Looking at the current stock market, it can be said that gold is everywhere. A year ago, a stock of several tens of dollars has been reduced to several dollars, which is a rare opportunity.
But now Yili is too cold and cheerless. If you look at the easy return, you will know that in Yili, 10% are made by two people. Yang Jiahui is quite proud of this environment. She filled out a few singles and went in to wait for the completion of the smoke. Say, hey, what do you think now?
Good, good, good. It’s all locked up. When 70% is wen’s hand, Zhang Jun said
Yang Jiahui asked with a smile not afraid to continue to fall.
Knowing that she was joking, Zhang Jun replied that if you look at the performance of the company’s net capital accumulation fund, you will know that it is really gold now.
Two people ha ha smile, although the two of them in the room are still in the process of falling, but they have really felt that the opportunity is coming, and a better opportunity than the seven-year market is coming. This is a moment to make Zhi Bixin.
In fact, every stockholder knows that the market was born in despair and ended in joy, but it is difficult for most people to be consistent. Many times, they think clearly, but they do things by feeling. However, it is another matter to do it. When the stock index is high, many people have seen the risks, but they are lucky enough to make them repeat their mistakes. Now, although the stock index seems horrible, there is no dangerous opportunity behind this horror.
After a while, the bell rang, and Jiahui reached for her mobile phone. It seemed that it was Master Miller’s boss.
Master, hello, Jiahui said first.
Jiahui, where are you now?
We are in the stock market.
I’ll go and you wait for me.
Jiahui giggled when she spoke. She told Zhang Jun that my master was coming. I guess she must have come to buy stocks, but she didn’t know what stocks he wanted to buy.
Then I’ll buy some from him, too
He is too long for you to hold.
Zhang Jun blinked and said with bedroom eyes that I would buy less and save it for my son’s wife.
Annoying, I don’t have a wife yet
Looking at her delicate appearance, Zhang Jun couldn’t help hugging her, then kissed her gently, and then turned around and said, I’m going to buy two bottles of water. It’s too hot this day.
Three bottles are annoying.
When he came back with mineral water in his hand, he found Mr. Miller already sitting in a chair, but he was still as fat and tall as before, and his short gray beard was still shining with a layer of oil on his forehead or shiny.
Master came to drink water. Zhang Jun said and handed over a bottle of Nongfu Spring.
thank you
Boss Miller has already made an account with Jiahui’s help at this time. Zhang Jun is curious to see him sitting next to him. He bought Changyu A, but he has more than 90 million yuan. How long will it take to buy all his chips? wait for a while is watching.
Boss Miller doesn’t seem to care about the size of the order. He quickly filled in the unit price according to Jiahui’s instructions. Zhang Jun looked at it. He filled in the order at the daily limit position and then directly scored 50,000 shares in the quantity. With these 50,000 shares to pay the bill, Changyu A suddenly rose like a rocket. Now Yi is very light. There is not much to pay on a disk, and there is not much to sell. In a short time, 50,000 shares have been lifted to the daily limit position in 53 yuan.
Miracle is now just a few minutes before Changyu A’s daily limit, other liquor stocks in the same sector also rose up. Kweichow Moutai Wuliangye and Tsingtao Brewery all rose sharply. At this time, the stock index also quietly attacked Zhang Jun and hurried back to its position. He also helped Jiahui to increase the purchasing power. Everything changed because Changyu A pulled it up.
This market seems to be activated, and it rises wave after wave, just like the tide. It is unstoppable, followed by the rise of liquor stocks, followed by the rise of food stocks, and finally the rise of a stock market.
Jiahui told Zhang Jun to stop Yi at this time. She glared at Miller’s boss and said, Master, you are so easy to hurt that I have to chase after high prices and buy.
What do you mean by a single transaction?

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