Compare with all the scenic spots!
The afterlife manor is a fascinating paradise after all!
Just …
There are a few people!
But when Mark asked, Jia Ying smiled and said, "Considering that on New Year’s Eve, Director Zheng Xian specially arranged several helicopters to take them to the mutant city."
Mark smiled and nodded!
If it weren’t for the rabbit or that rabbit
Mark always felt that …
After two generations, the time will be synchronized with the culture of the East, and aliens and mutants will help the East unify the sky …
Chapter 249 The status quo of aliens
But …
By the time the Eastern Kingdom can unify the sky, Mark might have already married with children waves into the universe.
Maybe you will buy two private planets in the universe, one owner and one grazing …
In death?
Come on, this thing never occurred to Mark!
Even if Jiumei refuses to help,
Mark believes that sooner or later, he will be able to grow up with his own ability …
What happened after reunification?
Although Mark doesn’t agree that East China is his hometown, he won’t deliberately stop anything.
After all, it’s yellow skin …
"this is that temple where the transformation ceremony was held!"
"Beautiful building!"
After about twenty minutes’ walk along the winding bluestone road.
An antique three-story palace carved with dragons, phoenixes and vermilion instantly caught Mark’s eye!
Because it’s daylight when you come here!
This three-story palace is even more magnificent …
Listening to Jia Ying explain, Mark looked at the three-story palace in front of him and nodded in admiration!
Jia Ying smiled and said, "This is still that Director Zheng Xian invited an architect from Dongguo Art Institute to help design."
Mark touched Ba Tut and said, "This Zheng Xian is determined to tie you to his chariot."
Jiaying smiled and didn’t speak!
Even if Mark is right.
Jiaying also thinks this is a good thing.
On whether it is for an individual or the whole alien.
With his back against the spear bureau and the East Country.
At least the story that happened before won’t happen again …
After all!
Aliens are in the East for the record.
At the foot of this mountain, there is a land and sea military camp with 10,000 soldiers …
After a while!
Jiaying invited Mark to a corner pavilion.
Mark looked at the stone table protruding from the pavilion, and there was an ice spring flowing out constantly, which was even more lamentable.
Zheng Xian, this guy has lost a lot of blood.
Dig a hole here to attract ice springs deep in the snow-capped mountains …
After a while!
"Thank you!" Jia Ying smiled at Gordon, who brought the tea set to the house not far away, and then said to Mark, "I heard Director Zheng Xian say that you like tea, but I don’t have Dahongpao here, but there is mountain village wild tea, and I don’t know if it is to your liking."
"Zheng Xian that guy when I was in college, I always thought that he was an ordinary rich second generation …"
When I was at Yale, Mark really didn’t remember that Zheng Xian, the same dormitory, was regarded as a rich second generation!
Who ever wanted to …
Just as Mark was admiring Jia Ying’s flowing tea-making skills, there was a burst of laughter not far away!
Mark turned his head and saw it!
But I saw my daughter and Skye talking and laughing, arm in arm coming from not far away.
See your daughter’s little face smile!
Mark suddenly became bored with it.
At the same time, it was awkward.
Suddenly thought of one thing!

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