A moment later, Xiao Bai came to Lin Ying with a stone in her mouth.
Lin Ying saw a monster in the stone in Xiaobai’s mouth.
Small white directly threw up the stone Lin Ying feet called two.
"Meow (this is what’s in my head) Meow (help me pick it up)"
Lin Ying felt a little white coming over and looked at the black stone with some doubts. "What the hell is this thing that actually fell out of a zombie’s head? Is it a stone? "
Lin Ying took out a plastic bag and put the stone directly.
The stone started with Lin Ying and felt smooth. I couldn’t see it coming from the zombie head.
Lin Ying wrapped the stone in her pocket.
Xiaobai asked me to pick it up. There must be one.
Chapter 74 Lu An is infected
Xiaobai was sleepy again after eating the green liquid.
Then it found a clean place to lie down and curled up into a ball
Lin Ying said directly before a picked up a small white toward the next to the R&D building.
While walking, he said to others, "Let’s just find a room to rest and recover our strength, but pay attention to safety."
At the same time, he also told Wang Cai to let it go outside the fan factory to guard against zombies approaching.
Lin Ying walked into the R&D building next to her, turned into an office and locked the door backhand.
Xiao Bai’s body has become hot. Lin Ying quickly put Xiao Bai in the room chair, then took a deep breath and started to cross his legs to absorb the vitality around him.
A moment later, a strong mental fluctuation appeared in Lin Ying’s mind.
This time, Lin Ying was prepared. Although the shock of mental fluctuation gave him a headache, it was acceptable.
Then a lot of vitality flowed to Xiaobai in a mysterious way.
After about a minute or two, Lin Ying opened her eyes and looked unbelievable.
This time, Xiaobai drew a lot of energy from him, but it lasted for a very short time, and at the same time, he returned more than once.
But this time Lin Ying and Xiao Bai are not advanced.
"Meow!" Small white eyes long had a stretch.
At this time, Lin Ying found that the small white sample had changed again.
Xiao Bai has always been called Xiao Bai, but he is a real black cat. His name Xiao Bai was given to him by his former idiot owner.
At this time, Xiaobai showed the characteristics of the first order again, but unlike the previous time, its black ink hair has disappeared and replaced by a black and white mixed hair, which is ugly to death
Lin Ying Lu Xiao Bai has some bitterness. "Hey Xiao Bai, you look so ugly now. Can you change back to the previous one?"
Xiao Bai seemed to understand Lin Ying’s words and replied "Meow".
Then its body shook and the whole sample instantly returned to its original sample.
I was surprised to see Xiao Bai dressed in black hair and forest shadows. Xiao Bai just turned into a black cat in black and white, which is worse than changing his face in Sichuan Opera.

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