Li Er will force through the palm of your hand into the flute body bit by bit into her abdomen abdomen will also hook up her force.
Like two vines intertwined, he took her on a slow journey around him. They went through the human vein and the governor vein to the vest and entered him through the palm of Li Er’s hand.
Two forces, one yin and one yang, tightly embrace and entwine like a fish pattern of yin and yang, and slowly wander in Li Er’s body, constantly repairing his meridians.
Li Erjue felt very comfortable with a warm current all over him. He greedily entangled with the force of Wendi, sometimes letting himself pester her, and sometimes letting himself wrap her whole …
Wendi was lying in his arms and galloping in their bodies by himself. Through this healing, her mind also showed a lot of dry kungfu tips. It was really mysterious. Kung Fu was healing, but it made her understand the achievement method further.
Slowly accept the work. Li Er is reluctant to send the force back to Wendi. He has been holding her body and doesn’t want to put it.
Feel the force fall into the abdomen and smell the flute, and gradually open your eyes and suddenly swing at his deep eyes.
She stretched out her hand and "clicked" the mask to him. She took off half of the mask from Li Er. In front of her, she found the mask. She would pick it when she touched the mask gently.
His face is still so beautiful, even with blood, it still fascinates her
Take out Pawendi from the sleeve and gently wipe his blood. The bright red blood looks so shocking in his fair skin. I feel distressed when I smell the flute and wipe it.
The girl in my arms is so serious and careful. The smell of sandalwood smoked by her handkerchief is also very good. I hug her quietly and treat her with enough rubbing. Li Ercai stretched out his hand and held her little hand and took it away in his hand.
"Don’t stop when the empress is dirty."
His mouth was slightly hoarse.
Li Er, are you thirsty?
Wendi winked at her pink sakura mouth and looked at him.
His Adam’s apple moved and his heart beat fast. He put his hand around her waist and leaned over to kiss the lips.
He felt a quiver, and his heart missed a beat. Then he closed his eyes and gently sucked on her pink lips.
Li Erdong tells the bottom of my heart’s desire with extremely gentle and burning lips. He gently closes his eyes and lets his tongue pry the shell teeth to hook up her uvula and entangle it.
The heat in the lower abdomen rises, and Li Erdong is also a little rude. He gently puts her whole person in the throat of the bed and makes a stuffy hum. Her palms are clasped.
After hearing the flute in my head, I blushed like a cooked shrimp and let him move.
A warmth came from the abdomen, slowly covered in Li Er’s palm, entered his body and then returned to her body.
Li Er and Wendi trembled at the same time and felt that heaven and earth were clear
From her body away from Li Er’s lips with a silver thread, he stretched out his hand to pull Wendi out of bed and cut her hair.
"Does it feel good for the empress to break through?"
"You said … breakthrough?"
Wen Di blushed and was kissed by Li Er. How did he break through?
"It’s Empress Gan Kun’s magic formula that finally entered the third floor-she can help others to exercise healing independently and resist most of the force injuries."
"Really? Great! I, I don’t even know … "
I’m glad that Yu Wendi blushed slightly again, as if she was a dry kunmiao tactic. The first layer was that she had been practicing since childhood, and the others seemed to have come to the 17th Wangfu Li Er with her breakthrough.
"Empress, the advantage of this dry kunmiao tactic is that it can be practiced by two people." Li Erqing said, "Only Li Er dared to ask Empress if she would like to practice with Li Er to learn some life-saving means."
Wendi listened to stare big eyes "so you also …"
Li Er nodded. "When I was a child, it was a coincidence that I would do it."
No wonder he asked her to choose! Wei Chi Jincheng’s "Yang Tactics" can get the bonus of "Gan Kun Miao Fa Tactics" to break through the bottleneck faster, but it is beneficial to her body. However, Li Er has cultivated the same work as her, which means that they can complement each other and break through together!
"Li Er, how many floors are your skills now?"
Smell the flute sound a little excited.
Li Er said faintly, "It has been achieved."
See flute little face red/awkward Li Er pulled the lip angle and pulled her into her arms and gently covered her lips.
"Is the Empress willing to go to the peak with Li Er?"
Chapter 6 chess tells you
Blood spatter Yao Qiqi put away the "mirror flower" and turned to Shui Han.
"These guys are really vulnerable, and the Lord actually let us two’ days’ font killers go out …"
Wipe away the blood on Yao Qiqi’s pink face. Shui Han smiled at her. "We are efficient, and the other party is willing to bid. Besides, Qiqi doesn’t want to go out with me?"
"No!" Yao Qiqi leaned shyly against Shui Han. "Qiqi likes being with Brother Han best!" Yao Qiqi finished rubbing his head against Shui Han’s chest.
"Now it’s interpersonal July 7th. Let’s deal with the scene quickly and return to Ruoshuige."
In a dark alley in Beijing, Li Er and Wendi have arranged their clothes. When calculating, Li Sanren and others should come and meet them.
Both of them sweated more or less when practicing just now, and now the weather is warming up, and it’s a little sticky. I found a cattail leaf fan from the house and Li Er gently fanned it for her.
"Li Er, take a break. It won’t be so stuffy when you go out for a while."
I’m a little embarrassed to be served by him so much. At the end of the day, he is her bodyguard, not a servant. He treats her so much.
"hinder" Li Er again cherish words like gold hand but didn’t stop fanning the cool breeze to her.
"Thanks to you today …" Wendi said that the face was a little red and the light in the room was a little dark. She lowered her head and didn’t show much.
"It’s just a matter of separation."
"By the way, when I was with Huangqi, I found that someone had been spying on you. Didn’t you always follow me? Can you find anything? "
"Li Er can’t get into the chess room, but she needs to be very careful to guard things inside outside."
"So that’s it …" Wendi bowed her head and thought of nine things with some loss and asked again, "What about nine? I didn’t get to him … "
"Nine Zuns never do things according to common sense, and he will work for anyone with high price and favorable conditions."

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