Kouyi, you’re so disappointing. You didn’t even dare to try to suck my strength, did you? Yuan Ye stared at it because of practicing evil and became unlike people and ghosts. Kouyi’s face couldn’t help but smile. At this time, Yuan Yegen was not afraid of Kouyi’s tricks because he was ready to seize the absolute opportunity. If Kouyi dared to move first, it would be a fatal blow to Yuan Ye.
What? This move of mine forcibly absorbs the forces of heaven and earth around me, and violently attacks the forces of heaven and earth around me. What can you do with such a strong attack? Seeing the victory in front of you, Kouyi is extremely unwilling.
Hum, the power of heaven and earth around you, but I am the law of heaven and earth. My law power is not weaker than your various attributes. Yuan Ye sneers.
Kouyi, the power of law, seems to suddenly realize, and then his eyes are filled with a cry for Yuan Ye. It turns out that I am not your opponent at all. You let me go, and I, Yuan Ye, become you.
When I heard Yuan Ye’s words, Yuan Ye suddenly felt that Kouyi was not too ridiculous. Did you ever want to spare them when you killed Wei Shu and Kapok? Of course, many people died in my hands, and I am not a good thing. Now I want to add a guy named Kouyi to my killing list.
Sneer at Yuan Ye without hesitation, the sword in his hand is now a shock of golden shock wave.
The sword pierced Kouyi’s abdomen, and the turbulent firm but gentle rushed into Kouyi’s body directly and violently along the violent surge of the sword left by Wu Yi, wantonly destroying everything that could break words. Suddenly Kouyi’s personal body trembled violently, and at the same time, as the trembling body fell with blood in its mouth, bright colors printed on pale lips.
This moment is full of silence, 731, three to three.
Did this prehistoric peak confrontation finally end when thousands of miles of mountains in Fiona Fang were leveled?
At the same time, Yuan Ye struggled hard and finally gave KouYi a hard kick.
Kouyi’s body boomed and fell directly, then smashed into the rubble and hit the ground.
Poof! Suddenly Yuan Ye’s body was greatly shaken, and his armor was torn apart. At the same time, blood seeped through the crack. Soon Yuan Ye was shaking in the sky, and his face was flushed. The power of the five laws was almost his law. It was not a small load for Yuan Ye, but more important to kill Kouyi with the energy impact, which was the strongest energy impact.
What has gone far beyond the original Thunder Yuan Zun’s last trick to boom is also a desperate trick. What strength does Thunder Yuan Zun have? What strength does Kouyi have? The martial arts armor is stronger than the last one, and it is also overwhelmed. The artifact was destroyed. The body defense statue Yuan Yezun also almost killed him this time. It can be said that now Yuan Ye is worse than the situation of dzogchen’s World War I six months ago.
At this moment, ten thousand people paid attention to Yuan Ye’s shaky body, and it was difficult to hold himself steady. The gun was humming, but it didn’t respond.
Why can’t Yuan Ye, the soul of Kouyi, be frightened to disgrace? Even if the soul is broken, the three souls and seven souls are scattered and the death artifact can take the soul, but this soul is not so possible.
Jie Jie, he can’t make it. Suddenly, two insidious smile’s smiles just fell on the ruins. The mountain wall around suddenly exploded with black fog and black fog curled up, and immediately the figure was shrouded in black fog. Now everyone is watching.
The sudden change also surprised everyone present and immediately looked around in some confusion.
You three little reptiles have known you for a long time, but you have never been taken seriously. This change seems to have been as early as Yuan Ye’s expectation. Now Yuan Ye’s strength to kill three ordinary quasi-deities, dzogchen, is irrelevant, but now Yuan Ye has some difficulties in flying, which is really a big change.
Jie Jie, at ordinary times, we were afraid that a gust of wind would blow you down today, and we were afraid that you wouldn’t make it. In the past six months, we have been looking forward to a life-and-death fight between you two idiots. You really hooked one of them with a strange smile and then looked at the other two with a smile. Now it may be more stable for us to join hands and kill this man, but we have made great achievements and returned the black gun in his hand. Even the soul inside is enough to completely beat the passage.
Hey, hey, it’s said that this time we will completely beat the passage. Maybe the people will help us directly become local guards. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The hoarse voice lingers in the ears of everyone from the black fog that fills the air.
It seems that I was seriously injured in the passage. You are still running like dogs. Yuan Ye sneers.
Hum, don’t play dumb. Today, you will be dismembered. It seems that Yuan Ye poked you to a sore spot. The fog around the three people suddenly shook and shook, and a furious murder was intended. The figure in the black fog was gloomy and smiled, and then suddenly cold drink surrounded him.
It’s a pity that you three people don’t calculate, but it’s always a secret. Suddenly, the cold sound starts from the foot of Fengdu Mountain, and two Qianli figures suddenly fly, followed by a white unicorn.
Three ghosting images flashed and then directly stood in confrontation with each other. One of the three black robes was Duanmu Yunji Xu Ying, a little jerk. Today Duanmu Yunji has come true, and Xu Ying is still a little short of ice spirit. The little jerk is even more integrated with the relics of the beast and has been practicing in Daihao Pool for 40 years. The degree of cultivation in Daihao Pool is twice as fast as that of the outside world. That is to say, the little jerk has absorbed the relics of the beast for a hundred years, and Xu Ying is a few times worse than the strongest Kirin beast. Now the little jerk is even stronger than Duanmu Yunji. If it weren’t for Kouyi
You three finally know that Yuan Ye looked at the three people and smiled naively. His consciousness can now be three yellow guards, but now Duan Yunji and them can.
Roar, roar, roar, master, it’s amazing to avenge me, little bastard, growling and venting with anger.
Noisy, I want to start work. Why do you say so much nonsense? Kill this half-dead atmosphere first. A cold drink filled with murder suddenly sounded. Soon, one of the black and yellow guards suddenly swept the sky. In a few moments, it was close to Yuan Ye’s palm. When he held a dark palm print, it emerged. When the palm shook, it was with a gloomy and ruthless boom to Yuan Ye’s head.
The palm print just moved, and the cold hum was that a beautiful and moving image sounded in the ears of the yellow guards. Now the jade hand beside Yuan Ye went straight, and soon a light shot directly from a harp, and the strong force suddenly surged, and then the black palm print was scattered and then a light shot.
This ray of light seems to fly gently to the yellow robe man.
In the face of this seemingly weak force, the other person’s face is a dignified tiptoe, and a little virtual shape is a quick flash and a retreat. It will hide from the cruel eyes, but it is slow to see the hand. The other two people are also held back by the first arrival of a man and a beast. I didn’t have a chance to kill Yuan Ye by hand when I was in my heart, but I couldn’t help but scold him.
A blow repelled the yellow-robed bodyguard Duanmu Yunji, but stood beside Yuan Ye with cold eyes fixed on the yellow-robed bodyguard.
Duanmu Yun Ji’s white dress fluttered lightly, and the attractive figure was sketched as if it were looming, which was quite moving. Yingying held her waist and cooperated with those bright eyes, which made many people’s eyes sparkle with extraordinary splendour, so that the beautiful figure of the other side was in contrast to the evil spirit, I’m afraid.
And the yellow bodyguard looked at the sight of reversing the beauty of all beings, but he was particularly angry. He knew that his opponent’s strength was better than his own. She protected Yuan Ye’s base and it was difficult to sneak attack successfully. Thought of this, he had to look to the other two people, but seeing that one of them was crushed by the snow unicorn, and the other was that the fire property was strong and barely tied.
They are thirteen-attribute quasi-statue dzogchen, and the other one is Yuan Zun, one is stronger than Yuan Zun, and the other is not finished Yuan Zun, but they don’t have to be weak. After all, Yuan Zun is equivalent to fifteen-attribute quasi-statue dzogchen.
Damn it, the yellow guards are unwilling to roar.
How do you still want to kill me? Even without them, I have no power to face your siege. Yuan Ye looked at the unwilling yellow guards and sneered at them. Then he looked at a battlefield, but he saw that the strength of the little jerk artifact was greatly increased. Two huge mountains were printed and smashed into one of them. Every time I hit a big yellow guard, I trembled as if it were the end. He didn’t strike back and happeneth, and he immediately threw blood.
Little bastard’s physical strength is higher than Duanmu Yunji’s. With such strong strength and artifact, that yellow guard root is no match.
On the other side of the yellow guards face Xu Ying situation is much better.
Soul-eating moon blade
The yellow robe guards suddenly waved a very thin and thin black handprint that looked like a crescent moon, and it broke through and trembled and tore to the goal of pointing at Xu Ying.
Fire source burning
Xu Ying’s solemn expression immediately triggered a fire attack and saw a tiny red light shooting from her index finger, which condensed very straight into each other.
That a black palm print a little red light gently hit, but at the same time it disappeared as if it had never been the same, but for a while, tens of thousands of meters in Fiona Fang were shaking wildly.
The dreamy lens broke tens of thousands of meters and broke a huge black gap, which reached tens of thousands of meters in length and hundreds of meters in width. The huge crack suction was simply great to the extreme.

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