"… and the other one?"
"I don’t remember clearly."
Mark gasped.
Has been sent back by Mark’s former angel wing, and Mai has also been disconnected.
This mark has an idea in his heart.
Finished calving.
I won’t let it go until I put myself in the pit, will I?
This name may be unfamiliar to the 30th Earth.
But krypton, the main universe here,
The name zod is named after Carl’s family.
If the Carl family symbolizes the most scientific family on Krypton,
So zod.
Is a symbol of krypton’s strongest force.
Just then.
Irina Kaptelova hugged Carla and Kate over there and said, "Wow, you all look great."
Say that finish
Irina Kaptelova’s eyes have moved to the window with his back to them.
Irina Kaptelova glanced at Kate and then looked at Carla and said, "Is your boyfriend?"
Carla covered her mouth and laughed and said, "This is Kate’s boyfriend. They are engaged."
Kate waved Irina Kaptelova’s finger at the flashing ring and then said "Mark, come here" to Mark with his back to them.
Mark really doesn’t want to
Maybe not.
So he turned around.
Irina Kaptelova look with something of curiosity.
Irina Kaptelova’s face changed
One second
After a sonic boom, Irina Kaptelova appeared directly in front of Mark like a phantom of the opera, and his right fist was directly broken and violently swung.
The fist broke into a loud noise that rang through the sky.
Mark’s figure flashed.
Instantaneous window Teng
Elizabeth is also flying after chasing.
Both Kara and Kate were stunned.
Chapter 536 Krypton destroy black hand
In the apartment
Kate and Carla were shocked, too.

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