It was Uncle Ocean who, according to Dad, encountered a battle that would deprive people of physical control power at this time. It was also because of this that they were involved in Gray’s revenge action and met Brett Kemi. It was easy to measure when he was a child and listened to Xingjian’s story.
Then, according to the time, in two days, Gray will retaliate against Shuidu and cause a military attack. I must get Gray’s solar debris before he dies, or the host will die. The solar debris will disappear and look for a new host. Then God knows who the new host is. I have to travel all over the world to find it. It’s too much trouble. When I think of this, I will grab the prison door and wake up. When can I go?
What are you arguing about? You still want to go to your batch of gold from the origin table. Now it is suspected that it was buried in an ancient tomb. If it is verified by experts, you may be charged with grave robbery. A prison guard shouted.
Now the stars really want to curse this guy, why did he bury the grave with him? Now it has caused so much trouble. It should not be said that the stars helped the old woman to do it. Because of this, he failed and the world was destroyed. That would be ridiculous.
The stars can’t help but sigh that I can’t do good things in this era. I helped the old woman and almost led to the end of the world.
He hesitated to break the wall, but considering the historical process, he was easy to give up, so he stayed in prison for another two days
Today, the stars sensed that there was a super-power fluctuation in the water, and one of the super-power fluctuations was familiar to him, and it felt like another person.
The stars just remembered that it was based on the star building. At this time, the star building should deal with the deformation ability together, and then the gray-style confrontation. The stars knew that there was not much time. He had to act before Gray died, but at this time he was in prison for helping the old woman.
Just when the stars were worried, he sensed the fluctuation of the energy of the ocean gray’s fighting. Close your eyes, and the radar plane in your brain immediately showed two golden dots. The stars were angry and said, Damn it, Uncle Ocean has already fought gray, and then Gray will carry out a massacre in the street and then trigger a military attack. No, I can’t wait any longer. The stars are really upset by the prison these days. Now he is angry and explodes this day’s irritability together.
The stars’ personality is arrogant and impulsive, and they will never care about the wind, the ghost and the illusion. I want to care about his historical process, and the main line of history will not be affected. I don’t care about the small things. After making up my mind, the stars will immediately break the prison wall and fly to the battle site.
At this time, the ocean Chen Feng teamed up to attack Gray, but in the other side’s ability-based enemy power, the two of them joined forces and lost. In the end, Gray broke the building and rushed to the street. His hands were used to fire guns in the crowd. In his secret energy film, thousands of people were bombed and pitted, and several people fled in panic.
Even the police moved, but their guns didn’t count the roots of this monster at all. When Gray fell to the ground, he ended the massacre of people by robots.
Don’t give up, we can win, Chen Feng Ocean, and now they are dragging their bodies seriously and continuing to fight Gray, which consumes a lot of superpowers. Gray is finally injured. He has never seen such a tenacious teenager. Finally, the armed forces have blocked this area and wiped out humanity.
When the stars arrived at this area, he saw a crowd full of people. These people obviously wondered why the armed forces would be present and blocked the front area. The leaders of the armed forces told the panic crowd that terrorist organizations in the front area were attacking the crowd, most likely in weapons of mass destruction, and no one was allowed to enter.
After the military attack on the stars, I can’t help but feel afraid that the leader of the armed forces can talk big without changing his face. Doesn’t he know that there is a tragic and humanitarian sweeping in the back area, where nearly 10 thousand people will be killed, but it is cruel for him to hide the truth
The stars walked into an alley, then flew across the blockade of the armed forces and entered the regional department while no one was looking. The area was in chaos and broke into the blockade. The civilians demanded to leave, but they were waiting for their own guns. Several people in LinYu died unsatisfied. They did not die in Gray’s hands but died in the hands of the troops who had paid taxes and raised them. They had nothing to lose.
The stars dare not stay because he can’t stand the wailing of the dead civilians, and the piercing sound will make people have nightmares. All this is caused by the mayor himself. He is afraid that the power will be exposed. He is even more afraid that Gray’s identity will be exposed, which will involve the mayor to set up an army privately and then slaughter the army in secret.
The stars quickly flew to the battle center, where Gray climbed the building with a tank and a machine gun and blew up a miniature helicopter. That was the tool that the mayor took to escape, but now he was struck by lightning, and he finally got revenge. However, it was followed by several shelling attacks on him. Gray is attacking life in this way.
Looking around the stars, I didn’t find Chen Feng and others. I thought that they should have jumped into the waterway and fled. The stars took a deep breath. Fortunately, otherwise, he would change the course of history now. The stars looked at Gray and stood up for several guns to attack him from all sides. At the same time, the guns also hit the stars and exploded.
Several cannons produced a violent shock wave of chain blasting, which destroyed the faces of the surrounding buildings. The hot flames spread along the four access streets, and even the waterways were flooded by flames. In the vortex of light flame explosion, one figure dragged another figure away quickly and then disappeared into the clouds.
The captain saw two red dots of life radar flying and disappearing into the radar. He was so angry that he broke the machine. They did not hesitate to kill people in this area to hide their powers, but they still let them get away. This bloody hand turned out to be the biggest joke.
The captain gave a report to the level of power terror, and then assessed that the power is too threatening to the human world, so it is necessary to control or kill the power, which is also a worry to the top leaders of governments all over the world. They increasingly feel the need to destroy the power
It was the stars Gray who escaped from the explosion. At that critical moment, the stars rushed into the explosion, and an energy defense shield was stretched. In his cosmic power, the gun root method broke through the defense shield and exploded directly outside. The fierce heat swept everything in the energy shield. They felt that the explosion heat energy had reached the temperature of the sun. They were lucky to survive.
Breathe a sigh of relief, and the stars immediately exploded with Gray.
In fact, the stars planned to take the sun debris from Gray, but the explosion heat exceeded his imagination, so he couldn’t stay longer, so he took Gray with him and then took the sun debris afterwards. But now the stars are burying their faces in regret. Damn it, according to Dad, Gray should have died in a military attack in Shuidu, but now he has been saved. Did I change the historical process?
Being held by the stars is like a broken puppet. Gray coldly asked who you are and what saved me. Now he has exhausted his super power and no strength to resist.
Shut up. I’m thinking now. Don’t bother me. The stars are in a huff now, and then he speaks again. Wait, I remember that the wind and the ghost said that I changed the course of history and I would probably disappear. But now I’m still safe and sound, which means that saving Gray didn’t affect the future too much. Maybe it affected a small part. Chapter 35 Meeting vampires at night.
The starry brain is not very good. He doesn’t think carefully like the shadow cloud, but generally he doesn’t go deep into the problem that he can’t figure out, but lets it go.
Look at the stars. Gray, a guy with a strong physique like a commando, has no strength now. His eyes are blackened by a gun. He is surprised and asks your eyes if he has noticed it.
Out of sight, his eyes were burned by the explosion. Gray said that he had already taken revenge. Now even if he dies, he says that he has taken revenge on his brothers.
Really? The stars don’t have much sympathy. He knows that Gray killed many people and deserved it. He reached into Gray’s chest and exclaimed, What are you doing? He wants to struggle, but he has no strength.
Of course, it was a reward for saving you. The stars walked over and said that his hand was groping in Gray’s chest, but Gray didn’t feel any pain and there was no blood in the wound.
The stars groped for a moment, and suddenly his face disappeared with the stars’ hands returning to the wound. This is indeed a very strange thing. Now there is a golden diamond crystal in the palm of the stars’ hands, which emits a warm glow similar to the sun. It is a fragment of the sun
Great, so that the first piece of the sun can be obtained, and he can obtain the human sun fragment according to the magic method of wind and ghost without killing people.
Gray touched his chest strangely. Just now, he felt the other person’s hand penetrate his body, but what won’t bleed and what won’t hurt? He asked again who you really are and what you did to me.
If you are not afraid of death, how can you be afraid of what I will do to you? Then he saw Gray’s eyes suddenly sympathize with him and thought that he had saved him, so he might as well be a good man to the end.
So the stars took Gray to a desert island near Shuidu and said to Gray, After you and I are done, it’s up to you to jump into the sea if you don’t want to live. I won’t save you.
I killed so many people, are you just gonna let me go?
I think it’s more painful for people to live with guilt than to die. The stars suddenly remembered the shadow wind, which turned into a demon and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people. After waking up, it was worse to suffer from guilt than to die. Finally, the shadow wind finally found a way to redeem itself.
Gray savored the words of the stars, but when there were no stars, he took the time to fly and disappeared into the sky.
Then Gray wandered around Chinese mainland, and met a man in Wutai Mountain a few years later, who finally dissolved his rage in Shang’s words and traveled around the world. But at that time, it was already a cruel era when the world was divided into two parts, and Gray was born to save the world when he saw the world suffering from war.
He assumed the pseudonym of Shura Buddha, and became the person who was the closest to the level of God in the four heavenly kings of the Dark Kingdom, but it was twenty years later, and he didn’t see each other again after twenty years, but it was because of his karma.
The stars left the sea and entered Chinese mainland. In his mind, the radar plane was about the size of a big city, so the stars flew away quickly. China flew all over 23 provinces in China in a week, passing through famous mountains and rivers, but no solar debris was found.
The stars are walking in Urumqi street at this time, and the air here is relatively dry, which makes them who have been living in the south look up at the date of the clock tower and think that according to the story that Dad told me, they should have arrived in the forest of Central America by this time, but on the way, Uncle Chen Feng was attacked by a super beast and demon and was alone. Finally, he met Yang Yan and realized the elemental power.
Suddenly, the stars remembered that he had met the man and woman in Shuidu. He murmured that the man should not be Sun Yan or Uncle Xiao San. He must be right. The stars remembered that the other person was wearing the wings of Han Dynasty and spreading flames. That was the signature feature of Sun Yan.
Yang Yan, why is the water now? The stars can’t figure it out. After all, he doesn’t live in this era, but people don’t know the problem of the super organization department. Yang Yan is responsible for protecting Chen Feng and the four of them.
The stars knew that the three men would find the Amadeus plan and be attacked by the super-organized assassins in the next time, but at that time, Chen Feng had realized the elemental power, and there was nothing to worry about. Now he is very surprised that Chinese mainland’s population of 1.3 billion people has no solar debris, and Naixingsu, the host, took off overnight and came to Russia.

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