When I heard the words of Qi Ling, I suddenly became nervous. From the moment I learned the spell, the dreamland haunted me like a nightmare. Until now, I don’t know how many times I have experienced the dreamland. Every time it is weird, there is nothing in common.
However, dreamland has one of the most fatal weaknesses. No matter how realistic it is, dreamland is still inseparable from quality, and it will always be fiction and will never become true.
There are illusions because people’s hearts are not perfect and there are various loopholes. It is this loophole that the illusion catches, which makes the illusion more real and makes people feel confident and fall into a trap unconsciously.
I’m nervous, staring at the calm sea of fire around me, and my heart is completely in my throat. The dreamland is hard to prevent. Of course, the way to break the dreamland is also very simple. Just control your heart and believe in yourself. It’s simple to say, but there are very few people who can really believe in yourself from beginning to end.
Hoo hoo!
Suddenly, a strong airflow appeared near me, like a strong wind, and it roared. I was always on my guard, and I responded when the abnormal situation appeared, but what happened later completely surprised me.
Consciousness I want to move my body to a relatively safe position, but when I want to move my body, a sound should not be said to be a clear consciousness, which actually affects my thinking. My body can’t move, not because I was enchanted by an unknown sorcery, but because I don’t want to move myself.
No, it should be said that I want to move, but I don’t want to move. Two completely different thinking are contradictory but appear at the same time, and at the same time give the body the opposite command, which directly causes the illusion of moving.
What’s going on here?
My face changed greatly, and my thinking seemed to split into two natural hostile thoughts, which caused the contradiction of my body actions.
Damn it, am I schizophrenic?
I tried again, and the result was the same, but my heart became heavier and heavier.
Wait, is it a fantasy?
Thinking of this, I deliberately calm my mind to relax my body, but I don’t deliberately control my body. The dreamland is all fiction, and if I don’t believe these fictional things, the dreamland will collapse and all the negative effects will disappear automatically.
Hoo hoo!
In the calm sea of fire, the sound caused by the calm and strong airflow is so clear that I can’t find the location of the airflow after careful observation, which makes me more convinced that everything I have experienced now is an illusion.
Heart mantra!
Although my heart can’t be completely calm, but now I’m not occupied by panic. I have drawn a spell around me at the same time, the lowest level of purity.
The best way to break the illusion is that the mind can calm down and not be confused by the seemingly real scenes around it. Among the spells I have mastered, there are also low-level spells, such as the mantra of clearing the mind and meditation. Although there is nothing offensive, it is definitely the most suitable spell to deal with the illusion.
The golden light hung over my body, but it was a pity that the golden light lasted for just over ten seconds, and my messy heart calmed down a little, but the incantation of clearing my heart was still disappointing.
The power of low-level spells is really too weak. I’m afraid low-level spells can also be used as hand spells. No wonder there are a few low-level spells in Zhong Kui Gate, which are too powerful to be on the table. To be honest, only a fool can learn low-level spells if he is not a strength.
"The most powerful spell is not as good as the lowest spell when it is cast by a weak hand."
"Shit …"
I responded casually with disapproval, but after a while, I finally realized that it was not an organ sound at all.
I looked up in panic and was approached by people without any notice, so I can imagine that this person must be much stronger than me.
Hey, this person looks familiar!
No matter the clothes or the appearance and shape, I feel too familiar, and I can’t remember where I have seen it for a while.
Wait for this sound!
Chapter 127 Same sound
It sounds exactly like me …
He looks like he’s wearing.
He-he’s exactly like me. Even if my parents came to identify him, they wouldn’t be able to tell him apart together. It’s just a mold, and there’s nothing different all over.
Dreamland is dreamland again!
I was desperately awake in my heart and looked at the opposite person who was exactly like me. My face suddenly turned cold and I came to the dreamland. Since I can disguise my relatives, I can also disguise myself. If I pretend to be my relatives, such as the master, maybe I will be disturbed, but if I live, will I still believe this guy opposite here?
"Fantasy, ridiculous fantasy"
"Ridiculous fart! I’ll see how you still laugh!" Mind spirit coldly say
At this time, the spirit appeared in my heart. He definitely didn’t laugh at me, but woke me up about life and death. Isn’t the guy across the street created in a dreamland?
How is that possible?
Shake your head mercilessly. The whole person accepts this guess. If the guy opposite is real, then what am I? Am I fake?
He is so powerful!
Although you look exactly like me, you can’t find the difference in behavior, but our strength is simply different. The guy opposite is almost as strong as the old guy
"He’s in a fantasy. You’ve always longed to be strong without being afraid of all your opponents. He’s the terrible fantasy of being strong in your fantasy. I’m afraid you escaped this time. It seems that I’m going to prepare a new owner."
Spirit sorrow sighing.
Fantasy me?
The guy opposite is really strong, but I have always fantasized that I can become a strong old guy who is not afraid of opponents. Although the strength is very strong, he was eventually killed. How can I have such a level of strength in my fantasy? It should be a god.
"The strongest in your heart at this stage is the strongest in your fantasy by that old guy, and you should be as strong as the old guy."
So I heard the explanation of Qi Ling, and it suddenly dawned on me. Wait, Qi Ling seems to be wrong. Even in my fantasy, I made it up by myself. How can Qi Ling say that he is real?
Fantasy is derived from fiction. Everything is fiction. It is absolutely impossible to be true. If it is true, is it still a fantasy? I’m afraid it should be called a real scene instead of fiction.
Qi Ling’s contradictory words sound very awkward.
"Fantasy is fiction, but this guy is real. He is you, and you are him. There is no difference between you two."
The explanation is clearer, but I am even more confused that there is truth in the fictional fantasy, which is absolutely unreasonable and should not have happened, but the situation has appeared, which is as acceptable as black and white upside down and the world upside down.
"Remember that he is real. He is you at a later stage. If he doesn’t, it’s like a tree with a broken root. Can the trunk still grow?"
This …
That said, the guy across the street is very important, but I still accept him. I just have one. How could I suddenly have one? What shocked me most was that he was still the real me. What am I, another stranger?
"No, this guy must be a fantasy. The illusion is definitely not real. You must be wrong. How is that possible?" I said with a face of acceptance and a dull look
Qi Ling sighed and said slowly, "Nothing can’t accept you. Everything is so reasonable, just like fish and water can’t live without each other."
But …
Looking at the guy who is exactly like me on the ground, I am completely at a loss. Is he really me? According to the spirit, he means a certain stage in the future. My common understanding is that the future and I met together. The past and the future are two completely different concepts.
Without the past, there is no future, and the irony of the past is meaningless. The two are inseparable, but when they are independent, it is hard to imagine what the world will become.
I’m afraid everything will be upside down and chaotic because of this. In this world, practitioners will be influenced by unimaginable influences, and even the strongest practitioners will be deeply affected by what kind of disaster will happen.
"He is the future me and I am the present me. I can also be said to be the past me. The two of us came at different times. There is no reason and no possibility to meet, but we met at the past time. Tell me what!"
Qi Ling was silent, maybe he couldn’t answer this question either, but in this case, why did he say another I’m true? He didn’t know what to say was so sure.
Look across the street again, looking at this guy who is exactly like me. Suddenly, I have an aversion. Maybe I don’t want another self to really appear. Another self is like something that belongs to me. I’m afraid that no matter how nervous it is, people can’t stand it.
There are still too many unspeakable feelings. Anyway, I am very disgusted with another self. If I can kill him myself, maybe I will not hesitate to completely solve a thorn in my heart by then.
"Do you want to kill yourself?"
The guy across the street was silent for so long that he finally said.
"What do you mean?" I said coldly, of course, I knew what he meant, but I didn’t want to admit that I firmly denied the facts before me
"I’m you, you’re me, and the two of us are actually the same person. When I die, you have no future. When you die, I have no past. Is it still meaningful? Don’t you know that you and I are one, and no one will die?"
Of course, I understand that if it is true, I may have scruples about considering one’s attitude towards another, but it is not clear whether it is true or not yet. It is no good for me to draw a premature conclusion. I am subconsciously inclined to make up fantasies.
I have encountered similar real dreamland before. Of course, this real definition is not absolute. After all, the real dreamland is always fiction. Maybe it is this kind of dreamland that I have encountered. If I observe it patiently, I will find out the flaws or loopholes.
He may lie to me!
"Shit, there’s always something you made up, and you want to cheat me. What a real fantasy. I’ve never seen it before. Let me tell you, I’ve seen through your identity. It’s ridiculous for me to cheat now."

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