So Ji Xinghe was silent.
But Xingyue didn’t keep silent. She said softly, "Master, you got the gas power through the first nuclear explosion baptism. After the second nuclear explosion baptism, you were stronger than before, but this strength didn’t make you have the ability to cure Xinxin. Only then did you know that the empire would choose to bear the third nuclear explosion for your nuclear weapons situation."
In the end, the fortress was not quiet, and all kinds of alarms flashed and screeched at the same time, which could be captured by the moon and the moon and given to Ji Xinghe’s ear in her cockpit.
However, these noises are not as good as the words of the moon and the stars.
Ji Xinghe can’t keep silent any longer. His tone is a little harsh. "Don’t tell Xinxin."
"Master, are you afraid of Xinxin worrying about you?"
"So …" Xingyue hesitated and asked with some grievances. "Aren’t you afraid of my worry?"
"Master, I don’t agree with you leaving my body."
"Stop it, Moon and Stars"
"I’m not busy. This time, the empire made nuclear weapons not original bombs but hydrogen bombs. Do you want me to tell you the difference between a popular science original bomb and a hydrogen bomb? Although the communication is interrupted now, I have this information in my database. "
Ji Xinghe knows the difference between the original bomb and the hydrogen bomb. In short, the former is a fission weapon and the latter is a fusion weapon.
The specific difference can be compared from the federal energy technology. With nuclear fission energy technology, the Federation often has energy shortage, and the peak hours everywhere will be so tense that it needs to be pulled.
After the Federation has nuclear fusion energy technology, the federal force should always be surplus, if it is not the nuclear fusion technology, the federal root force will support this alien war
"3,200 meters" Xingyue added, "The explosion height should be 3,200 meters, which can make this hydrogen bomb give full play to its power. At present, it is estimated that the explosion equivalent is about 3 million tons, master, which is hundreds of times different from the two nuclear explosions you have endured before. I am worried that your body can bear it."
"Of course I can’t bear the nonsense, but I’m not hard against nuclear explosion." Ji Xinghe was somewhat dissatisfied with "I just felt a nuclear radiation."
"Nuclear radiation and nuclear radiation are also different."
When Xingyue continued to popularize science and persuaded her to carry out this action, she deliberately sent the information to the network data support that her intelligent core did not need.
"Master, I seriously doubt that the Empire made the hydrogen bomb a dirty bomb this time, that is, the fission share exceeded 5%. The three-phase bomb is a kind of hydrogen bomb. The so-called dirty bomb is extremely serious because of the radioactive pollution caused by the explosion."
Ji Xinghe also knows something about the so-called dirty bomb. He didn’t understand the difference between the original bomb and the hydrogen bomb before, and his understanding of nuclear weapons is also the difference of staying equivalent.
The greater the equivalent, the stronger the power.
However, after he got the gas power through nuclear radiation, he learned that there are different types of nuclear weapons, one of which is the dirty bomb, and the biggest threat to human beings or life is actually a hydrogen bomb shot.
The bullet is actually a small hydrogen bomb, but the fission component in this small hydrogen bomb is very small and the fusion component is very large, so the shock wave and nuclear radiation effect are very weak, but it is extremely lethal to human life and so on, but the flow is very strong.
But knowing this information, Xingyue Science Popularization, and this information can’t stop Ji Xinghe from doing what he wants.
Because he has to do it.
"Stars and moons hit the final fortress"
"I don’t"
"Stop it."
"Master, stop that now."
Ji Xinghe’s tone was harsh again, which made Xingyue silent for a long time. Finally, all kinds of warning lights in the fortress department were quiet.
Finally, the fortress door was hit.
The buried fortress was not completely sealed by the isolation of the earth, and the radiation passed through the dust gap and finally gathered around the fortress.
It is never simple to dig a hole in the ground to build a fortress against nuclear attack. The earth can well block the high temperature impact caused by nuclear explosion, but it can’t completely block nuclear radiation.
The key is to be able to isolate the nuclear radiation barrier, or to dig deeper
In the end, the depth of the fortress is definitely not enough at this time. After its hatch was opened by the stars and the moon, all kinds of nuclear radiation seemed to be untrue and poured into the final fortress.
Xingyue didn’t hit her cockpit door, but helped her body to block nuclear radiation as much as possible.
Tungsten-steel alloy has excellent performance in this respect, which is different from the fact that the former Ji Xinghe directly suffered the nuclear explosion, and there will be no substantial damage. The so-called nuclear radiation is meaningless to the moon and the stars.
This made Ji Xinghe frown because the war he wore also had radiation protection function.
Combining the two, he can feel the radiation is minimal, which is worse than the leakage of nuclear fuel pool.
If you expect the moon gate, you may have to say some nonsense and listen to some inexplicable words.
Su Ji Xing He undressed directly.
"Master, you!"
Xingyue can see the picture of her cockpit, but she doesn’t know what to say. She can control the final fortress and control her body, but she can’t control Ji Xinghe.
It can ensure that the pressure in the cockpit is at a normal level, and it will not affect the Xinghe without the fighting horse.
Ji Xinghe has no time to talk to Xingyue.
As soon as he took off his clothes, he turned white, and it was reasonable to worry about the stars and the moon. This time, the nuclear radiation was indeed stronger than before, not only the magnitude gap entered his body, but also the nuclear radiation burst more than before.
Sure enough, after knowing that he got the gas power through nuclear radiation, Emperor Wu III made corresponding preparations for it.
How can it be willing to help itself become stronger?
So this is a dirty bomb.
If you are on the surface at this time and directly exposed to nuclear radiation, your current physical condition and mastery of qi are hard to bear, let alone become stronger because of it.
If there is a root injury, it is very likely that there will be room for further improvement.
On this point, it is impossible for Dong Guo Cilian or Adakang to know.
According to the information disclosed by Dong Guo Cilian, the empire has strict control over nuclear technology. Federal primary school students can search the formula empire from the Internet. Even Dong Guo Cilian, who has received the so-called higher education, wants absolutely confidential information.
Of course, knowing the formula does not mean that you can build a nuclear weapon.
The number of humans captured alive by the empire is not small, so it is not necessarily impossible to remember the thermonuclear reaction formula of hydrogen bomb without the cooperation of Dong Guo Cilian, even if it is not a technical arm.

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