200,000 people roll around at the tip of a knife and spend their days as people who have been baptized by death. No one will know what this concept is, but these people have received regular military training and may be able to destroy a million troops of a country in an instant.
Night maple stood on the wall and looked at the distance. It was dark. One person sneered contemptuously at one hundred and twenty thousand people, and two hundred thousand people made the old man angry again.
Ye Feng didn’t think wrong. When he was in the Elves, the hundreds of thousands of orcs were just settled in a few seconds. But at that time, Ye Feng didn’t get a warning from the protoss. Earlier, he got a message from Xianer. Now he is afraid to be presumptuous. I hope the protoss doesn’t know everything, Ye Feng thought bitterly.
The rescue Eldar people in the west have also come. Among them, all the female Eldar heads and others are happy. It seems that they can’t wait to see the night maple flying to the wall from far away, and so do other dozen women.
Big brother, Hehe, Shile is like a child. When he sees Ye Feng, his face is full of joy and he jumps into Ye Feng’s arms and scatters his jiao.
Why are you here? Ye Feng patted his arms on Twelve Music.
Yaqi said that he was uneasy when he didn’t see the boss. When he received the magic letter, he hurriedly called the Eldar clan chiefs to call someone. Later, he said that this time he brought 5,000 Beamont beasts and 5,000 Eldar warriors, which I believe should be helpful.
By reading your novel, I’m so disgusting. I’m not a glass. Yaqi kicked me and died.
Beside the plug words the duke heard Beamont beast monster looked at night maple shouted what five thousand Beamont beast.
The manager laughed at the sound of it. Seriously, when he heard the night maple talking about Beamont beast, his expression was even more exaggerated than that of the duke. He froze for several minutes, but then it was common to imagine that night maple was a freak doing something, but after all, he still knew that he had destroyed the orc so sensational.
The manager smiled and pulled a duke to explain, well, the night maple is to kill the orcs. He does strange things, which is also very common. Don’t make a fuss.
After listening to the manager’s explanation, the duke stared at the night maple with wide eyes, but in his eyes, he admired and thought that the orcs were destroyed in front of him, but he didn’t hear and see the real person with his own ears, and he wouldn’t believe it even if he was killed.
Twelve music saw the duke still looking at the night maple and lying in the arms of the night maple, and said, why don’t you believe in the strength of big brother? Do you want to give it a try and ruin the city?
The duke was startled when he heard twelve happy words. He hurriedly waved his hand and said, No, I admire, I resent and I don’t believe it.
Daughters giggled when they saw the tension of the duke. Er Le said, Sister, don’t scare the duke’s adult. Don’t talk and kill, which will not pay more for your identity.
Twelve le du pouted and said, oh, second sister, we are thieves. I really can’t figure out what’s wrong with killing people
Sanle also joined in the debate. Are you Xiao Ni who can’t even control your second sister? Please fight, right?
Night maple watched them start a war of words again, gently pushed her arms to say goodbye to Twelve Music, and then made the Elves come and help us. Let’s thank the family in the past.
In fact, this is because of one thing and another, that is, cold Wei Er’s eyes are very dissatisfied when she looks at Ye Feng. Cold Wei Er’s eyes are full of bitterness and unwillingness, while little Ya Ya is poor and disappointed, and tears are rolling in her eyes.
Night maple pulled up little Ya Ya and touched her soft hair, sighed slightly and said to Yue Xiaohui, Thank you for your help this time.
Xiaohui hurriedly waved her hand nervously and said, Brother Feng, you have saved my family and tens of thousands of lives. We all don’t know how to thank you. You will make me feel uneasy.
Yue also said, Yes, Brother Feng, please don’t mention it any more. Our family owes you so much.
Ok, Ye Feng waved and said, Let’s go again. I really regret saving your Eldar. Let’s go and take me to your clan chief.
Night maple finished casting a super wind magic to take away the main duke together.
I’m sorry for what happened to the young people. As soon as everyone fell, the Eldar clan chiefs apologized to Ye Feng. At that time, when the clan chiefs heard that Yue Xiaohui had saved the clan, they realized that they had made mistakes in the room that day. After thinking about it, they were shocked and sweated. If they really angered him, wouldn’t they have killed tens of thousands of people?
If it’s okay, don’t go there again. The night maple pulled up the manager and the duke said, this is the manager of the tiger mercenary group and this is the duke of this city. Thank you for your help this time, otherwise I believe no one can hold up the hundreds of thousands of people.
The heads of the fathers laughed. I think these Beamont beasts are not enough. Do you want to call more other Warcraft?
Ye Feng said that you have made up your mind with the head of the duke. No, my heart is about winning or losing.
When I heard this, I was most concerned about the head of the city, but it was not good for me. That was the stupidest person, and what’s more, at this time.
The duke said to the patriarch, I also call you patriarch. Let me analyze the current situation first. The tiger mercenary group has only over 10,000 troops and my city guard has almost 100,000 people, and the other 400,000 people have seen this situation. There is no doubt that the city will be occupied by the other party when it comes to fighting.
The patriarch also understood the duke’s words. There is no unnecessary nonsense. Well, I will summon another 10,000 magic wolves and 3,000 magic dragon. Well, duke, do you think this number is enough?
Everyone in magic dragon lost their call. The duke first asked magic dragon, didn’t the war disappear hundreds of years ago? How can you summon magic dragon?
The patriarch looked at everyone and said, "Hehe, Duke, you said it was disappearing. Disappearing is not the same as extinction. The war hundreds of years ago was so cruel that they all felt bloody and hid."
Although this explanation can’t satisfy everyone, everyone is not interested in magic dragon, so there is such an expression.
That’s good. The chief of the clan said that I don’t know how long it will take to call the magic wolf magic dragon like this. When the other horse is coming, it can’t be dragged for a moment.
The heads of the fathers smiled at ease and said that it was not difficult to finish in ten minutes. Then a mercenary came to the manager’s ear and said a few words. The manager’s face immediately sank and was mixed with worry.
The duke guessed that things might have changed and just wanted to ask, but the manager said it first. The night maple brothers really let you be right. First, Colonel Li sent me to monitor other mercenary groups. They really moved and quickly came to less than ten kilometers from the city.
What? The duke lost his voice. What did you say?
The manager said that the top ten mercenary groups in mainland China have taken action and are ready to grab a copy.
This night maple unexpectedly came at the beginning. Night maple said to the Eldar clan chiefs, "Don’t summon the magic wolf magic dragon for the time being. Don’t bother our guests." Later, night maple said that this game is really more and more interesting. If they want to play, I will play with them slowly.
Daughters also know that the tiger mercenary group is in danger, but it seems that they don’t care at all at night, but their eyes are still risking a warm welcome to the enemy. I really don’t understand that he said in his heart
At this time, the main manager of the duke became a cat on hot bricks. What should I do? Oh, I’m really anxious. His grandmother saw that they usually don’t have everything, but now they are here. Is it really true that the main manager is so anxious that he even swears?
Night maple said, I’m here. What are you afraid of? They want to touch the water, but the mixed water has passed. Actually, the mixed water hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll let them touch who they see when they see it.
Night maple continued, quickly send someone to find out how many people they are coming. Even the Eldar beast is heading into the city toward the west gate. Don’t let Nagin find out that you are still calling the city’s gate to inform the city that Curie is well equipped with doors and windows, and the enemy should be prepared to prevent the attack on the wall. The members of the tiger mercenary group can’t let them enter the fighting state immediately except one.
Night maple breath said to listen to all the people one leng one leng night maple eye dew purple light shouted what are you doing here, hurry to prepare, do you want me to say it again?

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