At this time, Liu Chencai discovered that the baby’s roots were not even wrapped in clothes.
Reminiscent of the fact that a man just bathed his baby in the winter river, is it a miracle that he doubted for a moment that he could survive as a child?
If you were not an atavist, you would have been killed by this common-sense parent, right?
"Chenchen? It seems like a sunny boy’s name. You clown can do well occasionally."
Xue Zhiyu smiled and helped the child to feed the milk, so he pulled a piece of bedding from the bed and wrapped the baby.
She doesn’t look like a sharp female soldier just after giving birth and finishing her clothes.
She wrapped the child and tied her back with a serious look. "Is the person coming soon?"
Liu Qiu also put away his smile. "I should have set a trap, and the speed of those people in Peking University Camp should have been high at this time."
"That still leng? Run, do you still want to fight them? "
Xue Zhiyu hammered her husband in the chest and punched the man out and hit the trees outside.
Liu Chen realized what this dark scene was all about. It turned out that trees and other things cooperated with marching cloth to build a temporary camp, and the bed was also dry leaves.
Is this where you were born? And it seems to be a road to escape? What are your parents running away from?
Because of thinking too much in his heart, he became conscious and was pulled out of this dream of crossing the ages by Qian Xuela.
Lu Chen’s silent operation keeps the injury steady. He may subconsciously want to find out something, or he may want to touch the bubble before he rushes to the reincarnation lake.
Fortunately, there are thousands of snow outside to hold him, otherwise he will become water in the reincarnation lake.
After some pranayama, he went to the lake again, and as a result, the scene continued, and he could not see the ancient scenes.
Xue Zhiyu and Lu Qiushan walked through the road in front of Lu Qiu in the forest. Because the environment has not been destroyed, there are still tigers and beasts in the mountains.
A huge Siberian tiger senses the movement and feels that its territory is offended. The hills rise and fall, and its size is outrageous. It looks like it is almost 400 kilograms.
It is the king of this area, and its tigers have been driven away or killed by it. I didn’t expect that there are still humans who dare to climb mountains in this bleak winter.
Chapter nine hundred and fifteen deserters
Lu Chen looked at this scene and was still in a trance, not realizing that it was a future scene in the reincarnation lake.
But he didn’t worry at all, because although the tiger was the overlord in the mountain, it met an abnormal human being
Judging from the speed of Xue Zhi-fung and Lu Qiu-xing, these two men are extremely secret fighters.
To Lu Chen’s surprise, he is stronger as a father, but actually it seems that his mother Xue Zhiyu is stronger, even after giving birth, she is faster and more fierce.
The mouth of the tall Siberian tiger on the hillside was about to growl, but suddenly its throat seemed to be blocked by something.
Because the woman of the two walking side by side glanced at it coldly, it felt like being stared at by the highest predator far beyond its level.
Beast king, it almost fell into suspended animation rigidity.
"Autumn you said it mend? Children need nutrition when they are just born. "
Xue Zhiyu slowed down and fixed his eyes on the tiger.
The king of the jungle crawled on his knees and sobbed like a pet cat next door.
Liu Qiu took a look at the Siberian tiger "? Chenchen’s teeth haven’t grown yet. Its meat is too magnetic to eat. "
"Stupid, I mean, who said I gave it to the children?"
Xue Zhiyu patted her husband on the head.
Liu Qiu scratched his head. "Let’s be clear, you know that my understanding ability is not strong."
As he spoke, his feet made a burst of gas in the jungle, which scared the Northeast Tiger to almost yi.
It just stood there in its own jungle, and Wang Yisheng was about to end. At last, the man’s fist stopped. The airflow in the first three inches of the king’s grain blew its hair as if it were blown by the cold wind in the mouth of death.
One hand grabbed the man’s wrist. "Forget it, forget we can’t make a fire, and I don’t want to eat raw."
Two people walked through the forest to leave the shivering Siberian tiger.
It took half a quarter of an hour for it to recover its majestic body.
I was just thinking about going back to my nest to sleep late, and then I found a human mountain.
This made the king of beasts a little angry. Today, he met two strange bipeds, but ordinary bipeds dare to climb mountains.
It climbs to an ancient tree with its agile posture (tigers can climb trees). As a result, when they look at the mountain, the figures are about thirty or forty, and everyone is intellectual and armed with a knife, and the speed is equally fast.
The Siberian tiger turned and ran directly to the depths of the forest. It decided to change the mountain recently.
On the other side of the mountain range, Xue Zhiyu and Lu Qiu are very fast. Lu Chen seems that his mother Xue Zhiyu’s attributes may be close to the peak of her hometown.
Lu Chen made his own reference. He speculated that there might be no roots in the sequence of secret blood fighters that could match his mother.
Father is a little weaker, but his comprehensive attributes can reach 37 points, which is similar to that of instructor Lin Jiang at the peak.
"Well, it’s not that I’m unpatriotic, but that if I call again, I feel that the situation has not changed. Why don’t we let people go after we have done our best?"
Lu Qiulu sighed, "The rise of westerners is unstoppable. I can kill a hundred and a thousand, but I can’t carry the iron cannon."
Lu Chen had some accidents because as far as he knew, the war between the East and the West was the year when he was four years old and the year when he was five years old, which was the year when he fled with his mother.
But judging from what his father said, is it possible that the war has long been fought, and the common people in China don’t know it?
"Ah …"

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