Mark looked at his face full of elation and Justin sighed and said, "I’ll ask you to go to the federal jurisdiction as little as possible. If you want to die, you’d better die somewhere else. Don’t let me investigate your death case …"
This guy will be either shot by an angry husband or thrown into the Hudson River by some gangster husband who hooked up with the wrong girl …
Looking at walking aside to continue to mix drinks and flirt with female customers, Justin Mark took a sip of the wine in his glass.
If mark is that first in the university.
Then the second place is Justin, the professional bartender and amateur lawyer.
If Yale instructors know that the first one became a federal agent and the second one became a bartender.
I don’t know what i’m gonna feel …
A long time!
"By the way … Julia and her fiance came over yesterday."
"Julia …"
Mark raised his eyebrows and looked Gherardini. Justin said, "What are you trying to say!"
Justin filled half the glass before asking curiously, "You never said what you shared with Julia?"
"Is it important?" Mark said flatly, "it’s been so long, I forgot!" "
Justin smiled and ran, "Are you sure there were still many people who were playing guitar videos at the door of Julia’s dormitory?"
Mark’s mouth twitched and his eyes looked at Justin badly
The latter raised his hands, shrugged his shoulders at Mark and made a zipper move.
That year!
After four years in Brooklyn high school, Mark went to Yale to study law …
The scene of meeting Julia is still deep in Mark’s mind.
He really can’t remember what he broke up with Julia.
Mark Zheng had a hangover for the first time that day in the auditorium, and there seemed to be more than 100 dwarfs beating gongs and drums in his head.
Mark didn’t hear a word when talking to Julia.
It is a mechanical nod to say "OK!" from time to time.
When mark came to his senses,
Julia has slapped Mark and then turned away …
But until now, Mark really didn’t know what they were and broke up!
This is a muddled account. When Mark met a beautiful woman in the library, he was even forgotten by Mark!
As time goes by, if it weren’t for the supermarket encounter that day,
Mark, this memory will remain in the dust, and he will never take the initiative to lift it.
Return to absolute being, Mark glanced at himself, winked at his face and smiled with a hint of lewd Justin.
Look down the eyes but see a sexy and exposed lady sitting not far from her forehead!
"Go ahead," MacNai said quietly. "Sooner or later, you will get the little blue pill …"
Justin automatically filtered the last sentence and put a bottle of wave directly in front of Mark and said, "I won’t take care of you if you come by yourself!" "
After finishing the meticulous blonde hair with a smile, she walked towards the lady like a move to attract butterflies and flowers!
Just after Justin left here, a lady with a tight suit and dark brown hair sat next to Mark!
When I was just about to wave
Mark said flatly, "Don’t recruit him. Even when the boss comes, he won’t take care of him!" "
"…" Mystery girl!
Chapter 5 Cheating OR Not Cheating
The woman turned her face, and the colorful lights shone on her cheeks like exotic magic gems!
The woman stretched out her right hand and said to Mark, "Natalie Rocheman!"
Mark lowered his eyes slightly, smiled and held out his hand to introduce himself. "Mark Louis!" "
Hands touching Mark inadvertently raised his eyebrows!
This woman’s palm is not as supple and smooth as the average woman’s, but rather like a hand that has been worked hard!
Before Mark could savor it, Natalie had put her hand back and looked at Bo in front of Mark with one hand and said with a smile, "Then you don’t mind giving me some."
"Of course!"
Mark straightened up and took out a glass directly from the bar and handed it to Natalie after pouring wine in front of him.

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