That is what mephistopheles is thinking at this moment.
Just now.
He was showing his majesty in hell when he was patrolling his territory, and several weak and resentful spirits wailed and tried to make holes.
Hell never stops boiling magma seems to stop.
Counting the crows in hell, regardless of their own impact on the thick and tough dimension of hell …
Mephistopheles came quickly.
It is also enlightened.
At the same time, my heart tears flow
A face of bitterness at the ancient mage.
He said he didn’t want to take over the earth.
And the result?
When holding it, Gem Gu went back and forth 500,000 times to ask him to take over the life and death of the earth.
He was forced
And the eyes …
It’s going to be a fucking ending
He hasn’t lived enough!
Just then!
A sonic boom, everything is quiet, and the world is clear.
Mark is also shocked by the movement around him.
What’s going on?
Will the world restart?
Or did that damn bald girl finally rub the beads?
Do I have to rub beads before my wedding?
What hatred? What hatred?
When Mark arrived and was about to question Master Gu Yi, his eyes were also fixed at the back of his fiancee’s head by one millimeter.
Right next to the ancient mage and mephistopheles involuntarily back half a step.
A thick black fog has been pouring out from around Mark.
Behind that foot, the white wing is looming
The projection of the gate of the underworld will …
Guyi was frightened.
Mephistopheles is constantly beating drums.
The ancient mage suddenly said, "Calm Mark."
"Calm down?"
Mark burst into laughter.
A ray of golden light flashed in his eyes.
Tell him to calm down?
Calm down. You coming?

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