Very good. Sheng Tengyuan Ji Han, you two have made great contributions. When I capture Yuan Ye, I will reward you well. The eyes of the middle-aged people in purple robes are bright and they look at the hall. A dozen generals in shining armor have a deep cold voice again. You all remember that today, after Yuan Ye’s work is completed, everyone will be rewarded, but if anyone dares to say a word, I will let him die. Is that clear?
It’s the three regiments, and more than a dozen shining generals are devoting themselves at the same time. These people are all shining in the future of SanJunTuan and Fourth JunTuan.
The purple robe middle-aged and will look to JiHan ChengTengYuan that eyes of judah will be crazy beast generally terrible JiHan ChengTengYuan a legion a legion is not others.
Three heads, what should we do in vain? Don’t worry, Ji Han Sheng Tengyuan is also devoting himself quickly.
Good. You all go back. I, the fourth colonel, have something important to discuss.
It’s this shining golden general who, although thinking something in his heart, doesn’t dare to hesitate at all. Everyone is far away from Sheng Teng and Ji Han also looks at each other and bows down.
General Ji Han, who is Lu Qian and what? As soon as the two heads saw the memory image, they were convinced that the guy was Yuan Yeyi, a great hall, and Sheng Tengyuan asked sadly
I’ve heard of Lu Qian. Isn’t Long Xian Island stationed on the third floor of Wan Zunxing? One of them is a great statue of nine, and he is Lu Qian. But this guy is far away from us in ideal city. We haven’t seen him. But several heads of this army need information at any time. Later, Lu Qian was besieged by Yuan Ye with other forces. Didn’t you say that he was defeated by others and let the world give it to him?
Oh, it’s no wonder that when the two heads saw Lu Qian, they were convinced that the guy was Yuan Ye, and Sheng Tengyuan suddenly turned white.
Hum, it’s a big credit to find Yuan Ye. Feng Bin Mary, these two guys forget about us, but they don’t want to tell the duke that the second head of the city wants to take the credit for himself. You are also the second head of the city. Feng Bin Mary won’t believe us, but Ji Han is unwilling at this time.
What can we do? The second head of the duke is dead. We can’t inform them. Sheng Tengyuan is also wronged.
Hey, let’s take it one step at a time. I hope the duke can come back soon. Then Yuan Yeyong’s world is not so easy to deal with Ji Han and walk away directly.
Hall at this time, the head of the three armies of Chihu City, Feng Bin, and the head of the four armies, Mary, are also very excited. Both of them are robbers and control almost half of Chihu City’s troops. They are husband and wife, and the benefits in Chihu City are great.
Brother Bin Yuan Ye, that guy has really reached the realm of respect for human beings. I’m afraid the two of us may not be able to kill him for such a big event. Do you want to inform the duke Zhangxianghui so as to be more sure? At this time, Mary will choose her husband.
Tell them what to do Hum Yuan Ye, he holds the world, if he really wants to hide in it, don’t say that he Jiang Xing Zhang Xianghui is the three island owners. I’m afraid it can’t break the defense of the world. That’s the three treasures of the Buddha in those days. Well, we told them not to inform them, and the credit was not much worse. On the contrary, it was necessary for two more people to share Feng Bin’s face with ferocious color. Chapter 1756 One blow will kill him.
Chapter 1756 A blow will kill
Don’t forget that those two guys, Jiang Xingzhang Xianghui, are guarding the treasure and preparing to give it to the three island owners after it is formed. That’s also a great contribution. But have they thought about us for such a great contribution? Well put it mildly, they shut us down and let our Lord Chihu City have a big event. They are unkind to us. Why should we take them?
Then let’s inform the three island owners now that Mary’s eyes are narrowed
No, that Yuan Ye shouldn’t have thought that he would be recognized, otherwise he wouldn’t be an idiot and go to a restaurant in Chihu. He wouldn’t be very defensive. Maybe the two of us can sneak attack and kill him before he enters the Mijie. None of us will tell Feng Bin that they can kill Yuan Ye and seize Mijie. This credit is not a simple tip-off.
But he’s a real man, and I’m afraid the two of us have little chance of success. Mary frowned.
It’s nothing if he fails, even if he can’t get the strength of the two of us, he can be forced into the world. Once he enters the world, we can’t resist him, but the world is also moving. We can always find the world statue slowly. Then we will take the world to inform the three island owners. Although this credit is better than not killing Yuan Ye and taking the world, it is better than a hundred times.
Brother Bin, do you still want Zhou to hear Feng Bin’s idea? Mary suddenly became bright.
Well, let’s go. There are few people in Chihu City. Since he can achieve this goal, it is not difficult for us to find him. At this time, Feng Bin nodded at Mary and left the hall directly.
It’s so easy for Yuan Yelu to walk around Chihu City. It’s also very comfortable for Yuan Ye to walk around Chihu City and watch the buildings in Chihu City return to the refining field.
My Lord, we’re just walking. In case two shining golden ties come to retaliate just now, Lu Qian is still a little insecure at this time.
I mean, don’t worry. I was able to kill a statue in Manhexing domain when I was wandering in the world of amitabha. At that time, I didn’t absorb sarira, which was also a big statue and a ten-turn primary school. But now I have finished absorbing sarira and integrating it to reach a big statue and ten-turn peak four, and it should not be difficult to deal with a robbery. Even if the four statues of Chihu City come over at the same time, I have several kinds of treasures with double promotion. They can’t chase after Yuan Ye’s evil smile. They are all weak and can easily push me around. I can be
Suddenly Yuan Ye’s body shook his ability to control heaven and earth, and he immediately felt the breath of two people, even though he was vague, just like when he met Mulinsen, Mulinsen could vaguely feel his presence and he could also vaguely feel Mulinsen’s presence.
In front of Yuan Ye, these two men are a purple-robed middle-aged man with a cold face and a colder face than individuals, so they walk in the street and even the people around them can’t help but pull the distance.
And behind Yuan Ye is a girl in purple, who looks young and weak, and walks slowly with a black head and hips.
It seems that the two men walked forward in tandem at the same time.
Lu Qian, you advanced to the world. Two people came to me. Yuan Ye couldn’t help laughing at the corner of his mouth.
It’s the adults who are hesitant when they hear that people come to Lu Qian. He is not qualified to intervene in the level war of people.
Lu Qian suddenly disappeared into the underground street, so a few people suddenly disappeared now, but somehow the surprise did not cause too much commotion. Yuan Ye also pretended not to know that he was just walking.
At the moment, the three of them have met less than 300 meters, and Yuan Ye is on the road.
Li, when you look at my gesture, you must try not to give him a chance to respond. The purple middle-aged Feng Bin in front is facing him. Ma Liling knows the sound and the sound. Anyone who has this ability to control heaven and earth can do it. After all, your mind can easily observe each other’s every move, but it can also be carried out with each other, and this root can’t be eavesdropped.
Well, if you don’t give him a chance to enter the world, you, Mary, will be in vain
Three distances are closer again. Feng Bin Mary has no hands and Yuan Ye has no hands.
The distance between the three people is close again, and Feng Bin Mary’s energy accumulation has reached the critical condensation point. He needs to reach the best position, so he can move his strongest move at any time. The greatest power suddenly Feng Bin suddenly turned to look at Yuan Ye’s eyes as if a sharp arrow had pierced Yuan Ye’s heart.
Hum, in the face of this sudden explosion of naked killing, Yuan Ye is also cold-hum, secretly gathering strength by himself, and finally no longer hides it at this moment.
in a grand fashion
Feng Bin Mary suddenly burst into terror energy-one purple and one blood red-and their center was crazy and filled with energy in all directions. The streets were cracked, and the number of buildings collapsed and rubble collapsed. Hundreds of shoppers in the distance all exploded.
Fiona Fang is nearly 1000 meters away, and even the weakest person is badly hurt. Obviously, the energy control of Feng Bin Mary is very good, and the power can reach its maximum.
A purple shadow and a blood-red shadow rushed to Yuan Ye at the same time, and Yuan Ye was also a personal sword with khaki energy. He generally rushed in the direction. He didn’t fight with these two people, but fled to avoid their attacks.
The top three just passed by, and Feng Bin Mary’s strongest attack didn’t do anything.
You knew we were going to attack you. Feng Bin’s face suddenly turned ugly.
Nonsense, there are only four people in Chihu City. How can they all come shopping so coincidentally, and they caught me in the middle? But I was surprised that two little generals in shining armor taught me a lesson and could move two people to respect their hands. Their faces are really big. Yuan Yewei smiled and looked at them.
It’s not that they are big, it’s that you are big. You said that the world value is not worth our hands, but Mary smiled.

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