"Do you know the identity of Li Yitong?"
"Hey?" Reba is a little confused.
"She used to be called Betty, but now her name is Siyiqi." Fox said pointedly.
Hot one leng and then some incredibly asked "how is it possible? That YingJie she … She doesn’t mind? "
"How can you not mind?" Fox joked with a smile, "Do you know what was before Betty? Yingbao is a girlfriend in Wei Shi! And the key point is that the champion of Yingbao or Fang Siyi bribed Li Xue to get it. You know what I mean? "
"You mean … they …"
"I don’t know," said Fox.
But the meaning is obvious
Hot, a bit silent.
"Did someone rob your heroine in this situation?"
"But … but I heard before that Brother Siyi was going to let me play the Chinese Zheng!" Hot, discontentedly said
Can female number two and female number n be the same?
"Feeling uncomfortable?"
"Yes!" Hot bar said firmly.
"Then bear with it," said Fox primly. "To tell the truth, can you get the No.2 female or is it because people don’t have a schedule? Otherwise, the only thing you can play is the Chinese Zheng!"
"But …"
"Blame … you are J!" Fox directly pointed out the biggest advantage of Reba.
It is also the biggest disadvantage.
Sister J is beautiful, although not in line with many people’s aesthetics, Reba is really beautiful and her performance is aura. With a little adjustment, J is definitely a big star with both fame and popularity.
At the same time, it also limits the development of Reba.
Xinjiang girls can play costume dramas, Xianxia dramas and fantasy dramas, but they rarely have the right roles.
It is more than enough for her to be a good match, but the heroine is very troublesome.
It’s not that you can’t play, it’s …
Can’t find a suitable drama
Fang Siyi once said this to Fox.
It’s not a long-term plan for Reba Yan to star in a TV play, but newcomers are inevitable. When the acting skills are ready, they will transform the big screen.
I am still very concerned about Reba from Genfang Siyi.
Fox is envious of this, but he is not jealous.
Fang Siyi didn’t have a son before she came out, and there were absolutely no fewer resources.
All the foxes tried to comfort Reba.
After all, this little girl is also optimistic about the couple, and she will naturally support it.
"You’re the idiot. You’re going to transform the big screen in the future, but she doesn’t know when to have a chance. Are you still making trouble with her? Your power sister, I am not dead yet! " With that, Fox gave Reba a brain jump.
Reba was a little wronged.
Being persuaded by Fox, Reba’s face finally looked better, but he still said gloomily, "Then after us …"
"Entertainment circle, which have a night feud? God, take the initiative to apologize. If you think about it, Drea started as a movie. Don’t say anything about your sister. Look at her now. Didn’t she all star in Siyiying before you looked at her again? So now you have a heroine in a TV play who is making so much noise. In case it causes siyi unhappiness, I’ll see where you go and cry! "
"Thank you, Power Sister …" Reba realized this.
Some people are like this, others may be indifferent when they are coaxed, but once their immediate interests are involved, they will suddenly learn a lot.
Fox appeased Reba here and Fang Siyi scolded Li Yitong there.
"I say you are really more and more back! I cann’t believe I can argue with a little girl! Still in front of so many people! Don’t you know that you have put a lot of pressure on me by joining the group and you are making a joke? "
Looking at being scolded, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe. Li Yitong Fang Siyi lost a cold hum and left.

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