This includes the moon and the stars.
It is because I felt the resolute attitude of Ji Rongxinyue that Xingyue knew that doing so would bring fatal danger to Ji Rongxinyue. The tactical nuclear Grenade that Ji Rongxinyue threw out and fell behind her was detonated.
If you want to kill Ji Xinghe, Ji Rongxin will be destroyed in the month.
If you want to stop the rescue of Ji Xinghe, Ji Rong Xinyue will definitely see it.
Wanting to win in exchange for Ji Xinghe’s life is a new sign of Ji Rong Xinyue’s revenge road.
Ji Rongxin’s will to the moon has been very obvious and pure at this moment-give my grandfather back to me!
She had lost her father and mother before, and she had lost her grandmother and grandparents earlier …
She has lost all her relatives, and she was tied down by human blood. Before she met Ji Xinghe, her grandfather Ji Xinghe was left, and after this moment, she might …
She can’t lose it again, even if she loses it, she must get it back.
This is an irrational idea. Only children have ideas, but she is a twelve-year-old child.
"Don’t throw it out! Can’t throw it out! "
There is a kind of hysterical madness in the roar of Xingyue Ji Rong Xinyue’s ear. Her communication with Ji Rong Xinyue has not been affected by nuclear explosions again and again. She can always be rational or hysterical in Ji Rong Xinyue’s ear until the champion Hou’s body is damaged at the broken level.
However, it is time to remain absolutely rational, but the life of artificial intelligence, the moon and the moon, is crazy because of Ji Rong Xin Yue’s madness, as if she had lost her wisdom and had been despised by her again and again for her ignorance.
Ji Rong Xinyue can still control the function of the champion Hou. She pushed the champion Hou from the last gate and then looked at the huge humanoid depression of the gate and raised the champion Hou’s hand.
As before, she wants to make a gap in the gate enough for tactical nuclear grenades, and then put in the weapons that she has made many times to take her far away.
Bury and detonate
Thousands of tons of heavy metal gates can’t stop the power generated by the explosion of nuclear grenades, just like the ruins behind her. Whether it is metal or soil, or those plants and animals have destroyed fields.
People and the apes should be thankful that it is an unconscious floodgate, not the Federation or the empire, or the whole world, that is blocking Ji Rong Xin Yue at this time.
She may not have destroyed the power of the Federation and the empire, let alone the world, but there will always be some sacrifices when she takes firm steps toward her goal.
Ji Rong Xinyue completed her will and then asked coldly, "How to throw it?"
The moon and the moon said that they would not go out, saying that after the gate was destroyed by a nuclear explosion, those who had aimed at the exit of this passage would intercept everything that wanted to enter the base through this passage.
Ji Rong Xin Yue can certainly retreat to a relatively safe distance, and then the channel will detonate the nuclear weapon, so that the torrent of liquid metal and the inevitable new metal will converge and sweep to the base to extinguish the defense forces carefully prepared by those empires.
But when she breaks the gate and retreats, the empire will give the passage a new gate, such as armored vehicles, tanks and other weapons, and she can go to the passage department to block the passage again as if she had just blocked the passage bomb.
Do it again
Ji Rong Xin Yue doesn’t want to spend more time, so she can ask the stars and the moon.
As just now, Xingyue refused to answer or said that she couldn’t calculate it, as if she really couldn’t calculate the scene just now-the dense stack was like a rice silo bomb and there were a lot of imperial shells in the passage that failed to detonate, which made it difficult to get accurate results in the calculation of nuclear weapons path because of lack of sufficient data.
However, the moon and the stars are very clear about whether she can calculate it. The moon and the horse will be as ignorant as they were just now and try their best to make all means move forward.
So she hysterically said in a crazy tone, "Leave a number on the cockpit door and detonate all the remaining tactical nuclear grenades!" Blow up these dog gorillas! Blow up this transition base! Blow up the whole empire! "
It’s like the part where Ji Xinghe said that the crazy tactics could not be completed but made sense.
Everything is a question of quantity and equivalent.
Just now, Ji Rong Xinyue made a tactical nuclear Grenade fail to destroy the last gate, which can be said to be because it blocked the passage. Those dense metals can be said to be because her champion Hou suffered the shock wave of nuclear explosion, and the ultra-high temperature can also be said to be because the tactical nuclear Grenade just now was insufficient in quantity.
Then let the quantity and equivalent stack to help Ji Rongxinyue walk the last leg.
Although Xingyue doesn’t want this to be the last leg of Ji Rongxinyue, she should treat every step as the last leg like Ji Rongxinyue.
Ji Rong Xinyue listened to the advice of Xingyue, and she was full of radiation and failed to disperse the high-temperature passage. Xingyue did not stop this line because the champion Hou cockpit Ji Rong Xinyue wore a special suit of individual exoskeleton armor like Ji Xinghe. The main material was tungsten steel and gold.
If there is a single soldier’s exoskeleton armor, then there must be a horse, Rong Xin, and a moon. If Ji Xinghe also has that attitude, there must be a horse, Rong Xin, and a moon.
Compared with Ji Xinghe’s individual exoskeleton armor, Ji Rong Xinyue is much more self-cultivation, and it seems that the defense will be lower, but it is impossible to avoid fish and bear’s paw, which ensures that Ji Rong Xinyue can wear it without lowering her level of maneuvering mecha.
After all, there are some gaps between her and Ji Xinghe. The gap between sub-Xinghe mecha and Xinghe mecha may be as big as that between ordinary people and ace mecha. The gap between non-Ji Xinghe and Ji Xinghe may be as big as that between blue star orangutans and imperial orangutans.
For the champion Hou, it is like a bag. The nuclear bomb magazine is a bit too big for Ji Rongxinyue. Although it has the protection of the champion Hou’s body, it is also a bumpy appearance at this time.
Ji Rong Xin Yue, the champion by the cockpit door, will carry a nuclear bomb bag like a girl with her arms open at the edge of a cliff. She wants to hug the sun, and the sun is far away. The girl’s hug may take the first step and her feet are in the abyss.
But she didn’t hesitate to move in the previous step
According to the stars and the moon, Ji Rong Xinyue quickly completed the preparation work. She didn’t mind that there were many tactical nuclear grenades in her cockpit, and one of them was enough to destroy a transition base command center in an instant like what Ji Xinghe had done before.
Theoretically, both Xingyue and Shen Mu have said that she and Ji Xinghe’s individual exoskeleton armor can help their grandfather and grandson save their lives in a nuclear explosion, but when they say this theory, Xingyue and Shen Mu have repeatedly stressed that this grandfather and grandson can’t try it easily, just like the theory that there is not much genetic difference between humans and orangutans.
But so what?
Compared with these cockpit tactical nuclear grenades, the road that Ji Rong Xinyue is about to move forward is really as deadly as the cliff abyss.
She still chose to move on, because this world is the only one left for her and Ji Xinghe.

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