Dao Ji immediately thanked him and said, "Please Song benefactor."
Song Daniu nodded and immediately looked at the king. "Please close your eyes and don’t open them, or your life will be over."
Wang was puzzled, but when he got home, he immediately closed his eyes and wondered what he was going to get.
Song Daniu immediately choked tactic chanting and spat out the wind and cloud, holding up three people and a cow to fly all the way to Tiantai County.
This spell of his is called Buwu’s whereabouts to make the king close his eyes, but because there are clouds, if he is not good enough, he will be as heavy as Mount Tai if he takes a mortal to drive the clouds. He doesn’t recognize that he has the power to carry mountains.
Wang Jue himself seems to have flown for nine days, and the solid earth of Yungong has become soft. Remember to tell him not to open his eyes.
You suddenly Wang felt that his feet seemed to have returned to the earth’s ears to open their eyes.
"Hey? We are back! "
Dao Ji, however, saw that the government was knocking at the door before a pain in its heart.
Come out a doorway "where to go, where to go, monk? There is nothing for you in the new funeral today. "
"I am Li Xiuyuan!"
"What Li Xiuyuan Li Xiubian"
Wang’s theory immediately alarmed everyone and learned that a middle-aged man in a W came out shortly after Li Gong came back.
"Manager Lin?"
"Li Gong, you are back, madam. She went a few days ago."
Then he invited a group of people in. Li Xiuyuan looked at the familiar and unfamiliar scene of the mansion, and suddenly his heart was filled with a stream of indignation, but he was unconsciously confused by the karma of the fascinated Buddha.
Li Xiuyuan first went to the mourning hall to worship his mother, and then housekeeper Lin gave a banquet for the three of them.
But as the saying goes, the housekeeper Lin has long coveted Li Fu’s wealth. In the past two years, it has been better to change the people in the house into a clean one. Now, how can you not hate seeing Li Xiu’s return?
Immediately, as a lamb, the government said in series that the three men were forced to sneak into the government and took them away.
"Manager Lin, you are right. I am Xiu Yuan. This is my home!" Li Xiuyuan opposing dare not channel
Lin housekeeper turned my back to take the tea to drink a mouthful of "becoming a monk, don’t you think? Take away "
All three were taken away, while the buffalo was left by the housekeeper Lin to be slaughtered and celebrated.
When I got to the county government, the county magistrate did not even try to judge the shore, so he directly sentenced me to a cross-section and went to death row.
"Becoming a monk" Dao Ji has been reading this sentence like a madman
Wang was very worried and asked, "What’s wrong with him? It would scare Song Xiong and stop him. Isn’t it a bad slave? When I write a letter to my father, it will save us, and then I’ll go to Fucheng to sue that naughty slave. "
Song Daniu shook his head. "He’s not because of that evil slave."
He can feel that Dao Ji’s mood is not shaken by family property, but that his idea of good and evil is in conflict, and he is unwilling to deceive himself because he can’t repair Buddhism.
Three people spent seven days on death row. During these seven days, Li Xiuyuan never ate or drank, and murmured, which made Wang angry and afraid.
And Song Daniu was glassy-eyed as if he were in a stupid state.
It was Wang who found a particularly strange thing. His cousin’s body has become more and more dirty and unkempt for seven days, and his hair is sweaty and smelly in his mouth. On the other hand, that Song Xiong is more and more clean and bright.
"Ha ha ha ha ha-"
There was a burst of laughter in the death row this day.
Chapter 63 Awakening Past Vivian dreamed of Ying Long.
"Trim the edge, trim the edge. What’s wrong with you? You don’t want to scare me. "Wang saw that his cousin Xiu Yuan suddenly burst out laughing, and his long hair was very crazy and suddenly panicked.
Dao Ji smiled at this and got up to take the throne. "Cousin, don’t panic, I’m in the way."
Ordinary people are invisible, but at this time, three divine lights emerge from the county government death row, but the source is Dao Ji’s head.
This movement immediately shocked the seventeen arhats who were playing, and they looked up at the sky one by one and were surprised.
"The dragon actually realized that it was a positive result."
They looked at the golden body in the hands of the dragon-lowering arhat, which had been rebuilt, and it was already dark at the moment.
"Congratulations to Master Dao Ji for walking out of evil influence’s heart, which hinders the realization of cause and effect, and proves kindness." Suddenly Song Daniu got up and said.
Daoji monk immediately bowed down and said, "Thank you, Daoyou, for enlightening the poor monk."
"What are you talking about?"
Dao Ji saw his one eye and immediately burst out laughing, which was not enough for humanity.
"What a great cow!"
Suddenly a scream came to listen to the boom. A big buffalo crashed into the county jail.
Song Daniu immediately jumped on the cow’s back and said, "This matter has gone to being original."
At once, the buffalo’s hooves ran wildly, and soon it disappeared outside the county government.
"Oh, why didn’t you take us when Song Xiong left?" Wang Du rang rang.
"Ha ha cousin, you didn’t commit a crime. Where can you be trapped in this prison?"
Then Dao Ji took the king and walked away, but people could see him all the way.
Yunxiao Song Daniu patted Niu’s back and sighed, "Brother Niu never thought that you were with me for hundreds of years. You didn’t dare to retaliate against me, did you?"
Niu Mowang was shocked when he heard this familiar tone. "You, you, you don’t pay attention to Chen?"
"Just call me Duomu."
Past events suddenly flooded into his mind, and even after combing for days, he still didn’t know who he was.
Huanghuaguan is a true gentleman with many eyes? The four royal hooks of heaven, Emperor Chen Gong? Or that Zhao Tiezhu, Qian Erdan, Sun Debao and Song Daniu?
Maybe both.
Wu Ming’s mistake this time is to awaken Su Hui to find her past life.
Niu Mowang was overjoyed that his sentence would finally expire!
"Are we going back to Heaven or Huanghuaguan?" Niu Mowang asked.
"If you’re not busy, let’s go to Yunmeng osawa first. Er, let’s walk. Don’t drive a cloud."
Although Su Hui was awakened, Wu Ming found it strange that his body didn’t have any mana. Previously, those magical powers seemed to be born of it. Now, as he broke the mystery, he couldn’t even spell.
If you fall off at the moment, he may really turn into a paste.
He has to try to build some mana first.
Niu Mowang fell into a barren mountain and Wu Ming jumped from its back and immediately sat cross-legged on the spot to prepare for practice.
After a long time, Wu Ming opened his eyes, but it was thick and unsolvable. Practice turned out to be a spark of mana that was difficult to condense.
"This is?"
Niu Mowang never turned back to his original shape, but he looked up and looked at Wu Ming. I don’t know if I can go back to the flaming mountain. I haven’t seen him for a long time.

Wu Ming has been in power for a long time, but he can’t repair his magic. I’m afraid it’s his doom to give up in the end.

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