"Village chief Pi, I said that my field would not be rented to that thief!" David repeated
"ah? Thief who is a thief? " The leather cannon bulged with bronze bells.
"Skin village head don’t you know? Pi two dog, who has the money to build roads, made a fortune in one breath. Where did his money come from? And, oh, this is crazy and stealing children from the village to sell! I heard that one sells tens of thousands! " David pi two dog’s name together, I can’t wait to skin him, whip him, eat his flesh, and crush him to pieces.
"Hey, you stupid thing, I asked you what run with the thief fart? Why did you answer me? I was afraid that Pi two dog would eat you? " Leather cannon blowing Hu glaring way
"Pi village head just because everyone heard that Pi two dog would steal money and children, everyone just ran back to look after the house? Otherwise, we won’t be finished without money and children at home? " David called up the bump day bend.
This statement was like a bolt from the blue, which broke the leather cannon.
"Pull a bar along while I helped Pi two dog a lot! Oh, my god, what kind of brain is killing me! " The instant cannon was sallow and covered his chest with anger.
"Cannon, it’s all your fault. You don’t say Pi two dog. The villagers will be scared like this? When it’s over, it’s said that two thousand people will be called to contain it again. The villagers are afraid to go out. What’s the matter? " The skin is so strong that I want to hit tofu with my head.
Huang Jinliang has been arguing with Liang Chaofu and suddenly slapping his thigh. "Boss, I remember that you said that Pi two dog was the first car of Team Leader Liang after he came to Qianmen Road. He seems to have squeezed into the pile of villagers. Did you say that such a big leak was caused by him?"
"Artillery I think it is very possible! What, that woman will look for him? It’s very likely that the woman heard Liang Chaofu speak ill of her boss, but she was angry and started work! " Skin strong hit the nail on the head analysis way
As soon as the leather cannon heard that Yang made sense, he lost his temper and said, "jinliang, call Liang Chaofu, the king’s egg!"
"Yes!" Huang Jinliang was always looking for a chance to get a game back because of his disagreement with Liang Chaofu. He was so excited that he rushed out of the village Committee compound and found Liang Chaofu missing. He asked Liu Yiliang, "Where is Team Leader Liu and Team Leader Liang?"
"He said he had a stomachache and ran home!"
Learned that Liang Chaofu ran away to the gold and the skin was shining, and the village chief sent an Audi car to the door of a rich family in Liang Chao.
The car bumped into Liang Chaofu’s wife, Xiangxiang, grinning. "Where’s your husband?"
Xiangxiang knew that her husband had a problem with Huang Jinliang. She just snorted, "Huang Jinliang, what do you want with my husband?"
"The village chief Pi ordered him to take a trip to the village committee compound!"
This woman named Xiangxiang is also a genius. When she saw that the village chief Pi sent Huang Jinliang to arrest people, it was definitely not a good thing, so she lied, "My husband went to town to see a doctor and didn’t come home!"
"Oh hey your husband is not home? Come here! " Gold is bright and easy to catch a chance. Of course, he won’t miss it. Seeing a motor train parked in Liangjiayuan, that’s Liang Chaofu. Riding this slick, you will know what happened to Liang Chaofu.
"I’m not familiar with you. What are you doing here?"
"Let me show you something with your husband!"
Xiang Xiang saw that Jin Liang spoke very seriously, and she followed him into her own courtyard.
Jin Guangliang saw this kannika nimtragol follow him, and he just flicker into her home health. Xiang Xiang was curious in his heart, and he dared not think so in broad daylight, so she entered the health.
As soon as she came in, she was at the door.
"What the hell is it?"
Her voice did not fall, and Jin Liang had already prepared her mobile phone to take photos. He took advantage of Xiangxiang’s unprepared flash to pull a handful of Xiangxiang’s body, which scared Xiangxiang’s consciousness and turned to cover her face. I didn’t expect to turn the coccyx towards Jin Liang.
Golden Bright continuous shooting took more than a dozen private photos of Xiangxiang.
It’s also a coincidence that Xiang Xiang wore a T-shirt today and took a photo of Huang Jinliang behind him, which is evidence of going out of the track!
"Golden Bright King Egg, what are you doing?" Xiangxiang scared the daylights out of way
"Xiangxiang, I like you for a long time. If you promise to be my horse, I will keep it a secret for you. Otherwise, I will send your secret photo to Liang Chaofu for him to enjoy! And send it back to your mother’s family to show everyone what kind of woman you are! " Jin Liangliang said that Liang Chaofu, the king of eggs, once laid an old hat and suffered heavy losses. Today, I will give you a hat.
"Don’t, team leader Huang, please. I didn’t offend you. What did you do to make me whine?" Xiangxiang wronged tears, and the man Liang Chaofu went downstairs, and she didn’t dare to make a noise.
"Xiang Xiang, I really like you! I can’t live without you. Have a good time with me! " Huang Jinliang pretends to courtship
"Yellow team leader, you are a married man? Your Liu Yan is so beautiful, why do you want to hit on me? " Xiangxiang knows that he has something to do with this disaster, and the other hand doesn’t know what to do.
Chapter 427 The villagers’ assembly
"Xiang Xiang, someone likes you and you don’t want to? Can’t you say a word! " Jin Guangliang afraid Liang Chaofu building broke the good thing to press a way quickly.
"No, I can’t do it!" Xiang Xiang rebuffed, but she was very scared, and her face changed with fear. She looked at Jin Guangliang with fear.
Jin Liang saw that she was so scared that she made a determined effort to say, "Xiang Xiang, you can’t do this, then I’ll do another thing. You wait-"This goods don’t talk nonsense and turn around and leave.
Scared kannika nimtragol grabbed him and said, "OK, I promise you!"
See kannika nimtragol surrender immediately Jin Liangxi scratching their heads. "Great, Xiangxiang, you are my horse from today! Let’s have a good fight-"Say that finish is a hug to Xiangxiang.
Scared, Xiang Xiang exclaimed, "I owe my aunt next door 5 thousand yuan, so you can help me pay it back!" "
"No, I will add you a WeChat red envelope for 5,000 yuan!"
Seeing Jin Liang’s promise to Xiangxiang, he added his WeChat. After a while, Jin Liang really turned a big red envelope of 5,000 yuan, and the kannika nimtragol was elated and asked, "I married Liang Chaofu, and he has no money to buy a gold ring. Buy me a gold ring!"
"ah? The gold ring budget is finished this month. You don’t know that I have all my money in Liu Yan’s hand! " Does Huang Jinliang have a face?
Seeing that he said this, Xiangxiang changed his mind and said, "Then buy me a new suit?"
"Yes, you can choose a set of Taobao and I will give you a list!" Jin Liang was so excited that his eyes flashed and he stared at Xiangxiang proudly.
Staring straight at kannika nimtragol, blushing and blushing, she said, "jinliang, you see this is too sudden. I’m not ready yet. Why don’t we stop doing things for a while and come back when we cultivate our feelings?"
Xiang Xiang said that Jin Liang was dragging his feet when he heard this. "If you do something, you will have feelings slowly. Feelings will come out. Xiang Xiang, you are my horse. You can’t do anything without doing it!"
Seeing that there is no escape from the golden palm today, the little daughter-in-law gritted her teeth and said, "Then let’s go outside!"
Huang Jinliang has a handle on Xiangxiang, who is not afraid of her flying. This guy is leaving Liang’s compound.
Two tandem came to an atrium, which was a crumbling mud-tiled house. Xiang Xiang was a little afraid to go into the golden light and took her to a bamboo forest, where the two of them lived together once.
A few minutes later, I heard Xiangxiang complain that "two dog, the skin of Golden Bright Village, didn’t send Cynomorium pills. It’s good for you to buy some Cynomorium pills and eat super-rich!"
"I’ll buy it another day and try it!" Although Jin Liang is Aauto Quicker, he has made Xiangxiang his own horse, and he has a sense of accomplishment as a man and is full of pride in himself.
"Don’t call me if you have nothing to do after Jin Liang. Don’t send WeChat messages or send them. If Super Rich finds out, he will kill me!" Xiang Xiang is afraid of saying
"Then how can I find you?" Huang Jinliang is not willing to listen.
"My town Blue Whale Garment Factory shifts at ten o’clock in the evening. Our dormitory is in an alley next to Huayuan Pharmacy in a five-story private house. If you miss me, just come to the alley and wait for me. Let’s pretend that we don’t know me and follow you far away!" Kannika nimtragol advice way
"Yes, yes," said Huang Jinliang, suddenly remembering that he hadn’t done business, and he jumped out. "Oh, no, the village chief of Pi is going to explode. Go back and get your village chief named the village committee compound to find him!"
"Skin village head looking for him what is it? There is nothing good at first glance! "
"Xiang Xiang, you don’t know that it was your super-rich family who came to Pi Village Chief and spent a large sum of money to call thousands of villagers to peel the skin. The purpose of containment at the construction site in two dog was to force Pi two dog to rent the second village forest. I didn’t expect your super-rich family to go to the villagers’ pile and say that Pi two dog stole money and stole children, which frightened the villagers and ran home to watch the house! This is not a big help to Pi two dog! I, Pi Cunchang, Pi Cunchang, Liu Yiliang and others are all angry to death! " Jin Liang couldn’t help being jealous when he thought that Pi two dog had escaped again.
"Isn’t it? Pi two dog can grow vegetables and make Cynomorium songaricum pills. I heard that he is also very eager to see a doctor. He doesn’t need money. Does he have to steal it? Stealing kids. Whose kid was stolen? At first glance, someone is rumored! " Xiangxiang was wronged by her classmates and teachers when she was in junior high school. At that time, someone was short of money, but she didn’t steal it. She insisted on suspecting that her head and even the teachers thought she was a thief. Later, she couldn’t stay in school to improve her studies.
The thought of being wronged is frightening to Xiangxiang today.
"This is what Pi Cunchang said. What Pi Cunchang said should not be wrong and Pi Cunchang saw Pi two dog stealing with his own eyes!" Jin Guangliang a fueling way
"Why don’t you say you saw it? Why didn’t someone arrest him when he saw it? Who doesn’t know that Pi Village Chief and Pi two dog are great enemies? It’s not surprising that Pi Cunchang made two dog rumors! "
"Xiang Xiang, who are you? Are you kidding? How can you help Pi two dog? Pi two dog is the great enemy of our second village, understand! " Huang Jinliang aggressive way
"Well, I won’t say much about it. Liang Chaofu himself can’t help him and let him get some education!" With that, Xiangxiang adjusted her clothes, twisted her body left and right, and walked home.
A burst of flowers and willows rushed home and rushed to the bedroom on the second floor to see her husband’s bed dead. Suddenly, the kannika nimtragol was angry and said, "Stupid thing, you do good!"
"Wife, I didn’t do anything good?" Liang Chaofu play the fool way
"Pi village chief called thousands of villagers to contain Pi two dog. How can you help Pi two dog evacuate the villagers? Do you know how much it cost to summon so many people? Well, a few words will ruin it! Xianpi village chief asked you to go and see him, and he won’t beat you up! " Xiangxiang was livid with anger.
"What skin village head looking for me? Dead woman, you are stupid and won’t say that I am not at home? " Liang Chaofu slapped his daughter-in-law of cutting.
When I came to Xiangxiang to have an affair with Huang Jinliang, I felt sorry for Liang Chaofu. Now Liang Chaofu hit her with a big mouth, and suddenly this daughter-in-law secretly made a determined effort. After you personally gave me to Huang Jinliang, I made a pair of lovers with Huang Jinliang to piss you off!
"take my message with you, whether you go or not!" Xiang Xiang said and leaned forward and went out.
Liang Chaofu saw his daughter-in-law’s temperament change greatly and found out what was wrong, but he couldn’t say it.
Touching the dog’s head and thinking about it, Liang Chaofu knew that he could hide from the first day, but he couldn’t hide from the fifteenth day. He was coming to the village Committee compound in the second village.
When I entered the door, I was slapped by a strong leather bow and slapped him in the face, yelling at him one leng one leng.
Strong skin to vent the anger skin cannon and kick the Liang Chaofu one foot smelly scold a way "king egg I invited the one thousand villagers, do you know how much it cost hundreds! Give you a king’s egg, and a few words will ruin it. Are you Pi two dog undercover? !”
What undercover?
A listen to skin village head when skin two dog undercover immediately Liang Chaofu frighten the daylights out of kowtow, "skin village head I’m not undercover? Everyone knows that Pi two dog and I hate each other for nine days! I heard from Pi Village Chief that Pi two dog’s money for road construction was stolen, so I wanted to ruin his name and go to the villagers to broadcast. Who would have thought that someone said Pi two dog stole children! This scared all the villagers to death and ran home to look after the children! I never expected it, did I? I want to harm Pi two dog, but I didn’t expect to help him! "
Listening to Liang Chaofu’s words, he swore that he didn’t even believe in his suspicious skin. "Cannon, he’s not undercover, but we’re stupid. No wonder others!"

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