"You want to die!"
The succubus hated to madness, and her latosolic red eyes stared at Su Yu with a grimace of a grin, reaching out and catching her palm, spewing out a lot of evil breath to the extreme.
At the same time, she stared at Su Yu’s eyes with an inexplicable red light, as if it were a strange spiritual energy to lure Su Yu into depravity and loss of spiritual trap.
Su Yu was in a trance and quickly shouted, "The emperor is threatening!"
Su Yu broke out with his own talent and skills, and the emperor threatened him.
A strong breath of true emperor exploded from Su Yu’s body. Although the method affects the succubus, it can resist the succubus’s mental attack.
The charm is crazy. Her best skill is that the spirit overpowers the charm. She is a special demon. The racial attack is not strong, but the spiritual field does have amazing strength.
But unfortunately, she met Su Yu. Su Yu’s imperial coercion talent is also a powerful deterrent skill. Plus the succubus, at this time, the strength of the big millstone of heaven and earth can only be half. Her mental attack naturally works on Su Yu.
The most important thing is that after this failure of mental coercion, her spirit entered a short trance state.
This is a slight anti-itself effect. If this anti-itself is only less than half a second for her in normal times, the slight anti-itself effect is limited and magnified by the pressure of the big millstone!
Kill you while you’re sick!
Su Yu snorted and stood proudly. His left hand pinched the French-Indian link between heaven and earth, and his right hand held the real imperial sword. When he was still in a trance, he suddenly split!
The big millstone of heaven and earth makes a huge sound, and the vision of the millstone of heaven and earth suppresses the spiritual loophole of the succubus, while the real imperial sword is smooth all the way and directly hates the succubus’s head!
Congenital Lingbao’s power is poor and sharp, and it directly chopped off the succubus’s head.
A sharp soul screamed, and the succubus soul fled from the body and rushed to the horizon.
"Where to run!"
Su Yu thundered with a sword, but always managed to stop the succubus from escaping. This demon is really cunning. She knew that she was in a trance and was ready for her soul to escape in an instant.
I have to say that these demons often go through life-and-death battles in the abyss, and they can live to evolve into demons. Everyone is a malicious role, and it is terrible to grasp the opportunity.
I’m afraid Su Yu may not be able to beat this succubus if it weren’t for Tai Chi’s unexpected outburst.
"God, this living man killed Lord Gwendolyn!"
"He’s finished. If the master comes back, he will definitely kill this living person!"
"Gwendoline is the master’s favorite princess!"
Those ordinary demons on the ground can’t move, but when they see the scene of the succubus’s physical death, they all open their mouths to express their shock.
This living person is too exaggerated. He has the strength around Du Jie period, but he can abruptly crush a group of people whose strength is comparable to that of the scattered immortals. He can also angrily chop off the strength as the true fairy Gwendolyn’s adult!
"Hum! Noisy I’m here to kill you! "
Su Yu stuffy hum a look like thunder coldly looking at this group of demons let them can’t help shivering.
Suddenly, however, the bloody smell in Su Yu’s throat could not be suppressed any longer, and a blood clot was ejected on the spot.
"wow! Wow! "
Su Yu covered her chest with blood in a long white robe and turned pale.
Damn it, too much blood essence has been consumed. The source of life has been injured and has begun to have a self-defeating effect!
Su Yu looks a little embarrassed, but his body can’t stay up first.
His figure is a little shaky, and the vision of the big millstone of heaven and earth is a little gloomy, as if it would disappear at any time, which is difficult to maintain.
[Host, you are really the secret method of blood gas! 】
For the first time, the unified sound has a shocking taste. The secret method of blood gas is the taboo of the real emperor’s treasure scroll. The martial art method is a secret method that allows the emissary to squeeze out the source of physical life and then the spiritual blood gas bursts out more powerfully!
This is a powerful secret method, but it hurts people and hurts themselves. If there are too many sources of life, the messenger is likely to die on the spot!
"Hehe, I don’t have to choose the secret method to defeat the enemy!"
Su Yu wry smile.
Every one of these enemies is not weaker than himself, and even has the true fairy strength. The devil appeared. How can he beat them without secret methods?
[drop! Warning! Please stay away from the battlefield! 】
Tong gave a warning that Su Yu’s physical condition is no longer suitable to continue fighting. Force a group of demons to cut a top demon. These demons are powerful creatures of Su Yu! It’s a huge price to pay to go beyond the challenge or challenge a group by one person.
Previously, Su Yu’s offensive seemed to be a powerful horse, but his every blow contained too much energy. Now he has no vigorous spirit, and he continues to fight by relying on blood gas and life source!
Su Yu’s body is exhausted at this time. Tai Chi diagram has absorbed too much vigorous qi from him, and now it has absorbed his vitality and blood essence!
There’s nothing that Su Yu can do. It’s precisely because of this huge amount of vigorous gas that suddenly penetrates into the Taiji diagram that the big millstone of heaven and earth appears, so that he can take the initiative at first and directly anger the succubus before his body goes wrong.
But Su Yu’s realm is still too low after all. His practice is too short. No, this group of creatures has been practicing for hundreds of years! Su Yu hasn’t come to solve the remaining enemy’s physical problems in the previous step!
Terran tianjiao also saw this scene, and they were worried. Wang Xuan and others were holding their fists and their eyes were full of grief and remorse. The emperor was trying to protect us!
Otherwise, the emperor is so powerful that he can leave the battlefield alone!
Wang Chuanyi roared with grief and indignation. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!"
Wang Chuanyi knelt down and burst into tears. He really couldn’t accept watching the emperor face the enemies alone, but others could hide from the double throne like a poor man.
This is an unacceptable shame for a top tianjiao. Unfortunately, the Emperor does not agree that they left the golden aperture protection range by themselves.
"Don’t talk nonsense!"
Su Yu whispered, "Who will protect you after you are all dead?"
Ling Aner’s tears are long and her face is beautiful with a sad color. When she saw Su Yu’s scene in Wyndell Dichinson, she felt her heart tremble.
"quick! He is dying! "
Big Brother’s eyes lit up and he greeted the Ten Swords before he gave up. He still wants to kill people and seize treasures!
"Ten swords!"
Ten swords are screaming and screaming, and the light of ten swords rises to the sky, forming the most proud array of ten swords around Su Yu.
This array is derived from the ancient array method carved on one side of Zhu Xian Jian. When this array comes out, even an ordinary true fairy can carry the magic power and hate on the spot.
Ten swords is the most powerful sword array. It can be seen that they also attach great importance to Su Yu. It’s an exaggeration to recognize this indigenous power to be reckoned with.
This is a genius in the world. We must nip him in the bud as soon as possible!
"You should feel lucky that it is an honor to let the ten swords array deal with you!"
The big brother smiled proudly. He felt that he and others had mastered the absolute initiative.

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