Although the forced bombardment of missiles can destroy and disperse those black fog, missile launch is necessary
However, when I was in the middle of the river, I was able to determine the number and location of the Duke armor in the rush and look for opportunities to break them one by one.
The information on the big screen is suddenly lost. In the eyes of 34 Duke Jia Adakang, it seems that the department has been broken.
Reality will not be broken by Ji Xinghe Department because those Duke Jia will definitely choose to take a step back first and there is no Ji Xinghe squad to attack the target.
But Adakang doesn’t care about these things now. It matters about one thing. Is there a name in Xingyue Jia or not?
The communication interference caused by the black fog is enough to make the moon and the moon in a state of losing contact, which means that Ji Xinghe is likely to be in the middle if he can’t communicate easily to drive this mecha’ Mingshi’, but the problem is that Ji Xinghe has the ability to control armor with gas, but he can fight multiple mecha at the same time and can fight in the black fog. Moon and the moon are not necessarily the body of Mingshi at this time.
Just then new information came.
Back from the black fog, a Duke armor gave Adakang a picture message, which was a star and moon armor in overclocking mode.
Arm shura mode was perfectly played out of the fighting capacity and two Duke armour were broken at the same time.
A question arose in Adakang’s mind. Can Qi Yu Jia Ji Xinghe overclock Xingyue Jia to this extent?
Another Duke Jia, who retired from the black fog, brought another picture, which was driven by Ji Xinghe. At the same time, the double hammer of overlord Jia fought with three Duke Jia, and some slight damage occurred to the body, and two of them were shot at the same time.
Look at the time and the moon and the moon are broken at the same time.
In my mind, I kept flashing the level of exercise shown by Bawangjia and Xingyuejia in two pictures, and Adakang made a very correct judgment.
"The name is Xingyue Jia!"
If there is a chance to kill Ji Xinghe, Adakang is likely to resist it because it has had many such opportunities, but Ji Xinghe has completed the "anti-killing"
But the existing opportunity to capture’ Mingshi’ alive …
Adakang hesitated but finally made a decision because he was cheated by Ji Xinghe’s acting skills more than once.
What if all the information you see is performed by Ji Xinghe? He just wants to let himself go over there and kill him so that he can capture himself alive again. What if he kills himself?
Entanglement Adakang suddenly saw a scene and finally made a decision.
"Prepare the communication shielding device for the jump gate"
The battle in the black fog finally ended. After Ji Xinghe teamed up with Xingyue to break 16 Duke armour, their black fog was forcibly dispersed by the Duke armour fire.
However, the communication between Ji Xinghe and the moon has not been restored because the empire has started, and several Duke armour have carried communication jamming devices. It can be said that the battlefield in the center of the wreck of Ping An has entered a state in which both sides can make communication function again.
"Master Adakang is hooked."
Ji Xinghe didn’t panic because he lost communication, because he didn’t need conventional communication means, and the signal light was enough to keep him in communication with the moon and the stars.
Overlord A and Xingyue A took advantage of the fact that Imperial Duke A wanted to disperse the black fog, resulting in a wide and successful rush to the safety department where the Xinghe team was located at this time.
When the Guards gave up the goal of setting up an independent regiment, Li Han took the Xinghe team back and smashed 19 Duke Jia, and then successfully pranced the Ping An.
This is no way, no way, if you don’t quit, they will really be surrounded and killed. In the face of a large number of Duke Jia, it is difficult for them to take advantage of the mecha’s performance to carry out high-mobility warfare.
It is necessary to prance, and the hull of the Ping An is more than 300 meters long. Even those Duke Jia pranced after Li Han and others. The top of the space battleship of the Ping An can also be said to be the bottom because the Ping An was turned over and smashed.
Li Han and others also had enough time to break the bulkhead of Ping An and jump in.
Let Adakang make a decision. This is the scene. He knows very well that Ji Xinghe will not be surrounded by the Xinghe squad. These people will inevitably choose to rush into the Ping An to fight.
At this time, there are 155 Duke Jia left in the Guards Camp besides the 97 that were smashed into the ground by Ping An.
Even Ji Xinghe was beaten to death if he didn’t help the Xinghe team to live alone.
Even if Ji Xinghe goes, it is impossible to reverse the situation with him alone. Life and death will definitely go in with Xingyuejia, and it is a famous Xingyuejia.
In addition, it is difficult for Xingyue armor, which has started the communication shielding device, to directly leave the communication ability, which has formed a situation in which Adakang is looking at the turtles in a jar.
As Adakang expected, Ji Xinghe really rushed into the space battleship department of Ping An with the moon and moon armor.

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