What discussion?
You and your father fight together. If your two fathers can take my ten moves, I’ll let Qingniu surrender and support the demon Lord who eats the heart. What do you think?
When Zhang Sheng finished, the hall suddenly fell into silence.
A long time before the Red Lion and the Lich King burst out laughing, pointing to Zhang Sheng and saying that this was true.
You a word recalled Zhang Sheng smiles to say
What do you think, Qingniu? The heart-eating old devil asked Qingniu.
Green cow said brightly, I agree.
Since you’re a little desperate, I’ll become you. Gee, you want our father to work together against you. You’re not qualified. The momentum of the Red Lion and the Demon King has changed, and there’s a soaring monster coming from him. Other monsters quickly stepped aside for fear of damaging their lives.
Tiansisi took a worried look at Zhang Sheng and was taken aside by Qingniu. When Qingniu saw Tiansisi’s worried eyes, she couldn’t help laughing and said, Fox, don’t worry. Zhang Sheng is a terrible person today.
This hall is very spacious. The Red Lion and the Lich King stepped forward a few steps. The distance is only a few meters away. He said grimly, since you want to die, you can’t blame the king.
Although your hand is Zhang Sheng, you can smile indifferently.
The red lion and the lich king’s right hand lit up with a red light. A black pike was now in his hand. The pike pointed forward and an arm beam rushed to Zhang Sheng.
This light contains a powerful need, and other monsters believe that Zhang Sheng will be seriously injured by this blow, but Qing Niu looks at his heart with expression and is full of confidence in Zhang Sheng.
Then things surprised the demons.
Zhang Sheng gave a hand and this light beam miraculously disappeared, leaving no trace and making these monsters horrified. However, Zhang Sheng had no strength at this time, and they didn’t even see clearly how Zhang Sheng held his hand.
The red lion demon king’s face changed dramatically, and his eyes kept flashing. The demon king lived for thousands of years, but his mind was careful and he guessed it in the blink of an eye. This human being was not able to cope with it, but he looked calm and the heart-eating old demon also looked slightly changed. A pair of mean eyes stared at Zhang Sheng tightly, and a strange need gradually surged up from him.
The Red Lion and the Demon King moved in his heart and said, You must be a fairy in the fairyland.
Zhang Sheng smiled and said, You guessed it. I am indeed a fairy.
Ah, a burst of surprise came from the mouth of those monsters, and at the same time, hostile and alert eyes converged on Zhang Shengshen, and the green cow also called a bad Zhang Sheng, who really shouldn’t admit his identity
The hatred of the demon world to the celestial world can not be resolved overnight. The old monster who eats the heart will certainly benefit Zhang Sheng, who is a fairy, and make a big fuss to provoke the contradiction between Zhang Sheng and other demon families. However, the old monster who eats the heart can sit quietly and watch the tiger fight and enjoy the benefits of the fisherman.
Sure enough, the heart-eating old demon suddenly sneered, and the green ox demon king had colluded with the celestial world.
The green cow’s face changed slightly, but Zhang Sheng still looked the same. It seems that I have long expected that the heart-eating old devil will say this.
You don’t have to be sweet-mouthed, old monster. I know Qingniu is in the human world. That’s me or a monk in the human world. It’s not a fairy. This time I came to the demon world to ease the contradiction between the demon world and the celestial world.
Slow down the contradiction, you, who are you? A cold hum from the heart-eating old devil.
Who am I? Zhang Sheng lowered his head with a flash of cold light in his eyes, and then he suddenly disappeared from the ground. In the alarm of all the demons, Zhang Sheng pressed his right hand and five fingers firmly on the head of the red lion demon king.
Your heart-eating old devil’s face has changed greatly, but you dare not make a move. However, he knows that Zhang Sheng’s strength is extraordinary. If he is good at it, the Red Lion Lich King will probably die in Zhang Sheng’s hands.
Zhang Sheng looked around and ha ha smiled and said that it was not Zhang who was bragging here. If I wanted to kill you, it would be easy, but I came to the demon world this time to solve the contradiction between the fairy world and the demon world. So many years ago, the fairy world did not do well in some places, but now we will never intervene in your demon world affairs, but this heart-eating old demon is indeed an exception.
This fellow practitioner The Hunger is a god of heaven and earth, but his practice is not something you can resist. In fact, this time, it is just this beast.
After Zhang Sheng finished speaking, his right hand showed a black light, and then the Red Lion and the Lich King screamed. The demons were horrified to find that this immortal was actually breathing and ruined the Red Lion and the Lich King and Yuan Shen. This kind of cultivation is so powerful that even though these monsters complained, they dared not speak at this time.
Heart-eating old devil was furious when he saw his son killed, but his face was still calm and did not dare to show the slightest strange color. This heart-eating old devil was just like steel, and he knew that he would be hit by thunder when he was distracted. Heart-eating old devil fought back his sadness and drank coldly. Good malicious means.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four The way to die
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four The way to die
Zhang Sheng laughed. It’s nothing.
You are determined to take care of our demon world, the heart-eating old devil asked hazily
Zhang Sheng shook his head and said, I don’t care about the demon world. I’m just getting rid of you, the heart-eating old devil. If you are smart, you can fix it and break up Dan. Maybe I can save your life and let you reborn.
Joke: The heart-eating old devil shouted The Hunger Day with a big drink.
A burst of black gas emerged from him and spread all over the palace in a very short time. A foul smell followed, and Zhang Sheng sneered and enveloped the hall with a wave of his hand.
Zhang Sheng laughed. Looking at the changing scenery in front of him, he shouted, "You’d better come, you old devil. Do you still need to hide?"
Gee, fairy fairy, you really have a lot of guts. The old demon figure emerged a little bit and fell dozens of meters in front of Zhang Sheng, looking at Zhang Sheng coldly.
The heart-eating old devil is full of poisonous gas and stinks. Zhang Sheng is surrounded by a black light to block these poisonous gases. After listening to the words of the heart-eating old devil, I can’t help laughing. I can kill you in an instant. What can I be afraid of?
Seeing Zhang Sheng’s face disdaining color, the heart-eating old demon is even more angry and grunted. It seems that you don’t know Fang The Hunger’s great work.
Oh, Zhang Sheng’s face is floating, Gherardini, and he said indifferently, I will let you attack.
The heart-eating old devil moved in his heart. Really?
I’m not a gentleman, but I won’t shirk what I just said. Zhang Sheng shrugged and laughed.
The heart-eating old demon’s face immediately recovered and he often tutted. I’ll let you see The Hunger’s work today.

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