to interpret the slate, such as me and Dad, so that you can manipulate the dark particles to interpret the slate information?"
Su Lie touched Ba and said, "I have had such a guess, but the law proves that all I can say is … God knows."
"Maybe we can catch a few church knights to force questions, but the status of the Silver Knight Church is only middle-level, and they may not be able to know the specific situation of the evening slate."
Tianyang quite conation tunnel "if it is a cardinal, it should be clear."
Su Lie eyes move "you said GuYun? You did say that he took part in the expedition, but it is still unknown whether he will enter the abyss. "
"But these are not difficult problems. We can find out if we can catch one or two silver knights."
Tianyang Nai laughed. "But the Silver Knight is not so easy to catch. To catch them, we have to know their specific location first."
"Let’s not talk about this. You come with me."
Su Lie waved and walked towards the depths of the hall. "I have searched a lot of relics over the years, although I not only kept them from falling into the hands of the black people in the abyss, but also weakened them in another way."
"Do you see what is suitable in my collection?"
There is a room at the back of the hall, and there are many relics piled up in the room pushed by Su Lie.
Su Lie just brought the big sword and hit it.
Tianyang went in and saw Su Lie put away two dusk slabs and said, "Look for yourself. I’ll go out first."
I don’t know which day he will go, and Yang didn’t ask the teenager that he has been attracted by this house collection.
It was Su Lie who didn’t get used to tidying up. These leftovers were thrown away like garbage.
It looks like nothing, but Tianyang knows that it is definitely not an ordinary relic to be taken back by his father.
At least it is the legacy of high-class black people that will make my father see it.
Tianyang soon found a dark ring, which showed that gold symbols appeared from time to time, and those symbols seemed to change at any time and change their positions with each other.
He picked it up and got some information.
[Dark Flash] This is a relic left by the rambler in the abyss. It inherits the characteristics that the rambler can send through the edge in darkness or shadow. When wearing this ring and activating its ability, the messenger can mark at most four different positions or things, and these four marks can be sent at random.
There is no limit to the delivery distance, but the location and object of the mark need to be dark environment or dark object. When the fifth mark is made, the first mark will be replaced.
It should be noted that making this thing many times will make you lose your sense of direction in the dark, but gradually lose its perception, and eventually you will disappear completely in the dark.
Very good. Set the mark before sending the ring. In case of danger, you can leave the safe place, that is, the position or object of the mark is limited, and if it is used too many times, it will disappear into the darkness.
Although the negative is a bit big, the sun still put it away.
He also saw an evil walking stick, which seemed to be made of some kind of biological bone, as if it were a claw-like pedestal with a black gem as shrinking the heart.
[Swearing Staff] It’s a relic left by the foul language users in the abyss. It inherits the ability of foul language users to influence and attack their opponents. It can make’ foul language-pain’,’ foul language-curse’,’ foul language-blood punishment’ and’ foul language-nightmare’ and so on.
You need to be more careful when making it. Occasionally, the’ foul language’ it releases will make the emissary, and many times, the emissary will be mentally polluted and will be full of foul language and know it.
After reading this information, Tianyang really put this thing back, and he didn’t want to become a vicious person.
Rummaging for a moment, Tianyang was attracted by a relic, a white feather, which was very wide and had a palm width.
It is particularly holy in this pile of dark-colored main relics. When Yang picked it up that day, he found that it looked quite wide, but it was particularly light.
This is a legacy of the Abyss Wingman. It inherits a part of the characteristics of the Wingman. It can be transformed into a pair of white wings, which can give you the ability to fly in a short time. It can set off a strong wind and release two kinds of lethality, namely, wind blade and hurricane. It is not very powerful.
There is almost nothing negative about it. The only thing to note is that if it is repeated for a short time, the wings will become real and will grow forever.
Abyss wing man? There are such black people here
Short-term repetition turns the illusion into reality, and the wings will grow forever.
This negative is nothing. Although the two abilities of wind blade and hurricane are not particularly lethal, they can make messengers fly, which can cross some dangerous environments.
It’s still a good legacy.

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