So Lin Jin’s second game carefully looked at all the key options of the game and clearly looked at those buildings, and then deliberately randomly selected a villain with therapeutic skills and carefully selected two villains with advanced skills before playing again.
This time, it’s a good thing that Lin Jin knows how to assign villains to do things, that houses will collapse too much, and that some wild animals can’t be provoked, such as leopards
The bureau went smoothly. Hunting, hunting, collecting materials, collecting houses and building houses for ten consecutive days. Nothing happened, which made Lin Jin suddenly feel that the game seemed quite simple.
Then suddenly Liu Shu, the manic squirrel, bit the doctor to death when he wasn’t looking …
? ? ?
Lin Jin, a question mark, hurried the hunter to kill the squirrel. Then he was desperate to find that the doctor was not only the only person who knew medical skills, but also the only person who could cook …
Then two enemies ran out from the edge of the map, although all of them would be killed, but Lin Jin’s two little people were also injured. Without a doctor, the two little people struggled for a few days and died one after another.
The second game was like this, and the downwind situation collapsed instantly.
Lin Jin cut to the live broadcast with a black face and watched a bunch of "23333" barrage live. The whole person was a little grumpy.
Is this game poisonous? Say that you are proficient in primary games?
Is it because you play too little?
Lin Jin doubted life, watched the barrage carefully again, learned a lesson, and listened to the barrage and played the third game.
The third one is ok, but when the winter comes, the three little people are still freezing to death one after another. It’s not that Lin Jin doesn’t want to build a heater, it’s just that the materials are all clean when building his building.
"It’s eleven o’clock for Lin Jin." At this time of summer, I walked into the room and woke up to Lin Jin. "It’s almost time for you to go back to bed. Do you have classes at ten o’clock?"
"Hey?" Only then did Lin Jin find herself passing so fast when she went around the world in three games.
Is this game poisonous?
Chapter 542 53 Dean passed away
Lin Jin became interested in the game around the world. Although she verbally said that she was particularly talented in playing games and didn’t need to watch the introduction, after the live broadcast, she still looked at all kinds of introduction seriously.
Well, in that case, let’s have a good live broadcast!
Lin Jin suddenly realized that she really shouldn’t play the knife tower live every day. Anyway, the popularity of playing stand-alone games today is not falling, but rising. In this case, it is quite good to play stand-alone games every day.
At the end of the next day’s class, Lin Jinyinghui won’t bother herself any more, but suddenly she found that this guy came to the front of the classroom to wait again when the class was about to begin.
Lin Jin is a little surprised. Doesn’t this guy like boys? Didn’t you pester yourself so much before because you recognized yourself as a boy? Why are you waiting at the door now that you know you are a sister?
After a lesson, Yinghui got together. It was not as sticky as before.
Lin Jin hasn’t left Wu Min yet, but he took the lead in asking, "Why are you still haunting Lin Jin, a woman?"
Yinghui glanced at her cousin and said disdainfully, "How do you know the power of die-hard powder! I’ve been thinking all night! Suddenly, I found that I like beautiful boy instead of Lin Jin! But her talent! "
When did Lin Jin become talented? Will Yinghui make a draft after talking nonsense?
Yinghui hung up Lin Jin’s arm as usual, and from time to time, her big breasts rubbed Lin Jin’s arm and her face showed pride.
What do you mean, this short chest is so big?
Yinghui’s chest is estimated to have a D. If this scale puts his tall sister on, at most, he just feels "Wow! It’s so big. However, if Yinghui is estimated to be less than one meter six and a baby-faced guy is in the body, the visual impact will be great.
Although Yulin Jin is not very tall, her breasts are not very big … Plus, she usually likes to wear sun protection, so her breasts are even flatter.
Although it didn’t reach the airport, it felt a little small whether it was like Lin Jin.
Glancing at her arm, Ying Hui Lin Jin sighed and always felt that life was so similar these days.
Or since I met Ying Hui, a fan who may have a brain problem, Lin Jin’s life has almost become a wake-up class. Ying Hui is pestering me to find a chance to sneak home to play games and sleep live …
Well, there was one less entangled, but I felt that there was one more clever, but I was tired every day.
At least Lin Jin didn’t pester Lin Jin before, so he could do his own thing after having a meal in a class. Now, because of Ying Hui pestering Lin Jin, no matter what he does, he feels that there is someone hanging around him who is uncomfortable.
However, the former Yinghui is closer to Lin Jin, but now it is better. Although it is the same as pestering Lin Jin, it shows a lot of convergence
And to the same line of four people ran to the canteen to eat a meal, and then chat at the dinner table for half an hour, and then Lin Jincai slowly prepared to go to the welfare home for a stroll.
There is no class this afternoon, but Lin Jin can’t be free. After all, she hasn’t been to the welfare home for nearly a week
Recently, the operation of the welfare home seems to be getting better and better. Every time Lin Jin used to see a group of volunteers, she helped or chatted with the children, and occasionally she saw a few couples who were obviously coming to adopt children.
However, after Lin Jin came here this time, she found that the atmosphere of the whole welfare home seemed a bit strange.
The volunteers inside are smiling, but the children are full of depression and perfunctory volunteers who chat with them. It seems that something important has happened in the welfare department.
Lin Jin has some doubts about looking around for Yu Fei’s figure, but she didn’t find her in the welfare home building. Finally, she went to the balcony and looked, only to find that Yu Fei was sitting in front of the dance floor with her knees in her hands.
Yufei seems to be in a bad mood.
Lin Jin frowned and walked to the land.
"Sister" Yu Fei heard the footsteps and suddenly looked up at Lin Jin who had just left the room.
"What’s the matter? The atmosphere in the welfare home is very strange. "Lin Jin frowned and squatted down and asked her.
Rain Fei looked at Lin Jin’s tears, and she directly jumped on Lin Jin and sobbed, "Grandpa Dean passed away …"
“? ? ?”
Although she heard that the dean was in poor health, Lin Jin never thought that the dean would die so soon and almost without warning.
I’ve seen the dean far away in a week. Although I saw the dean at that time, I seemed to have a little strength and needed help when I walked, but …
"When did you die?"
Although Lin Jin and the dean have only met several times, this almost dedicated his life to the elderly in the welfare home, which made Lin Jin admire very much. On hearing this news, Lin Jin’s heart also floated with light sadness.
Yu Fei lowered his head and buried his head in Lin Jin’s chest. "It seems that he has been buried in the courtyard three days ago and won’t let us send grandpa."
Lin Jin sighed and stroked Yufei’s head gently, but she didn’t know what to say to comfort her.
So the welfare home may collapse, right? Children in the courtyard may be placed in his welfare home.
I don’t know where Yufei will be arranged to go.

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