At this time, the forest in the field is already dngdng, and his face S is also extremely yn. He looks at the rage and comes to Wang Lei. He can feel that the force of heaven and earth in his whole body has been Wang Lei’s strong nirvana, and his roots have no chance to dodge.
Nirvana’s strong breath oppresses Lin’s whole body and clothes, but under this pressure, Lin’s eyes are full of fierce S flashing hands, and he is ready to summon the blood spirit to the enemy at any time.
Little beast, you must have used despicable means to hurt Zhong Wang like this.
Wang Lei’s eyes were furious and fierce, staring at that close at hand. Lin moved his heart and tried to stop the killing. His heart was surging and his anger drove him. He couldn’t wait to make the person in front of him into a paste at once.
Looking at that one punch boom to Wang Lei, Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly. However, just as he was about to summon the blood spirit, he was also full of anger and binge drinking, and he boomed back to dng on this day.
Wang Lei, how dare you face me in front of me? Do you really think I’m not here?
Binge drinking resounded through and then a figure was swept away in a flash, which was directly now. In front of Lin Dong, he first waved his sleeve robe and a soft force, which was to wrap Lin Dong in shock and retreat, followed by the same explosion of mighty force B and a slap in the face of Wang Lei’s fist.
The fist, palm, and touch were immediately like a storm of Judah, and the B pattern was immediately swept wildly, and the huge cracks on the ground quickly spread to the earthquake of Judah.
Lin’s body fell to the ground and immediately tiptoed to the ground and suddenly retreated again. This was the only way to spread the force, and the B pattern evaded and looked at it. It was almost a burst of space, and the eyes were slightly dignified and nirvana. However, the strength is not comparable to the nature.
The two contact figures in the field are also in the eyes of everyone, and both feet are smeared with a deep mark on the ground. The hard ground is as fragile as tofu in their feet.
Wang Lei, you want to disgrace your Wang clan today. You can’t become angry from embarrassment after a failed selection, but you haven’t seen Lin Fan’s body shake for many years, and then your eyes yn sink to Wang Lei and drink a way.
At this time, when Wang Lei was stopped by Lin Fan, he knew that trying to slay Lin Dong’s wish could not be realized again, and he could take a deep breath. He knew that he could not account for half of this kind of thing, and that Zhong Wang was defeated by Lin Dong’s hand, which was too big for him to bury his wisdom.
cry of some birds and animals
At this time, many powerful forces in the high platform are also returning to absolute being. Mo Jing’s eyebrows are even more wrinkled. The movement of the body is that everyone looks at the high platform and looks at Wang Lei’s heavy road. Wang Lei’s clan selection has many rules. However, it is quite unwise for all major forces in our Great Inflammation Dynasty to set you up like this. According to the rules, you can cancel your Wang clan’s qualification to participate in the selection at any time.
Smell speech Wang Lei surface S is also a slight change. This time, their Wang clan has failed, and if it is excluded from qualification again, its strength will inevitably be greatly weakened, which is a fatal blow to them.
Don’t be angry with me. This is a recognition of the forest movement in Zhong Wang. Maybe the ghost just wants to try it.
Hum, if you lose, you can say such shameless words as the ghost king Lei. Did you ever say these words when my Lin clan was defeated by your Wang clan? Lin Fanmian sneered with a cold smile.
Of course, it’s not his sarcasm. Even some other powerful people can’t help but shake their heads. Wang Lei’s move is really a loss of identity. Although this kind of selection is very important to them, it’s a little contemptible to look for excuses after failure
No matter what means are used to defeat each other, it is a famous saying that this kind of selection has ended, and so have five places. I hope you won’t do such reckless things again, otherwise we can jointly deprive you of the qualification of the Wang clan to participate in the selection for the first time. Mo Jingtian frowned and sink a way
Don’t be shocked to hear this. Wang Lei’s face is white and white. For the last time, he can take a hard look at Lin Lin and then kiss xiu and turn around to pick up the seriously injured Zhong Wang and throw it behind him. S is white and Wang Yan.
See Wang Lei was blocked to the MoLing three people also breathed a sigh of relief, they also know that this Wang Lei must be to recognize the strength of Zhong Wang to win places is the mistresses. I didn’t expect this Wang Lei to have bad luck, but he also met a tough forest to fight with two tigers and finally won the forest, but this fact is obviously that Wang Lei still has some ways to accept it, which will make him furious like this.
And they let go. Lin Langtian shook his head slightly, feeling sorry in his heart. If Wang Lei killed Lin by hand at this time, it would also save him trouble.
But even if you can live until the Hundred Dynasties War, I will personally take your life. I want you to know that offending me will be the most regrettable thing in your life. Lin Langtian’s eyes are staring at Lin’s figure as chilling as a poisonous snake
For Lin Langtian, this kind of look is partial and glancing at him. The corners of his mouth are also provoked with a sneer. The dense murder is surging in his eyes. This guy is really suffering from his heart. In this great inflammation dynasty, Lin Fan suppressed him. Maybe he can’t do it yet, but once he enters the Hundred Dynasties War, he will definitely kill Lin Langtian at the first time.
Are you all right when Lin moved? At this time, Lin Fan also turned around and looked at Lin. He was nervous. They had a hard time getting two places for the first time. Lin was really hurt by Wang Lei. Today, I’m afraid he is really going to go wild.
And it doesn’t matter that Lin Dong smiled. He knew that winning the quota successfully also made his position in Lin Fan’s heart rise to the level of Lin Langtian’s juxtaposition. Now he talks about what resources he wants from terror. Lin Fan will do it for him with all his strength.
Because Lin Fan is also white, this is the same as investment. When the time comes, Lin Dong can perform in the Hundred Dynasties War and is finally valued by the super sects, these investments will be returned one thousand times.
Moreover, in order to make Lin Dong remember Lin clan, Lin Fan will try his best to protect Yan Cheng from any harm after Lin Dong leaves in the future, which is also what Lin Dong needs so that he can leave the Great Yan Dynasty at ease.
Both of them are white and have their own needs.
All right, everyone, this year’s selection knot has been presented.
At this time, Mo Jing’s eyes are also looking at the people, and then his eyes are set off in Lin and paused. In the previous Wang Lei’s subsequent party, he clearly saw that Lin’s eyes didn’t even panic at all, and he was still able to calm down in the face of nirvana. This is really not an ordinary generation.

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