It is very different for a soldier to become a teenager.
However, it is normal that Tu Yuan, the supreme commander of the theater in Base 5, arrived at Base 5 early but didn’t come to see Ji Xinghe for the first time. There are too many facts to deal with.
But the abnormal places also include the layout and so on. There is no reason for Tu Yuan to refuse to let Ji Xinghe participate in the meeting.
No one can say anything about Ji Xinghe’s own business.
Tu Yuan doesn’t take Ji Xinghe, so there is something wrong with Tu Yuan.
Did Tu Yuan know that he was going to break his leg?
When Ji Xinghe thought so, a school staff found him.
"I’m Liu Mian from Ji Xinghe School. We met me before. To make a long story short, I have a last word …"
Chapter 417 Tears can’t kill orangutans
"General, is it appropriate for Ji Xinghe School to hear this last word at this time?"
Before Liu Mian came to see Ji Xinghe, he had some doubts about Tu Yuan’s friendship with him.
Tu Yuan asked.
"What’s not appropriate?"
"Because Ji Xinghe School must remember many, many soldiers in Hsuanchan, he can remember the names. What’s worse, when he worked together for five years, it was equivalent to his apprentice Hsuanchan?"
"Are you worried that Ji Xinghe will be angry because of Hsuanchan’s sacrifice?"
"…" Liu Mian hesitated and replied, "It’s not appropriate to be angry, but his mood should be affected. I don’t think it’s appropriate when you are about to award him a title."
"You look down on Ji Xinghe," Tu Yuan asked. "Do you know how many last words he received?"
Liu Mian guessed, "More than 300?"
This is what he knows. Ji Xinghe knows and sacrifices the number of people on the battlefield.
Tu Yuan shook his head slightly. "He received 4,795 last words before today."
Liu Mian was shocked and thought of a unified system.
When those who are still alive are involved in the last words left by the victim, the middle part of the last words will be intercepted and sent to the relative.
This is a kind of respect for people who have already sacrificed.
For people who are still alive, this is a kind of commitment.
Many times, it is the names and sounds of those people that bear the spiritual responsibility. They should not be forgotten by the living.
"Ji Xinghe has heard many, many last words"
TuYuan calm tone eyes like lost in memories.
"From the most Li instructor to the people in the recent Independent Corps of Xinghe Mecha, from the time he knew and met to the time he had never seen them, he had never even heard of those people whose names did not belong to the same war zone."
"These people have known Ji Xinghe, seen Ji Xinghe, and heard of Ji Xinghe. They are encouraged by Ji Xinghe’s deeds and spirit. They regard Ji Xinghe’s spirit as a symbol of their last words."
"So Yu Xinghe’s part will be intercepted and sent to Ji Xinghe. Sometimes it’s a meaningless sentence, sometimes it’s like a classroom teacher sometimes knows it’s like a growing child."
"No matter what they say or who they are, their last words will be sent to Ji Xinghe. Article 4,795 Ji Xinghe has chosen to receive it. According to the record, Ji Xinghe has heard it."
Tu Yuan looked at Liu Mian and asked, "Do you know when he listens?"
Liu Mian shook his head and felt shocked and a little weird at the same time.
Lieutenant General Tu Yuanshen, the supreme commander of a war zone, would benefit himself to "peek" at Ji Xinghe’s last words. Is this a dereliction of duty?
"As far as I know, he can be distracted to listen to these last words except when he studies by himself."
"He listens to it when he sleeps late."
Tu Yuan’s words paused again, as if he finally realized that his line was too obscene and peeping, which was too inappropriate.
But he still wants to say
"He asked Nu Wa to play those last words when he was ready to go to bed and monitor and record his sleep state. If he fell asleep, Nu Wa would stop playing and record a playback node. When he wanted to listen to those last words again the next day, he would continue to play them from the recording and playback node. Sometimes he would play even a word of his last words when he went backwards from the recording and playback node."
"Liu Mian what do you think he can sleep in this sound? Why should he fall asleep listening to these sounds? "
Liu Mian shook his head and he didn’t know.
"Some people think it’s because he doesn’t care, but I think if he doesn’t care, he can refuse or just do it and delete it."
Tu Yuan’s line of sight moved from Liu Mian’s eyes to the No.5 base, which is getting closer and closer because space battleship is about to land. It’s like looking at the star river in Zhongji.
"Nu Wa recorded that he fell asleep faster and faster when listening to these last words, as if these last words had made him move, but in fact, he kept listening to them. Although he didn’t want to hear these regrets, he was very willing to listen to them, because these last words could strengthen his belief and make him stronger."
Liu Mian understood that he also looked at the No.5 base beside Tu Yuan.
"Ji Xinghe School is looking for moving in sacrifice, looking for strong faith in faith, and Ji Xinghe School is getting stronger and stronger."
"Yes, he is getting stronger and stronger, but he is still not strong enough."
After Tu Yuan approved it, he denied it and said, "This time he can change."
Liu Mian is still a little worried and asked, "But this time it’s different from before. What if Ji Xinghe School is angry because of this?" Today is his conferring ceremony if … "
"If he suddenly had a cow and then beat me up? Ha ha ha "
Tu Yuan laughed and his eyes were firm. "So much the better."
Liu Mian thought of something and suddenly felt that even if Ji Xinghe didn’t get mad because of that ordinary and special last words, Tu Yuan should try to make Ji Xinghe get mad.
That’s really good, but it hurts a little.
Ji Xinghe didn’t know that anyone would study all his works, but Tu Yuan was right. He was really willing to listen to those last words.
Know strangers
He gave those people strength, and those people gave him strength.

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