Long Yin was doomed not to be cold at this time. Ye Jiaxin said seriously that since General Ye did not agree with me, he also promised to speak. At the same time, Lin Kuang, who was sitting opposite Ye Wei, gave a wink with a curl of his eyes.
Crazy Lin immediately got up slowly and said, General Ye is eager to protect his daughter. This is the father’s share, but I have to say a few words.
Don’t talk about it. Ye Wei interrupted his words with a calm face and no mercy. Even if you kneel here and beg me, I won’t promise to marry my daughter.
Lin Kuang-chi didn’t get angry, but he sighed a little. General Ye, an old wife and daughter, was in a complete mood, but General Ye didn’t want to listen to a few words from the old wife or didn’t spit. General Ye should calm down and think about the possibility that Kwai Shuiguo’s true wind has fallen to the windy country, and the sword god’s predecessors have been away from the world for a long time. If the windy country is on guard against a big March in our country, what is the possibility of it being blocked by our Tianlong country?
Ye Wei’s eyes narrowed with a gloomy tone, and the ambition of others destroyed his prestige. No wonder your Lins were always the defeated side in the battlefield. You were crazy about Lin, but I, Ye Wei, were not afraid of him, so I killed less. My Ye family will never fall in one day.
General Ye agreed not to diminish General Ye Lao. In those days, all the ministers gave high-fives and sighed, and the momentum was also praised in his heart. No wonder this determination can lead Ye Jiajun to overcome obstacles and overcome obstacles.
Who said that my Lins were afraid of my madness? Although I could, I never had a deserter on the battlefield. Will my madness be afraid of the windy country? I am afraid that the old man is not afraid of the windy country, but of the suffering of the common people and the dragon country. I am afraid that my Millennium foundation, the dragon dynasty, will really be destroyed. Don’t you really have any fear? Don’t you really know how big it is possible for us to win the dragon country if the windy country fights?
You don’t say anything anymore. Even if I die, I will never bow to the windy country. It is even more impossible for me to marry my daughter to a windy country. Ye Wei’s face is blue and he sees that Ye Wei’s lips are trembling slightly. I know that Lin’s crazy words have greatly touched him. When I don’t say a word, I will start next to him.
General Ye Lin’s madness is another yell. He looks very excited for five years. It’s not so important for me to have a dragon country even for five years. Feng Tai, this requirement is not to humiliate you, but to have mercy on me for five years. You can also order five years to strengthen the country and defend the foreign enemy. If you want to take my dragon country again, it will not be so easy for you to save my dragon country with a simple sentence.
Ye Wei shivered, gritted his teeth, and the veins stood out, but he didn’t say a word. Lin Kuang’s every word hit his heart. He didn’t know that Lin’s wild words were true, but he could get five years. Even if he was immediately smashed to pieces, he hesitated, but he married his daughter into a windy country, which made him feel worthy of Ye Shuiyao.
General Ye, your Ye family has been loyal for generations, and you are willing to shed your blood to protect the country. You have to promise that your daughter will go to Toffee instead of slave. Toffee will enjoy all the glory in ten years and decades, and it will be a mother of the country forever. General Ye is safe in Tianlong country. Please promise me.
Lin frantically knocked over his front desk and rushed to Ye Wei’s desk, plopping heavily and kneeling on the ground. His eyes were already full of tears, shouting that the old man knelt down for you. Please promise me that the Millennium foundation of Tianlong country can’t be destroyed.
Lin crazy heart that hate, some time ago, just to the leaves home junior knelt down, and now his mother knelt down for him, too wronged.
Plop is a white-haired veteran followed by kneeling in front of Ye Wei and shouting for General Ye to promise to save Tianlong from danger.
Those who are usually inclined to the Lins in the infighting between Ye Jialin’s family kneel in front of Ye Wei, and even a few of them follow Ye Weishen for a long time before they calm down. His first thought at this time is Ye Chen, who will be able to solve the matter perfectly here. No matter how many people are tempted to speak, how difficult it is for him to refute the dumb speech. It is always easy to complete this father in his hands. Although he is rare, he has been silently praising him and proud of it.
Yes, he is far away from Tianlong City at this time.
He just held his horses and looked equally heavy. Zhuge Yi and his wife have been his best friends and confidants since childhood. When Zhuge Yi saw him, he shook his head and sighed, Brother Ye, let’s talk it over with his master. It’s really not impulsive, but I won’t object to your choice.
Ye Wei nodded his head, his eyes closed, and he was very upset. When he opened his eyes, he was still kneeling in front of the group of people who refused to get up in the bitter struggle. Even the emperor didn’t speak all the time. He looked at him with hidden hope. He looked at his face coldly and calm. Fengling suddenly got up and quickly left the banquet hall, and he didn’t ask Long Yin for a long time.
Chapter 167 Worth it
Father, what should we do? Is it true that Ye Wei’s face is heavy and his heart is even heavier? He is so sad that he can hardly breathe. He would rather face a hundred strong winds alone than endure this kind of mental suffering.
In ancient times, there were countless precedents for asking the two countries to marry princes and daughters for a while, and it was even more common to marry a general and daughter. However, the Ye family was different, and it was loyal to the country for generations and killed several windy people. It can be said that the main purpose of his Ye family is to resist the windy country now. If the Ye family was forced to marry the windy country, it would be unacceptable and ironic for the Ye family.
Ye Shuiyao will never be bullied by others. Although Ye Shuiyao has been closed for many years, fathers and daughters has become silent, but after all, he is his only daughter. How can he bear to see her married into the windy country?
Ye Wei stayed up all night at the dinner last night, and now he looks exhausted and tired. He said that yesterday’s dinner was from the fierce ambition of Kwai Shui Guo to the current situation of Gale Guo. When he finished his conditions, he gave Ye Fu Ye Fu a few words, except that he just couldn’t hide his shock. Later, he didn’t say a word. When Ye Wei said everything, Ye Fu’s body was stiff and Shi Jing sat there without saying a word.
Father, what should we do? He asked again, looking as if he had suddenly become old. Father Ye Wei knew that his mood must be as heavy as his own.
You will ask that you have a tendency in your heart, and the choice is that you can’t speak, so you can face it more. You want to hear me, and your mouth is getting old and your voice is still a little dull.
Ye Wei heart jump nasty way but father
Don’t try to resist Ye nu’s raising his hand to interrupt him, saying that you are 40 years old and no longer a young man, and you are past the age of indecision and impulsiveness. Although this abandonment makes us painful, is it worth it?
Ye Wei stayed for a while and sighed and sat down in the chair opposite Ye nu.
I, Tianlong Country and Gale Country, will have World War I sooner or later, but it shouldn’t be now. I have been planning for 20 years, but I am ready to launch a large-scale attack when no one expected it. I have gradually lost my vigilance in the past 20 years. At this time, I am preparing for the water country. If I fight at this time, I hope that Tianlong Country will win as much as I hope in the future.
Ye Wei
Five years is enough to rewrite the fate of my country, Weil. Since I was a child, I have taught you how to prepare for the enemy and let you go to the battlefield regardless of your mother’s opposition.
It’s guarding Tianlong country, guarding me. Ye Jia Rong Yao, without Tianlong country, there would be no me. Ye Jia can’t let those fierce wolves set foot on an inch of Tianlong country and take away my land. Ye Wei clearly read the same words. When he was very young, his grandfather said that his father said that he couldn’t forget it.
That’s right, Tianlong Kingdom was destroyed in my Ye family’s generation. Ye family’s efforts and unswerving beliefs will all go up in smoke. Ye family will turn into historical dust. We will also go all day long. Ye family sinners will face the grave after their death, watching our ancestors live in exchange for all this. Will it be worth it? Ye nu’s hands cling to the left and right armrests of the chair, and his fingers will almost get caught up in it? At first glance, Ye Wei said that his heart is surging with hate and pain, which is by no means less than Ye Wei’s, but after all, he is an old man
It is worth Ye Wei holding his head hard to squeeze two words through his teeth.
I don’t know how many years he hasn’t paid attention to his daughter. Maybe a little longer, he will forget himself. This daughter has a mouth in the face of Ye Shuiyao.
I know something that you, a father, can’t say, or I, a grandfather, can say.
Ye nu got up and walked with heavy steps. Ye Wei looked at him and looked lonely and old. There was a sour feeling in his nose. He knew that his father’s heart would not be less bitter than his. At first, he left the old man in the cold wind for two days and two nights, and the stone carving generally did not move. Although he was serious and stuffy at ordinary times, he always kept his heart in his heart. At this time, he was going to persuade a person with Ye’s blood to leave Ye’s family forever and marry to a windy country. He should be suffering from the feeling of cutting his heart.
Ye Shuiyao’s yard is always very quiet, and there is not a girl in the yard. Ye nu stood for a long time at the entrance of the yard before he walked in lightly.
Depicting a white lotus leaf, Shuiyao heard footsteps, eyebrows lightly bouncing, didn’t look up and asked coldly.
Has walked to the door of Ye nu footsteps and then gently pushed the door.
A faint daughter’s fragrance came face to face, and the simple layout of the room also appeared in front of him, which brought him the only feeling that he was strange. He had forgotten when he came to his granddaughter’s room, always a long time ago.
Ye Shuiyao finally looked up to see Ye Nu slightly stunned and then got up and calmly shouted to Grandpa.
Ye nu nodded and slowly walked in and looked at every corner here. Although Yao Er lives in the same home every day, Grandpa really hasn’t come to see you for a long time. Is it Grandpa?
Ye Shuiyao poured a cup of green tea and put it in the grandpa who is closest to Ye Nu. Sit down.
She is still so cold, even when facing her grandfather, her expression is still inertia and stiff, and she can hardly see the emotional color beating. Ye nu has always wondered what made her become this in the family atmosphere of Ye Jia.
Ye nu shook his head and motioned not to sit down. He opened his mouth, but it was awkward. Instead, he said, Yao Er, can grandpa tell me what you usually do here and stay in your room for a long time, and you should often walk around?
Looking at the painting, Ye Shuiyao answered succinctly. Before she answered, she painted a love, but now it is also a love, but it has changed radically and turned to a dangerous direction.
Oh, I looked angrily at the thick paper covered with the table and smiled. Can you show grandpa your painting? It must be exquisite. Your grandmother painted the same painting when she was alive, but I didn’t appreciate it until she went, but I could look at her painting to recall her life.

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