Xie ying said, "it is my adoptive father! Do you know his old man? "
Yi Yu shook her head and smiled. "I’ve heard of the brand but I haven’t seen it, but you are so well-connected!" I can’t believe it’s Xie Shan’s daughter! But if you think about it, it’s not surprising that you Xie Gushen Tuo Yi Xiu and the strange flower Ling Hun have close contacts. Presumably, this time you must unite to calculate my Qingcheng Mountain Sect, and it’s not surprising that you appear here. "
Although Xie Ying looks immature, her mind is not immature. Just now, when she got the names of Xie Shan and others, she was not afraid! I couldn’t help but let her heart turn over a dark tunnel. "It seems that this demon fairy Yi Yu is really worthy of the name. I’m afraid I won’t be afraid of my life. If I get sloppy at this time, I’m afraid I will suffer. But I can’t be rash. It’s better to pretend to be delicate and touching and gain sympathy and then wait for an opportunity to escape."
Yi Yu asked again, "Then do you have a purpose in teaching in Zhushan?"
Xie Ying way "I … I can have what purpose! I heard that the scenery here is very different and I came to visit it. "
Yi Yu sneer at a way "travel? What’s good about teaching into the badlands in Zhushan? Besides, where’s your sister Xie Lin? I’ve heard that you sisters are inseparable. If you really play here, can you walk together without sisters? Are you here to help Zhushan religious land? If so, it will be our sworn enemy of Qingcheng Sect! "
Xie Ying urgent way "with me a person how to aid Zhushan teaching! Can I still confront you Qingcheng School? "
Yi Yu laughed. "You can’t say for sure. Maybe you haven’t come out with any killer! I’m going to have a good check "say unexpectedly a face of her smile stretched out his hand and held up the little beauty that fruity and delicate.
Just then, two Qingcheng brothers flying from the foot of the mountain seemed to be in a hurry. Although they saw Yi Yu flirting with beauty there, they still ran over and said, "Brother Yi Yu! Teacher Zhang told his brother to deal with the prisoners in the mountain, and then we were ready to retreat. "
Yi Yu laughed. "It seems that the war is going very well! But I don’t know what effect will it be once the news of the collapse of Zhushan religion spreads all over the world? I hope I don’t scare too many people. "Then I finally let Xie Ying go." Little beauty, you are very lucky today. I have other things to play with you. I’ll greet you again! "
Xie Ying hurriedly said, "Then you can get me banned! If I don’t have magic, I will fly away? "
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "Did I say I would let you go?"
Xie Ying exclaimed, "What! Didn’t you say today … "
Yi Yu laughed. "I said today? Did I say I’d let you go today? I’ll pick you up again, but don’t worry, I won’t really treat you like, after all, your adoptive father and master are not easy to handle, and they don’t have personal vendetta, so naturally they won’t be sworn enemies, but this time you colluded with Xiushan Sect with the intention of being bad to us, and you can’t just let it go quietly! This matter must also be said! When your master and adoptive father come in person, let’s talk about it again. If we can release you now, it’s a pity that you are still my prisoner. "
You!’ Although I was so angry that I wanted to call names, Xie Ying still took a tight sip of her mouth and dared not speak out again. She had heard of Yi Yu’s notoriety, and she knew very well that it was definitely not fun to annoy this demon fairy.
Yi Yu also ignored Xie Ying such as idea light way "cold calyx! Purple bell! " As soon as he called, the two sisters flicker out of the’ pure land of bliss’. Yi Yuping rarely finds them to handle affairs, and the sisters are also quite excited.
Ziling still has some opinions on Yi Yu, but she will get used to it after getting along with each other for a long time. Besides, there is a cold calyx around her, and her mouth is full of Yi Yu benefits. How long can she resist it? Nowadays, the "faith" is playing an increasingly important role in her practice. Cong Ziling has realized that it is impossible for her to leave the "pure land of bliss" and Yi Yu. In her opinion, it seems that Mrs. Bao Xiang has not left her plan, and she is quite happy with the goddess game. If the mother and daughter can be together forever, it will be quite good. Finally, after weighing a lot, Zi Ling has put her mind and no longer has resistance.
Yi Yu laughed. "This little beauty will be handed over to you! Go back and give her a good wash. If you don’t listen, give it directly to Sister Jade and put it in the cauldron of our house to cook and drink soup. "
Two people naturally know that Yi Yu is really joking, but there is nothing in the cold calyx that has long been accustomed to Yi Yu’s philandering, but the purple bell still has some dislike for Chen Tao, "Smelly thing! I’m not satisfied with having those sisters at home … You’re so angry! "
Yi Yu laughed "purple spirit elder sister jealous? !” Novel bsp; Purple bell face blush JiaoChen way "bah! Who will eat your little pervert’s vinegar? Wouldn’t it be sour to death alive! " Say also ignore Yi Yu directly past Xie Ying hand way "Xie Ying sister you don’t be afraid of! If you have a sister, you won’t let that bad guy bully you! "
Yi Yu is only white at this moment. Just now, when Qin sisters appeared, Xie Ying’s eyes lit up! Turns out to be sisters who have known each other for a long time! Wry smile way "this fix true boundary is really not big! Summon you two to come out and look after the prisoner and recognize the sister as soon as you come out! "
Cold calyx laughed. "It’s strange that my husband came to our house and Xie Ying’s sister’s family is a family friend but not a sister now."
Yi Yudao "I see or substitution! Don’t let her go again. "
Cold calyx hurriedly way "no! No! My sister and I can still tell these important things apart, and we won’t let Sister Xie Ying go for personal gain. Don’t worry! If not, my husband will drive my sister and me out of the house directly. "Then he said to Xie Ying," Sister! Don’t worry! Husband, it won’t be difficult for you, and you don’t want to escape. When Xie Bobo comes, I will let you go naturally. "
In fact, Yi Yu is not really worried about teasing them casually. Even the Qin sisters really want to let Xie Ying go and ask for a’ pure land of bliss’. Yi Yu will surely perceive that she can’t run away then.
Gossip is less, saying that Yi Yu has settled down with the Qin sisters and
After flying, I fled to the foot of Zhushan Sect. At this time, I have gathered 3,000 Zhushan Sect prisoners in the vicinity! The Qingcheng Sect also lost more than 2,000 elite brothers in this World War I, and more than 7,000 people died! However, this is nothing for the great achievements of nearly 10,000 enemy annihilation.
If the results of World War I are told today, the Qingcheng Sect will certainly be greatly boosted. I am afraid that there will be many small sects who are holding a wait-and-see attitude to invest in the Qingcheng Sect! And I’m afraid that if you want to act against the Qingcheng faction alliance, you have to weigh their own weight. Of course, this does not necessarily really deter the enemy from what the final result is, and it will take time to prove everything.
Yi Yu has long seen Zhu Meili looking down at this face, and the faces of the Zhushan prisoners are uncertain, and I don’t know what’s going on in my heart.
Yi Yufei and before he could speak, Zhu Mei said first, "Her! We won this battle! But what about once? Maybe one day we Qingcheng Mountain will be attacked like this! Our Qingcheng brother will also be slaughtered like this! "
Yi Yu one leng surprised way "master out of this? ! If you have this worry, just get rid of the people who have the ability to attack our Golden Whip Cliff. Will it be so sad? Don’t master for hundreds of years to pursue should have shaken? !”
Zhu Mei laughed "ha ha ha! The teacher is not so fragile, but now I feel it when I see these captured Zhushan brothers! If you start, you won’t hesitate! It’s … Her! When you are young, you need to loosen that string a little when you have been tightening it for hundreds of years, otherwise it will break easily! Loose can still be broken, but you can’t pick it up! "
Listen to Zhu Mei this some puzzling words Yi Yu more confused but Zhu Mei is not going to explain to him what connect a way "ok! On her, these prisoners are all yours! What do you want to do with it? The teacher is going to take people back to the mountain. You need to hurry. "
Yi Yu nodded and waved his robe sleeve and there was a piece of white light. Two or three hundred people disappeared directly! More than 2,000 people who have met for ten times have been included in the "Pure Land of Blissfulness" by Yi Yu, and the results are natural for them, so I won’t elaborate.
Those brothers guarding Qingcheng Mountain in the periphery still don’t know what’s going on. Seeing that the prisoners in the circle have disappeared in large areas, I couldn’t help but feel a little scared until I saw Zhong Yiyu waving his robe sleeves and sprinkling pieces of white light.
These people are truly elites of Qingcheng School. It can be said that they are the future of Qingcheng School. At this time, these brothers look up and can see two people standing in the middle. One is naturally teaching Zhu Mei and the other is Yi Yu. This means that it is natural and has its own taste, but Zhu Mei’s meaning is already very obvious.
Zhu Mei nodded. "This time, the raid on Zhushan Sect was very successful! Why don’t you lead all your brothers back to Qingcheng Mountain and stay here for the teacher? Let’s leave the name of Qingcheng School and come at once. "
Yi Yu smiles, "Master! I don’t think this name will be left! Let my brother stay. I’d like to see who came to help Zhushan Sect first later. I also want to know how strong their so-called company is. "
Zhu Mei one leng immediately laughed "you this Wynaut is bold! Ok! This time, you can be reckless! Anyway, if you can’t resist going to the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, I’m afraid few people can go in and be invincible before the war. "
Just as Zhu Meiyan Yi Yu’s "Pure Land of Blissfulness" can’t stop the extremely superior, but it’s difficult for ordinary monks to repair the tear seam by themselves. If there is a real fight, even if a few experts can chase it in, it’s hard to resist Yi Yu’s gang fight, otherwise Yi Yu won’t dare to have such arrogant ideas.
After the brothers of Qingcheng Sect were evacuated, the Zhushan Sect altar was left with devastation and Yi Yu standing in the ruins.
Yi Yu glanced at the gate of Zhushan Sect, which was still standing despite several swords. I couldn’t help sneering, "I didn’t think that Zhushan Sect actually had an object that would rather die than surrender!" As soon as the voice falls, wave your hand and shoot a sword light.
The mountain gate that stood there for many years collapsed in an instant, which also symbolizes that Zhushan religion, which has stood upright for thousands of years, has really entered the historical dust at this moment.
A thunder from the split! It’s right behind the Zhushan Sect. This is not a precursor to the torrential rain, but the bodhi old zu of Zhushan is really in Du Jie!
Yi Yu looked at the bombardment and the light blue sky thunder smiled faintly "Zhushan bodhi old zu! Can you really live by yourself? You still don’t know the master! "
It was another short and fierce lightning strike, but I saw a little bright golden light shining in the back mountain! Straight to meet, but unexpectedly want to strike hard that day!

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