Tick tock-
On this day, Yun Fan com lit up and sounded.
Yun Fan picked up the com and saw the news from Grandpa Qu Yuanbao.
The genetic monsters in Yun Fan waters have attacked the Australian base again. This time, the scale of the attack is even larger. It is estimated that there are fifteen nine-level genetic monsters, and there are more than 100 genetic monsters. If the military wants to defend the human city, it can send up to 50 A-level mecha to rescue the Australian base. The situation is very dangerous. Please return to support.
Yun Fan raised his eyebrows and the gene monster attacked the human base.
The purpose of establishing military bases around the earth is to combat gene life, but it is easy to combat gene life on land, but it is difficult to eliminate gene life in the ocean.
70% of the earth’s area is full of genetic life in the vast sea area, and many of them are huge and high-order genetic monsters.
Genetic monsters in the sea area attack human bases without leaving the ocean, and it is difficult to destroy them.
However, once the genetic monsters in the ocean take the initiative to attack, it will be an amazing number, like a tide. Even if human beings rely on war bases to fight, it is difficult to win, and they need reinforcements.
Every time the gene monster attacks the base in the sea area, it is a fierce battle.
The speed of A-class mecha is about 30 times the speed of sound. The speed type will be faster and the defense type will be slower, but there will not be much difference.
Zhengchen was able to rescue a war base on the earth for a short time because of the speed of A-class mecha, which enabled the human gene monster to finally dominate the confrontation.
However, this time, the Australian base is facing the attack of genetic monsters, and there are more than 15 genetic monsters in the ninth grade alone, which is unprecedented in scale.
Although there are a lot of high-level gene monsters in the sea area, there is a limit. Fifteen nine-level gene monsters must account for a large proportion in the total number.
With such a large-scale attack, it is obvious that gene life wants to attack the Australian base in one fell swoop and counterattack the human fighters.
"Ma Qu"
Yun Fan returned the information to Qu Yuanbao, and left China Shipping Qujia foaming at the mouth and rushed to the Australian base with extreme speed.
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Chapter 36 is his Yun Fan!
Yun Fan is stronger and faster.
The limit speed reaches 400 Li per second, which is too fast. The limit speed of China Shipping City is 16,000 Li from the Australian base, and it takes 42 seconds to reach it.
Even if you leave home from Zhonghai in the early stage and then accelerate, you will have arrived near the Australian base in less than a minute.
The Australian base was built 500 miles from the coastline to guard against the attack of genetic monsters in the sea.
But now there are genetic monsters 500 miles along the way from the seaside to the Australian base.
There are many kinds of genetic monsters in the sea, especially after gene mutation. There are many strange genetic monsters that Yun Fan can’t even name.
Gene monster vanguard troops have rushed deep continent base fighting has been fierce.
Seven-level genetic monsters have the ability to fly, and many seven-,nine-level genetic monsters are attacking the Australian base in the middle of the day.
There are two A-class mecha, a B-class mecha and dozens of C-class mecha in the Australian base, all of whom are fighting against the genetic monster in the sky.
There are many D-class and E-class mecha on the ground, and six-level gene monsters are killed.
There are more ordinary soldiers holding the most advanced laser guns and manipulating all kinds of advanced weapons to carry out crazy attacks on genetic monsters on the ground and in the sky.
However, no matter how advanced weapons are, they can’t threaten the level-9 gene monsters. Even nuclear bombs are hard to kill them.
The situation in the Australian base is not optimistic. There are too many genetic monsters rushing from the sea. Now it is still the vanguard. If the genetic monster department can’t resist it.
Military reinforcements, even Class A mecha, have a speed of 30 times, and the speed of sound is much slower than that of Yun Fan, which has not yet arrived.
Yun Fan watched a situation in the sky. This time, the gene monster offensive in the sea area was too fierce. The Australian base root could not insist on the arrival of military reinforcements
The attack of gene monster in the sea area should be a bash to human beings on the earth. Unfortunately, Yun Fan came to the Australian base. Fortunately, human beings are lucky, but gene monsters are unfortunate.
Gujing military headquarters
There are several huge screens on the front wall of a huge conference room, which are showing the picture of the gene monster near the Australian base.
This is directly through satellite monitoring and shooting pictures, so that the military can control the situation of the Australian base at any time.
Looking at the screen, the many gene monsters have been stretching to the seaside conference room, and the generals look grim one by one.
Due to the collapse of nine old families, the federal government was temporarily paralyzed, and the military department was reorganized. Six first-class families with five spirits were formed, and the hundred cities of mankind were temporarily managed by the military department.
The No.1 leader of the headquarters of Zhonghai Qujia’s family, Yun Fan, is Qu Shidan, the head of Zhonghai Qujia’s family.
Qu Shidan looked worried. "The Australian base can’t bear so many gene monster attacks. Let the team going to the Australian base hurry up and move forward at the fastest speed. The earth base can’t be lost."
Without a war base to contain mankind, we can retreat to the range of 100 cities, lose the control of the earth ball, and there are too many civilians in 100 cities. Once the genetic monster directly attacks mankind for hundreds of miles, a large number of human beings will die.
Therefore, as soon as we want to resist the genetic monster from the war base, we can’t lose the control of human beings on the earth, and we can’t lose the control of a continent. "
Han Yidao, the No.2 leader, "They have flown as fast as possible, but it is expected that it will take at least ten minutes to get to the Australian base."
"The head of the report also monitored that five nine-level gene monsters were approaching the Australian base, and they could reach the Australian base in about two thousand miles and two minutes."
A soldier made a big report
Qu Shidan Han Yi changed his face at the same time.
Qu Shidan exclaimed, "Five more heads have been monitored?"
"Ten nine-level gene monsters have been detected less than a thousand miles away from the Australian base, and they are expected to arrive in about one minute. There are two nine-level gene monsters that have attacked the Australian base."
Responsible for monitoring soldier avenue
"After the Australian base is over, even if reinforcements arrive, they can’t keep it!" QuShidan body shaking a look seems to be a lot older.
Two A-level mechs fight five-headed and nine-level gene monsters outside the Australian base. If two A-level mechs are one-on-one, they can easily win.
Even a pair of two can be tied, but two pairs of five or two A-level mecha fell into the wind.
In less than a minute, ten level 9 gene monsters will arrive one after another, and two level A mecha will not be able to withstand it.
Not to mention the arrival of five nine-level gene monsters in two minutes, a total of 20 nine-level gene monsters. The Australian base can’t support the arrival of reinforcements.
What’s more, there are so many nine-level gene monster reinforcements that they can’t take advantage of it. How can the Australian base be lost?
"Is it that the genetic monster wants us to fight a decisive battle?" Qu Shidan frowned.
"Lao Qu, I think things must be reported to the federal government headquarters. Please ask the headquarters to support the earth. Without the strength of the nine old families, the virtual gene life is likely to make a big counterattack against the earth and the Australian base may be a"
No.2 leader Han Yi said
"Eh … a super-terror strongman appeared in the Australian base and killed a first-class gene monster with one punch!"
At this time, the soldiers in charge of monitoring were frightened.
At the same time, the front big screen switches out the picture of the super man.
"It’s him, Yun Fan …!"
Qu Shidan’s face lit up with a shock.
"Earth flynna?"
Others in the meeting room also look pleasantly surprised Yun Fan but killed nine A-level mecha alone. The unfathomable strength is much more terrible than the nine-level gene monster.
The Australian base has Yun Fan rescue, and things have turned around.
In the screen picture, it is almost difficult to capture Yun Fan’s figure by satellite surveillance. Only when he holds his hand will there be a short pause and the figure will clearly appear on the screen.
Yun Fan moved to which gene monster with his bare hands and then punched the opposite gene monster.
That little fist is huge, and it’s so small in front of the genetic monster that it’s negligible
Don’t say it’s a fist. Even Yun Fan’s whole body is tiny in front of the giant genetic monster.
But …
The strength contained in Yun Fan’s fist is terrible.
A punch to seven gene monsters or level gene monsters is a punch.
The huge genetic monster would be blown apart by Yun Fan’s fist. This picture made everyone in the military conference room look shocked and surprised.
Seven gene monster to say level gene monster that’s even a nuclear bomb is difficult to kill unexpectedly Yun Fan fist exploded with one punch?

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