At this time, the people under the bed climbed up.
Xiaoxiao quietly ran to the door to pay early sleeping Xiaotian carrying it a pair of small ears waved the quick executive.
Xiaotian reluctantly yawned with a pair of mouse eyes, sniffed at the door with his nose, and said lazily to the right.
Push the door a little, and Xiao Xiao will run to the right as quickly as possible after confirming the person.
towards the left
Turn right
In Xiaotian, I pointed out Xiaoxiao’s seven turns and went around Duan Yunyantai Palace.
When I saw a fork in the road in front of me and wanted to ask Xiaotian, I saw the fake top of the mountain suddenly darting into a dark place. Xiaotian mama, when she rolled from Xiaoxiao’s shoulder, she died and drilled into the grass.
Aim at
Evil cat
Xiaoxiao was in a hurry to recover and followed Xiaotian Xiaotian who got into the grass and held up the sound.
One big, one small and two small things are quite fast and soon disappeared.
Small days
Xiaoxiao’s hands and feet have just climbed the grass, and then a touch of white shakes in front of him, and then a tall figure slowly approaches with a low voice full of magnetism and a lazy banter like a new one. Wang said that you can’t escape from the palm of the king’s hand.
Xiaoxiao suddenly looked up and blinked, and Duan Yi sank.
Ghosts are like evil beauty. A man evokes his thin lips and corners of his mouth with a deep smile. A white suit shines in the moonlight.
Xiaoxiao calmed down and patted the dirt. Why are you here?
He is waiting for you with a coquettish smile.
When I wait, she looks up and seems to want to see his true meaning.
Duan Yi’s eyebrows sank, and Shu Er’s little trick near her father’s second brother was not enough to enter my eyes. The charm lifted one side of the lip corner and gently raised my hand. Xiao Xiao froze in the ground and could not move his mouth. A pair of big eyes stared at him with anger.
Shit, she hates acupuncture
Smiling fingers caressed her cheek and then hugged her stiff.
At this moment, a willow leaf flew out with a sharp offensive, and Duan Yi sank his eyes and leaned over to avoid it.
Almost at the same time, a plain figure fell.
I can’t see the outline of his facial features clearly, but it makes people see things in a blur. It’s light, ethereal, elegant and extraordinary, distorted and arrogant.
Xiao Xiao’s eyes shine at the moment, but he can open his mouth when he wants to talk, but his eyebrows are smiling.
Duan Yi heavy YinZhi eyes locked his cold charm smile, it seems that you already know.

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