"Don’t say that bitch, I’ll send you home." Zhu Xiaoxuan said angrily.
Chi Yao looked at her face. "Wood will pick me up later."
"Oh, I forgot." ZhuXiaoXuan rubbed his hair, and his forehead ached because of Yufeng’s little anger.
"I don’t think you look well. Why don’t you go back and rest first?"
"Um … I can’t. I have to watch you install the car." Zhu Xiaoxuan stubbornly said that the incident of Chiyao being robbed gave her a great blow. She once blamed herself for losing Chiyao because of her own mistakes. She must not make the same mistake again.
Chi Yao saw that she was so persistent that she followed her until Jingmuyun’s car came. Zhu Xiaoxuan looked at Chi Yao’s car and was relieved to "Xiaoxuan, be careful when you go home. If you can’t, let Yufeng send you back."
"I won’t call him" ZhuXiaoXuan waved at her "go"
Jing Muyun was driving and suddenly asked, "What happened to them?"
"Quarrel Bai" Chi Yao sighed slightly "Do you want to take care of Yufeng? If you go like this, they will break up sooner or later"
"Yufeng has been busy going abroad recently, and it is estimated that Zhu Xiaoxuan has been ignored. Don’t worry, they will handle it themselves and they are not children." Jingmuyun comforted.
"I hope so."
When they got home, Xiaojing Yao was still sleeping. Chi Yao looked at her and tried the temperature with her hand on her forehead. Then she walked out of the nursery softly.
"Eve has given Xiaoyao a score."
Xiao Jingyao was unexpectedly independent for six months, and she was slowly weaned.
Chi Yao sat on the sofa, chatting and leafing through the scene. Muyun sat beside her. Adam and Eve were cooking in the kitchen. Everything seemed very warm, but it didn’t take long for Chi Yao to get a little interesting. He picked up his mobile phone to play.
Since Weibo rose rice points and kept rising every day, Chi Yao will visit Weibo from time to time to see what is new.
But what’s the matter with the number of messages she found when she was a little bit Weibo?
It’s drizzling. Your Majesty, please go and see Hua Xiao’s green tea bitch Weibo. It’s so irritating!
Naive, this is the first time I’ve seen such a mouth, bitch!
Kick my ass! I can’t stand that bitch Hua Xiao!
Am I cute, Queen? I support you!
It’s all insulting Hua Xiao, which arouses Chi Yao’s curiosity. What happened? Chi Yao strangely ordered Hua Xiao Weibo to see it and then frowned slightly. Hua Xiao released a talk at 3: 20 in the afternoon.
I’m not saying that marrying a soldier should at least be responsible for others. You can’t stop having children just because it’s a military marriage. Otherwise, don’t occupy such a good man and don’t give up! (smiling face)
Ps, I’m the commander!
This talk was also replied to several messages. Chi Yao looked at the base, all of which were on his side. Mi Fensi Hua Xiao seemed to have never thought that this talk would cause so many people to watch and insulted himself for a while, and then he sent another talk at 5: 30.
I told you, I’m the commander. What’s with the spray? It’s all Chi Yao, you trumpet! (supercilious look) poke at the center. Are you angry from embarrassment? !
I don’t know if it’s because I’m afraid of provoking the boss, Hua Xiaofa. There is no Aite in these two articles.
Anyway, Chi Yao is very grateful for these rice splitters who maintain themselves … There seems to be more than half of Jingmuyun rice splitters inside.
Chi Yao intends to drop the page and ignore it, but the mobile phone disappears from his hand and looks up to see that Jing Muyun has robbed his mobile phone!
"What do you do?"
"… have what good-looking" ChiYao white his one eye.
"well, watch"
Chi Yao can’t grab his mobile phone, so he just leans against Jing Muyun’s thigh and touches Chi Yao’s soft hair. After watching the mobile phone for a while, he frowned. "Hua Xiao …" He has the impression that it seems that Chi Yao is also her to live with him.
I have to say, this woman really owes her mouth!
"You don’t break my phone." Chi Yao felt that her tight muscles were worried and said.
"Are we short of a Zhang Jiafu?" Jingmuyun suddenly asked
"Huh?" Chi Yao is a little strange. Looking at him, there is something wrong.
Jing Muyun pulled Chi Yao up and outlined a smile. "Come on, let’s go and take a family photo."
Chi Yao doubts when he pushed the nursery Jingmuyun high-handed directly to Xiaojingyuao to hold up. Xiaojingyuao was sleeping soundly, and it was very uncomfortable to be suddenly awakened. He looked at Jingmuyun with a pair of domineering big eyes.
"What should my daughter do to wake her up when she sleeps well?"
"family happiness"
Chi Yao suddenly turned white after a slight thought. "You don’t want to expose Xiaoyao, do you?" See JingMuYun nodded ChiYao immediately shook his head and refused to "exposure … bad" network so many people and complicated one thousand if anything happens …
"Don’t worry, Xiaoyao data has been blocked."
"That’s …"
"Don’t you want to give our daughter a birthright?" Jing Muyun said
Where didn’t she give her daughter a birthright? Oh, exposure in front of everyone is a name? What logic is this!
"Yi Ya!" Xiao Jingyao was very upset that she was moving in Jing Muyun’s hand. After all, she woke up but didn’t let her do anything. Xiao Jingyao expressed anger!
"You see my daughter agreed?"
She was yelling!
Finally Jing Muyun called Adam and asked him to give them a Zhang Jiafu.
"Wait for milk tea …" Chi Yao suddenly thought of something and immediately shouted the name of milk tea.
In a short time, milk tea came running excitedly from the second floor with its big tail swinging. Considering the height of milk tea, Jingmuyun and Chi Yao squatted down together and held Xiaojingyao with a big ancient shepherd sitting in front of them.
"A little smile" Jingmuyun gently coaxed.
"eyah!" Xiaojing remote response is facial expression.
"…" I really don’t give noodles.
Section 219
Jing Muyun can’t make Xiao Jingyao laugh with her, but the family’s face value is so high that even if Xiao Jingyao’s expression is found out, it will still look good. A little domineering is revealed in Meng Meng Da, but it is very similar to Jing Muyun!
Jing Muyun brought the mobile phone to Chi Yao, and he wanted to send it to Weibo himself, but he didn’t expect that he bought his mobile phone.

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