They are full of curiosity, but they insist on lining up here because of the words of the adults. They hold their heads high and imitate the adults as much as possible.
Seeing this number, Ji Xinghe felt very sad in his heart. The three bases of No.5, No.6 and No.3 add up to these 24 children, and there are more than 100 such children living in six living bases.
Some of them have finished the treatment and returned to the Blue Star by spaceship, but from the time Ji Xinghe came to the alien star, it seems that not all the children who failed to appear here can return to the Blue Star.
He didn’t see that he knew the kid. There was a lady in the dining hall of base No.6. He thanked Ji Xinghe for taking back the specific medicine from base No.3, and personally thanked him for bringing the kid, and sent some small gifts and said something to Ji Xinghe.
But now the child the same age as Ji Rongxinyue is not here.
Taking a deep breath, Ji Xinghe’s expression and eyes became indifferent. He scanned the children, including Ji Rongxin, who had never heard of indifference before.
"Do you want to be mecha?"
"Think" "I think I think" "Can I become a mecha?"
The corner of the training area was suddenly noisy, which attracted a lot of distressed eyes. After a few eyes, those eyes quickly took back, as if they couldn’t bear to see these children.
"Shut up"
Ji Xinghe continued to be indifferent, and Ji Rongxinyue’s expression was a little surprised, but she suddenly thought of something straight and silent, not like setting an example for his children.
The children were scared by Ji Xinghe. Being tall is one reason, and the other reason is that most children have a natural fear of the elderly.
They have never seen the battle scene of Ji Xinghe, and they know very little except Ji Xinghe’s status as a super mecha. If they have seen the video of Ji Xinghe beheading the imperial orangutan, many of them should cry on the spot.
Suddenly, Ji Xinghe, in the corner of the training area, took a deep breath again. He had to make himself tough and soft-hearted. If he could not put it away at this time, it would harm these children.
"After I ask you questions, you all need to answer yes orno. Can you say what you think with my permission?"
Ji Rong Xinyue was the first to shout "Yes".
Children who want to answer Bai or are afraid to go out because of fear answer Ji Xinghe’s question because of Ji Rongxin’s moonlight sound.
"Yes" and "Yes" …
It’s not neat, but it’s good
Ji Xinghe didn’t look at Ji Rongxinyue. He knew that Ji Rongxinyue would be indifferent and would support him and help him because Ji Rongxinyue was his granddaughter.
Before you know it, Ji Xinghe’s way of speaking and tone are like his instructor. Li Instructor is the most familiar with this position. If Li Instructor can see it, it must be very gratifying that he has been born in the wild for many times and is like a tumor in the army. Ji Xinghe finally has some professional soldiers.
But … No, but instructor Li will be able to see it. Those people can see it.
"Now tell me, do you want to be mecha?"
It was Ji Rongxinyue who was the first to answer the sound of his children and Ji Rongxin’s moonlight. After that, they answered that the sound was getting more and more neat, and they answered sincerely.
Whether it’s a boy or a girl in a different star, every child, including Shen Mu, wants to be a mecha. Their wish often sounds exactly the same as those children in Blue Star, but their feelings are more sincere.
Most of the blue star children think that the mecha are cool, but the alien children all know how cruel it is to fight after becoming a mecha. They don’t want to be cool, they want to fight.
"That is about to study hard and train hard …"
Ji Xinghe finally learned that his teaching looks like a mecha for the time being, but if these children can rely on him to teach these things to grow up smoothly and still remember that their childhood dreams are like Ji Chenxing, then what they have learned now will definitely help them become excellent mecha.
In the process of teaching, Ji Rong Xin Yue far exceeded Ji Xinghe’s imagination. When he was tougher than ever, his granddaughter showed unprecedented perseverance, just like those professional soldiers.
The role model strength is that the role model of the poor children is not limited to Ji Rong Xinyue, who lived in the No.5 base a month ago and has been teaching and studying by Ji Xinghe for a month. Although the children are not used to Ji Xinghe’s sudden harshness, they are equally determined.
The teaching progress is faster than Ji Xinghe expected, and many basic training methods are mastered by these children in a short time. The rest is that it is not advisable to practice more every day, but it must be practiced every day.
In this respect, alien children have obvious advantages in life. They don’t clamor to see if they want to go out and play. They don’t eat when they eat. Food in the life base is very expensive. You can’t miss a meal. If you don’t eat, you will be hungry and panic …
They are in contact with everyone’s mind. Everyone in this war can do what he can. These children are not only tough and hard-working, but also have patriotism like Ji Rong Xin Yue.
Maybe they don’t know what to be patriotic and what to give everything to the Federation for the time being, but they love the Federation more than many patriotic adults in Blue Star, and they are more willing to pay for it.
Ji Rongxin finally made up his mind before Ji Xinghe left. "Can you let me have a fight with them?" Just like Grandpa, you used to do in the training area. After you asked me to cheer them up, even when Grandpa was not in the base, they would listen to me and practice on time and according to the quantity every day. "
Ji Xinghe was stunned. He looked at Ji Rongxinyue’s eyes and seriously asked, "Xinxin, do you have other reasons to do this besides what you said?"

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