Yuan Ye nodded slightly, saying that this weapon has spent so much precious materials to refine it, and it has barely reached the threshold of 16 robbing the artifact. In view of the fact that Wanshan is a must, it is also very good to reach this level.
People are startled
Spend so much to barely reach in view of the debate in Chapter 145.
Chapter DiYiSiWu Debate about Yuan Ye’s tone makes people stunned. After all, it’s sixteen robberies of Asian artifacts. It can refine 10 robberies’s Asian artifacts. Ten thousand stars, one hundred stars, five people, and sixteen robberies and seventeen robberies, although much simpler, are also relatively simple in 10 robberies. His difficulty is also extremely terrible.
Wind culvert also dares to talk about my refining device. I was able to refine sixteen Asian artifacts 10,000 years ago. Today, the refining level is excellent in the refining of sixteen Asian artifacts. Don’t just talk big. An angry speaker put on a robe and walked over with a cold face. When Yuan Ye spoke just now, Wan Shan had been lifted. jin Ran heard that he was very angry about Yuan Ye’s evaluation.
It’s a great thing to get the 16-year-old robbery artifact, but it’s still waiting for people around him to praise it for sure. But as soon as jiejin heard that Yuan Ye was damaging his shirt, why didn’t he get angry?
Hard Yuan Ye asks.
Wan Shan glanced at Yuan Ye, and everyone would say, but how many people can really refine the device and listen to what you just said? It’s very contemptuous of me to ask you why you despise me.
Yuan Ye smiled indifferently and said "Don’t say goodbye" directly. In the process, you wasted forty pieces of materials, so precious that the refining materials were not even profitable again.
Wan-shirt smiled faintly, refining device loss, which is very common for ordinary people to see. I think everyone is willing to exchange these materials for a sixteen-robbery artifact.
Wan Shan, the master of your refining device, should know that it’s the same as sixteen robbing Asian artifacts, and it’s also a difference between sixteen robbing Asian artifacts. God doesn’t even know the laws of artifacts. The artifact is so powerful that it has already passed the artifact power. Whether it’s a strong G degree or an attack power Yuan Ye looked at Wan Shan.
It’s not difficult to rob the Asian artifact, but it’s not difficult to make the Asian artifact G withstand the attack ability. I haven’t heard of Wanwan except for the years when the Buddha was in the world.
You should agree with me that I have graded the Asian artifact. You said that your sixteen-robbery Asian artifact can drive the G-degree power of the artifact. Yuan Ye asked again
Wanshan’s face changed slightly, even if it is not different.
Yuan Yexiao smiled at this million-shirt, so it is obviously admitted that the power of this sixteen-robbery artifact is not an artifact
It’s not bad to refine this 16-bullet artifact by those materials alone. The power of this 16-bullet artifact is not the highest. That’s because the materials are not good enough. I said that the level of refining is not good enough. I can’t find a piece of marble instead of a piece of marble, which leads to this knot.
Haha Yuan Ye burst out laughing.
The boastful Yuan Ye looked at Wan Shan, a precious material, and said that the material was not good. I asked you ten unique skills, the third Jedi training, and the seventh unique training. You didn’t make any mistakes in these two trainings. What will be the power of the 16 th Asian artifact?
When I heard the words "the third unique and the seventh unique", Wan’s face turned red and he pointed at Yuan Ye and you.
Wan Shan was not angry because he was not pointed at the sore spot. He couldn’t help but feel angry when he heard Yuan Ye point out that the refining device had made two slight mistakes.
But at the moment, a large group of people are stupefied listening to Yuan Yewan’s shirt, arguing about how dare to plug in the refining device without necessarily studying it.
This little guy’s eyes are so diabolical that it’s not the kui that Mr. Wang values people. A bridled eyebrow is always nodding at Yuan Ye. Obviously, he also looks at the problem of ten unique clothes. With a wave of his sleeve, I’m ashamed to argue with you about the real thing. You have the same material to refine an artifact that is stronger than me.
The same material Yuan Ye laughed. No, I just want half of your material.
There’s a limit to bragging about half the material. Do you think you won’t waste the material? Let me ask you how many refining experiments you have.
Not long for thousands of years, Yuan Ye said directly
It’s only been thousands of years. Do you know how long it’s been since I refined the device? Half of the eyes of the falcon are flashing and staring at Yuan Ye. When I refined the device, it was a unit of one hundred thousand years.
It’s been a long time to refine the device, and it’s been a hundred thousand years, but how many people respect the peak? I’ve been refining the device for millions of years, and it’s already seven times. Yuan Ye said coldly, Don’t judge people by the length of iu refining, but when I study the device, it’s short, but you don’t seem to be with me. Yuan Ye is full of arrogance
As soon as Wan’s face changed, he boasted. The three-step refiner is just the first step. The method of refining embryos requires experience and thousands of times of experience to accumulate slowly. Finally, a refiner master needs to go through the trials to create the most suitable refiner method. That’s a very long time. You are so short in your research, not to mention what achievements you have made in refining embryos.
Wan Shan hasn’t finished yet, but Yuan Ye suddenly drinks Wan Shan. I, you just said that sentence in return for you. Many masters of Wan Zun Xing Theory can really refine the device, and a few people talk nonsense. When it comes to me, don’t forget our bet. Yuan Ye’s eyes look straight at Wan Shan’s eyes and there is a sense of oppression.
Wanshan took a deep breath and sneered at a good wind culvert. I’m here today to see your refiner. I’ll see if your refiner’s strength is as powerful as your mouth.

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