Sub-Ziya Mountain’s Millennium-old routine system of minor masters was abolished.
The destruction of the ceremony platform has also entered the history of Ziya Mountain.
Apart from these two things, the most important thing now is to recover part of the core benefits from the Presbyterian Church.
The influence of Ziya Mountain has expanded by hundreds of star fields, and Su Yu needs a long deployment to control it.
According to the data obtained, the benefit of the elders’ league is second only to that of the leader, and even occasionally higher than that of the leader.
Su Yu since palm nature won’t let the elders group pressure his head.
I will soon be known by all ethnic groups that Su Yu will have to deal with all ethnic groups then!
When you are busy, you must be safe first!
Su Yu didn’t expect to be mercilessly retaliated by one of her own.
"Sunny Ahn, you come with me to the Elder Pavilion."
Su Yu light outward head said his voice turned and crashed into a pair of eyes like water.
There are not many Su Yu capable people in Ziya Mountain.
An Qing and An Yuda are still loyal to themselves, but they have also sworn allegiance to Su Yu through the Heaven Contract.
An Qing Su Yu’s love for Su Yu was out of control after the subsequent transformation.
Perceiving sunny Ahn’s gentle visit to Su Yu’s wry smile can be regarded as turning a blind eye.
How can Su Yu and Guo Xiaoxiao accept the kindness of Ziya Mountain, and how can we add another sunny day?
"Let’s go"
Su Yu said that she hid her true emotions.
Two people walk the Ziya Mountain Road in tandem, and like two ordinary people, they receive the attention of Ziya Mountain practitioners.
Su Yu was dressed in a white robe and black hair, and the sacred bone jade exuded a crystal clear and strong atmosphere.
He is handsome and handsome, and his eyes are deep as if he were born.
The golden decree, the imperial edict, the first saint of Xinghai, and the Emperor Yanhuang all belong to the present age!
A graceful figure slowly appeared behind Su Yu. She looked cold and picturesque, and her white teeth and gestures could make people fall.
That’s one of the spokesmen of Ziya Mountain, the ancient tianjiao Anqing Ziya Mountain.
"Little brother, see? That’s our Ziya Mountain young master."
"Elder brother, you have said it many times."
"Before that, have you ever heard the details of the young master becoming the first saint of Xinghai?"
"Xinghai first st! I heard that the Virgin was once the first saint, but now I have reached the top and respected me. There are two first saints in Ziya Mountain! "
"It’s not just a door and two first saints, but our young master is still the" myth "heir outside the country!"
Ziyashan’s status as a young master is very lofty, especially the recognition of blood is beyond Su Yu’s imagination.
The factor of losing blood reached the top as soon as the worship of Su Yu by Ziyashan people reached the top.
In fact, Su Yu’s deeds along the way can be traced.
Behind every identity around Su Yu’s body, there is a shocking star trace.
"See Little Master"
There are also many Ziya Mountain people who worship and bow down respectfully in the places where the journey passes.
In just a few days, they have been sincere to the young master of Ziya Mountain.
The virgin is really ashamed of Ziya Mountain.
Su Yu saw this scene and his mind flashed a few days ago. Ziya Mountain people ridiculed themselves for all kinds of hostility.
Ziyashan people have a serious rejection of foreign surnames, but they can quickly accept the clan blood.

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