Mark shook his head and put the crystal skull into the object before he walked slowly towards the church not far away.
Not far away, I started stealth mode. I was dizzy and stared at everything just now. I couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of lubricating oil …
Church gate
Mark turned and looked at the shovel placed at random.
Empty grip of right hand
The spade should fall into Mark’s hands …
Chapter 51 Everything is exhausted
The spade should be broken from it.
Mark pulled out the hidden scroll and his mocking expression became more and more intense.
Mark is not white about one thing.
Why do some mortals always like their thinking to guess the ways of the gods?
Stupid, isn’t it?
There are thousands of souls in hell?
On average, there are a few deaths per second on the earth, that is, 160 deaths per minute.
Such a calculation
One day is 152,600 people’s lives will come to an end.
And there’s a place in the dead world
So the problem comes.
Compared with hell, how can thousands of souls in this contract be like adding new dead souls every second
Mephistopheles gets this contract and gets the whole world?
How on earth was this conclusion worked out?
Mark is curious.
Carter Sorey has gone to mephistopheles to report. Mark wants to get this answer, and he can come to earth again when mephistopheles takes over his head.
Mark walked into the church.
Less than ten seconds.
Mark dragged a chair and put it at the church gate. Then he sat down with one hand holding Ba and one hand holding the "San Salvation Pact" as if he were in a state of false narrowing …
A little while
Mark opened his eyes slightly and watched the poor leaves being rolled up to form a whirlpool.
The Wind Rises; Time Bomb
Mark stretched himself and glanced at the guardrail, where he was dripping with water.
It’s like the long-haired man who just fished out of the river saw Mark grin and laugh.
Mark looked curiously.
Long-haired men laugh even more.
Mark also gave me a smile.
One second
Mark’s right hand is pulling a little Pluto force and pinching it to his side like a flash …
"Ah …" The neck twisted with a big fur collar and enchanted face fell into Mark’s right hand, but it was twisted wildly.
Wind …
More intense.
Not far away, the water demon looked at his eyes and immediately shrank, which was to prepare for a quick sweep towards the back.
But …
He’s quick
Mark is faster.
As soon as the water demon turned around, he saw that he was pulling an enchanter like a chick. Mark smiled at him and said, "Laugh and laugh."
Water magic one leng is a recruit tiger tao xin.
He’d like to change water and leave quickly.
But here …
No water

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