Blind curiosity asked, "What about Rovich, Kaidilin and Yu Ren?"
Yu Ji Xinghe’s challenge is expected to be completed within the time limit. They already know that these people in the federal ace mecha are worse than Qin Tong and Harris.
"None of them can do it, because their fighting power still depends on armor-piercing, especially Yu Ren, who is powerful and has a direct battle with neural link technology. All of you can beat him."
Lame surprised and said, "Are there four people in the Federation, including Lao Ji, who can beat orangutans?"
"More than four but more old horses don’t know."
"I also think that more than four people have heard that there are more than a dozen masters like Lao Ji in the Federation. Although they are not mecha, they have all reached the realm of strength and strength, and those world champions in fighting competitions, such as boxing champions, should do anything?"
Chen Xun didn’t answer Su Chuanyun and replied, "They’re in a fart ring. I’m sure I can’t win those champions, but why don’t you try on the battlefield? How many orangutans will die with their bare hands? There are no rules to speak of. "
Chen Xun nodded and said, "Su Chuanyun’s saying that how many deaths are wrong must be exaggerated, and the magnitude gap must be taken into account. But the truth is that their fighting consciousness and will are not as strong as yours, let alone compared with Lao Ji, General Li Yuanba, Li Han and Jackson."
Su Chuanyun still doesn’t feel angry with himself, muttering something like "weak strike strong when strong strike weak", digging eyes, hitting crotch, spitting and splashing blood all over them.
No one else cares about him. Qin Tong has a serious problem.
"That today after the army to find those who can beat orangutans in one-on-one hit? Then focus on cultivating them. "
"No," Chen Xun shook his head. "The battlefield is the battlefield. What chance does it have for us to fight one-on-one with our bare hands and with our bare hands? It’s not meaningful to find such a person. The video of the old horse fighting is enough and …"
Hearing Chen Xun’s words, Harris frowned and asked, "Mr. Chen didn’t really agree to let Mr. Lao Ji challenge the empire again, and it was a battle to disarm, did he?"
Muttering Su Chuanyun also stopped muttering and exclaimed, "Lao Ji has now reached the seventh place. No, the seventh place has been carried out and the first one has gone in. Is it to let Lao Ji disarm and fight against Ji Xinghe to inspire military morale?"
"It’s not that exaggerated. Lao Ji won’t agree if he wants to meet face to face like that. It’s too risky."
Chen Xun really wants to say that it is impossible to complete, but considering the significance of Ji Xinghe’s strength to Xinghe team, he changed his mind and said that it is very risky.
And then explained it.
"Face means to make sure that Lao Ji has 100% ability to kill Marquis orangutans alone and then find an opportunity to challenge an ordinary Marquis orangutan to arouse the morale of the army. Of course, the morale should not be too much recently."
For Chen Xun, some people don’t understand "Ordinary Marquis Orangutans? What do you mean? There’s something unusual. "
"Yes" Chen Xun did not explain in detail, but said, "If you know, you can know. If you don’t know, don’t ask if there are confidentiality regulations."
This sentence interrupted Su Chuanyun, who almost blurted out the word "qi" as an ace mecha. He is also a member of the Xinghe squad and belongs to Ji Xinghe cronies, so he can naturally get some information that they didn’t know before.
In fact, all the small players in the Star River watching the game already know the gas.
Of course, this violates the confidentiality regulations, but those who can be held accountable do not know that they know, and even if they do know, they will not be held accountable.
Because the active players of Xinghe squad have the opportunity to be ace mecha, Chu Feng and Jiang Yun are all short of more than a dozen Venus.
"I see," Su Chuanyun said, suppressing the word "Qi" but not his whimsy. "I want to let Lao Ji come back to the Blue Star to challenge the army once and then go back. Moreover, when Lao Ji goes back to the empire, he can’t find any unusual orangutans to ask Lao Ji to launch the same challenge."
Everyone next to you is very appreciative of nodding.
The challenge before disarming is the first of its kind. Once the empire is opened by the Federation, it will be absolutely crazy to launch this kind of challenge, which occupies an absolute advantage
How many stars are there in the Federation? How many Li Yuanba? How many Li Han? How many Jackson?
Even Ji Xinghe can’t beat that unusual orangutan, can he?
At this thought, people think that maybe the challenge of disarming and fighting against the Milky Way will never appear.
If it does appear, it must be that the situation is so serious that Ji Xinghe may die. Many, many people may die.
The war has really entered the pure fire-to-bomb mode, and nuclear weapons may become conventional, which weakens the individual strength of weapons to the extreme.
Is the so-called empire such a challenge to kill the individual player.
What a pity.
Looking at finally stop beating orangutans Ji Xinghe, people are inexplicably sorry.
Ji Xinghe School is really powerful. Maybe they can know it.
Beating the imperial gorilla Ji Xinghe before and after felt refreshed.
He really has fighting power, and his real fighting power is to come out when he beats the first gorilla.
But it is precisely because of this that he dare not hit the air, and his power control is not proficient enough to hit it again, either directly blowing off the orangutan’s head or the orangutans may notice the abnormality.
No matter what kind of result appears, it is no longer a secret that a person knows.
Stopping Ji Xinghe is a little breathless and feels that his normal physical strength has been exhausted. Orangutans are rough-skinned, powerful and fast. If they are not angry, they do have some strength to fight.
Can hit seven in a row
However, Ji Xinghe did not leave the prison to transform the training ground, but this belongs to him alone. He sat next to the only Marquis orangutan who was not beaten.
Ask "what’s up?" like chatting with friends.
"Very powerful, not very powerful."
Did the Marquis orangutan take the opportunity to attack Ji Xinghe? It was very sure that Ji Xinghe was showing his weakness, luring him to make moves and then beating him up.
Seeing Ji Xinghe complete Ji Xinghe’s challenge with his own eyes, how can he believe that even fighting the orangutan Ji Xinghe will be exhausted?
What federal joke?
"You said you knew Kazeman. What do you say I fight Kazeman?"
"Ji Xinghe School, you should be very clear about the answer. I should not say it casually now, because there should be many people watching us."
"You can just say that you can hear, and everyone knows that you don’t know that people can’t hear."
"Then I said that Kazeman has received the imperial gift and has extraordinary power. You can’t be his opponent."
Ji Xinghe continued to ask noncommittally, "What don’t you have the gift power?"
"Because we rely on the glory of our ancestors to get the present title, our own military exploits and abilities are not worthy of giving us gifts."
"Where is the Duke?"
"Dukes have gifts, and some earl titles can also get gifts. The earl is like … your soldiers have a bright future as their empire has a bright future."
"Yu En, say whatever you know."
Marquis orangutans hesitated slightly and didn’t know whether to organize language or fabricate lies.
After talking about it.
"I have to admit that thanks to the gift, I know there is no Cazemando, but my grandfather was given a gift. He showed me the gift’s extraordinary power combined with his physical strength. He blew a slave’s head off. It was a real blow."
"The gift power made my grandfather have the ability to resist all kinds of diseases, even the plague couldn’t hurt him, but he didn’t get enough gifts. He didn’t have the gift power to cure him … gorilla power My father was injured in a battle, and my grandfather tried to use the gift power to cure him, but his injury worsened …"
I heard that Ji Xinghe frowned slightly.
If the order of magnitude is not enough, you can’t have the ability to heal others? Is the gas level you have enough to treat Yan Yan?

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