The strength of the two of them seems to be gradually being pulled, which is something that Lin is extremely resistant to.
He needs to improve his strength as much as possible.
Alas, what a crazy guy Yan Nai sighed-he didn’t expect that the reincarnation of the ice master would arouse Lin’s strong enterprising spirit, but maybe this is good news in a way.
If you really want to try, try it. I will try my best to protect you. If you really can’t, you can give up the rock and ponder for a while.
thanks a lot
Lin Dong nodded gratefully, immediately took a deep breath and stopped in front of the lotus stone pedestal, then stretched his arm slowly and firmly, and finally gently touched the glittering and translucent jade skeleton.
Just as Lin’s fingers just touched the jade skeleton, a terrible coercion suddenly swept through the skeleton, and Lin’s body collapsed instantly and cracks spread all over the ground at his feet.
Lin gritted his teeth, and he could feel the terror around him. The conjoined bones crunched at this time. I’m afraid that such coercion alone was enough to crush the body bones.
When coercion came and finally enveloped the buried bone temple, thousands of bones bent slightly as if they were buried deeper at this time.
And when Lin was desperately resisting the amazing coercion that enveloped the whole body, the jade bones were suddenly shining in their eyes, and the light was condensed. At last, in the black eyes of Lin, his mind suddenly collapsed and dizzy as if he had been inhaled at some time.
The dizziness quickly dissipated, but when Lin moved to stabilize his mind, he found that the scene around him had changed greatly. It seemed to be a vast and wild land with ancient breath rippling in heaven and earth.
It’s really interesting. I didn’t expect that even human beings can enter my dragon land.
Just when Lin was distracted by this strange region, a faint sound suddenly echoed in this world. There was a powerful majesty in that sound, and it seemed that even the heavens and the earth were dimmed a lot.
Lin was tempted to shake his head, and then he saw a lotus stone seat in that distant day, and at this time, a man in a purple S gown sat safely in the lotus stone seat.
The man looks quite handsome, but his brow is majestic, but it is frightening. At the cuff, he leans out with a slender palm and six perfect fingers in his palm.
Six Fingers Holy Dragon Emperor
It is obvious that this man should be the peerless fierce man who once unified the monster beast world. Although it should be his will now, it is also very terrible
Today, the dragon has been lax in the care of the shakotan coast. The purple shirt man looked at Lin’s faint sound, but it made him feel chilly all over.
Predecessors can still enter the dragon pool today, and the younger generation can come in because they did the dragon a favor, which was allowed to enter the dragon pool forest, hurriedly explained.
Now the dragon actually needs your help. The purple shirt man’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled.
Lin wry smile he knew that this surface strength is obviously out of sight. This beautiful and fierce person will soon explain the magic prison in that town.
These guys actually put the town magic prison in Longyu purple shirt. The man was slightly dazed after hearing Lin move, but when he looked at Lin move again, his eyes slowed down slightly.
You are familiar with a lot of smells.
Lin Dong’s quick laugh means that the Six Fingers Holy Dragon Emperor is really horrible, and he has seen many clues in his body.
The little guy can come here and say something about you, but although you have helped the dragon a lot, you can get my dragon dragon’s keel words, which may be naive, and some purple shirt men ourtenant said
The younger generation wants to try his best to try Lin Daodao, but he won’t be naive. At present, this peerless man will release water on him because of this.
Ten people have been here before you, and they are all the top people in all previous dragons, but in the end they all failed. The purple man smiled and looked down at Lin Dong. Do you think you can do it?
Although it is very difficult, if I don’t even have the courage to challenge, maybe my predecessors will slap me and fan me to Lin. I laughed
It’s really a little fun for the purple shirt man to have a heart when he is one leng. Since this is the case, let you have a try.
What should I do, Lin dongyue y test
The purple shirt man smiled, and the six-fingered slender palm slowly stretched out. At the same time, an extreme horror breath swept through at this time, and behind him it seemed as if there was an invisible Zijin dragon winding and entrenched, followed by a slow smile that made Lin move.
Beat me
Yuangan, a mountain peak outside Hualongtan, sat quietly around him, and the digital dragon elders also closed their eyes to recuperate.
In the silence, the earth suddenly trembled. The black S-shaped Longtan was actually a wave that lifted the black S-shaped pool. In the water, it seemed as if the purple and gold S colors were flashing, and an old dragon rhyme was shocking the world from that deep place.
Yuan Gan and others stared fiercely. They looked at the Longtan movement, and their faces were always indifferent. At this time, it was hard to hide the shock.
This is a challenge to our ancestors.
Recommend an ultimate holy spirit, Tianxuan No.58166. Today, I took a look at it. It’s not bad. If you are interested, you can go and see Chapter 112 Helper.
There was a commotion outside the dragon pool, and many eyes were looking at the churning dragon pool with some surprise at this time.

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