The East China Sea Dragon King’s big mouth quacked with laughter. Two Lao Hao land cruisers laughed and left the community.
Besides, Pi two dog, he took Li Dongfa to the riverside in the suburbs and called Li Xiang to stop and hit the door. He kicked Li Dongfa and Li Dongfa’s face was bitter and said, "My brother Li Dongsheng is a big brother in Baiyin District. You have offended me and I have no good results!"
"Li Dongfa, don’t rob my lines. You have sinned against me and there is no good fruit to eat! Li Xiang told him who I am! " Two dog said angrily that the rumor of stealing has been broken since the donation of nearly two hundred million Bainai highways. I never thought that Wan Li Yaonanguo Yangcheng could still hear this disgusting noise.
"Li Dongfa, listen up, he’s Da Nai Village, and he’s a big man, Pi two dog. You’re so bold that you dare to make rumors in front of him!" Tian Huili Xiang was so angry when she learned that rumors had come to Yangcheng.
"What did you say? He is the big boss of Dani Village, then I am President Ma. Haha, how can he be a big boss when he is twenty years old? " Li Dongfa this old firm giant sledgehammer laughed.
"The boss doesn’t believe this old thing!" Tian Huili Xiang Yu said
"I don’t need him to believe that I always speak with strength!" Say Pi two dog saw a giant rock on the side, with a visual inspection of more than ten tons of heavy pedal pedal pedal two dog pants, and there was a loud noise before he saw dust and smoke everywhere. More than ten tons of heavy boulders were instantly decomposed and large and small gravel were scattered all over the floor.
"God, it turned out to be Hercules!" Looked at Li Dongfa face big lower proud head way "leather boss didn’t expect the famous leather boss is a young boy! Li has eyes. Li is damn guilty! "
"Old man Li, I recorded what you slandered me. Just one sentence. Are you going to settle it privately or publicly?" Two dog new flavor shaking legs way
"How do you say it when you are private?" Li Dong sincerely said that his younger brother Li Dongsheng is also a big shot, but he is a scum in front of two dog, not an equal opponent. How to fight?
The more I think about Li Dongfa, the more worried I am. I secretly pray that my brother will not be strong.
"Private means that you apologize and compensate for the mental loss of 10 million. If you go to court, I demand that the mental loss be 20 million and apologize!"
"ah? Is it too much to talk about it? " Li Dongfa suddenly covered his fierce mouth and bowed into a shrimp.
"Boss, I checked that this person is a famous smiling tiger in Yangcheng. He is pretending not to be!" Tian Huili Xiang Xiao Xing Dao
"Is Li Xiang’s famous company a pole?"
"He is the chairman of Dongfa Trading Company, and the city company is worth tens of billions. Because he is a city company, he is most afraid of going to court. Once he loses, it will inevitably cause the company’s share price to plummet!"
Smell speech skin two dog hippies straight joy son came to Li Dongfa way "don’t pretend you don’t like a smiling tiger now rose by twenty million! It will go up again! "
"Don’t don’t! I agree to pay you 10 million! " When this was said, Li Dong’s heart ached and his flesh ached. Oh, my God, 110 million is killing you.
"Ten million you want to be beautiful! Didn’t you hear what I just said? It’s up to 20 million! " Two dog said that if he meowed, he might as well go to court. When the time comes, he can get a good name in the newspaper. The so-called "just people" everywhere say that he is a thief
"Ok, I promise to pay you 20 million yuan!" Li Dongfa and nine planets City’s super boss Wong Tai Sin are long-standing friendship, and now even Wong Tai Sin has become a follower of Pi two dog. He can’t afford to play with the chairman of a company. Besides, he is so blinded that he doesn’t know who this teenager is. Let Pi two dog record the evidence quickly.
"This is the card number. Call this card now!" Two dog hand-over bank card road
"Okay, okay" When Li Dongfa dialed a message, he went out.
It didn’t take long for two dog to receive a short message to see that 20 million had arrived at the account. two dog said with satisfaction, "You haven’t apologized yet!"
"I’m sorry, Mr. Pi. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have broadcast your rumors. I deserve to die!" Li Dongfa almost cried
"Old man Li, you are the chairman of the group company. It is reasonable to say that at your level, you should know that you can’t follow others’ advice, especially if you don’t see the rumor of destroying people’s names with your own eyes or evidence. You just kept saying that you saw me steal things with your own eyes!" Two dog a training way
"I was confused and lied at the moment. I came to Yangcheng at the age of 20 and rarely went back to Baiyang Town for a year. How can I see it with my own eyes?"
"You are also a successful person. I heard people say that a person’s success will inevitably make people jealous. I don’t believe you have never been jealous. What would you think if I said you stole something?"
"Is the rumor is terrible! After that, I will definitely learn my lesson and stop trusting other people’s words! " Li Dongfa a face of sincere way
"Chairman Li, I think your sincerity is enough. This matter is over. Pear fragrance-"
"Boss, please tell me!"
"Director Lian Gongye asked her to help communicate with the western region-I’m going to donate this 20 million to build a school in the western region!" Two dog threw a big bang way
"The boss donated 20 million?" I can’t believe my ears when I smell Tian Huilixiang.
Li Dongfa was surprised when he learned that Pi two dog was going to donate 20 million yuan to the school built in the western part of China. "Pi Daxie is brave and righteous! Li Mou is not you!"
Chapter 663 In distress situation
When I went back to the couch hotel and looked at him again, my eyes were different. "two dog did a good job and donated 20 million yuan at a time. This poor western mountainous area is a huge sum of money to do a lot of things. On behalf of poor children in mountainous areas, I thank you for your kindness!"
"Sister Xian Xiang doesn’t thank you!" With that, two dog went to the sleeping shop and lay down to take a nap. As soon as he closed his eyes, he suddenly had a pair of soft pancreas and picked it up in his head.
After holding it for a few minutes, he turned over and crawled.
"two dog, you give love to the western region, and the people in the mountainous areas will remember you. When the time comes, you will donate money to build a school and be named after you!" Gong Yexian thought that his small donation was so big that he couldn’t help but sit up and take notice of him.
"Sister Xian Xiang, you are a big director. It’s outrageous to give me a massage for the civilians in this township!" This guy said so, but he was too comfortable to move.
"You are not a civilian. You are my idol! I’m not a director in front of you, but your maid. Let me show you some love! " Say the gong ye xian Xiang massage harder.
"Sister Xian Xiang, you!" At this time, two dog’s mobile phone came to talk. I picked it up and saw that it was Fang Yao. Suddenly, two dog was happy. "How did Fang Yao think?"
"two dog, where are you? I came to see you!" Fang Yao’s tone of speaking to him has changed, like asking for a good friend or family, full of kindness.
When I heard that he looked excited, he said, "Ok, I’ll send you the address!"
After a while, Fang Yao, wearing a fork cheongsam and a feather, strolled in and said, "You guys are very good at enjoying this door?"
"No, I’m his maid!" Gongye Xianxiang installed a comparison.
"Sister Xian Xiang, you!" Two dog is in distress situation. He wants to say that Gongye Xianxiang is the director of the Secret Service. It is estimated that Fang Yao will laugh at him for bragging again.
"I’m going to take a maid to stay in dozens of small hotels. It’s really you!" Fang Yao to the ground only to find that this guy couch is not a hotel, but dozens of roadside shops to want to back down, only to find that this guy actually has a maid!
"Mr. Fang, I am a poor peasant hotel in the countryside. I can’t afford to stay for thousands of nights!" Two dog lied without making a draft
"In this case, I will doubt your strength. You, the owner of a roadside ten-yuan store, said that you can move the industrial park, repair the subway to the five-pointed star, and wholesale food from Danai Village … aren’t you bragging?" Fang Yao said that this guy from the countryside really can’t see through it. He said he didn’t have the strength. There was a beautiful maid who said he had the strength. He didn’t have the money to stay in a hotel.
What’s even more strange is that such a country guy is actually close to the mayor Lao’s daughter.
Lao Xiaoai is also a quack. Not everyone is fooling around, but Lao Xiaoai is full of admiration for this guy!
Such a good guy should be a five-star hotel and a luxury car. This is the standard for picking up girls and girls.
Who would have thought that this guy actually lived in a ten-dollar store!
There are indications that this Pi two dog is probably a senior cheat!
Just as Fang Yao wanted to back down, he saw that the Dragon King of the East China Sea strode in and reported, "Boss, I beat up that old bastard Lao Hao, and now he is honest! Please indicate how to deal with it in one step! "
"Long Di Li Dongfa compensated me for my mental loss. You let Lao Hao go!"
"It’s the boss!"
Seeing that the Dragon King of the East China Sea strode out, Fang Yao gasped and said, "Is two dog your little brother?"
"What happened to my sidekick?" Two dog common way
"God, his fist is so big that it scares people to death!" Fang Yao was slightly changed way
"He’s the Dragon King of the East China Sea. Can a man with a fist of 5,000 catties not have a bigger fist?" Two dog likes to see Fang Yao with a surprised face. He looks at Zhile.
"Ah?" On hearing the name of the Dragon King in the East China Sea, Fang Yao’s mouth was open enough to plug a ji egg for half a day before he was surprised. "Pi two dog, the Dragon King in the East China Sea, is a penetrating figure. How can he be your footman? A braggart! "
Fang Yao’s voice did not fall and Tian Huilixiang hurried in and said, "The boss Lao Xiaoai wants you to go to her house!"
"Good to know!"
Fang Yao see Tian Huili sweet a face of meng "two dog who is this beauty? It’s not your sidekick, is it? "
"You’re right. Pear fragrance is my sidekick. Of course, I’m a braggart. Don’t believe it properly!" Two dog retorted.
"Pi two dog, these minions look like you paid for it to get Lao Xiaoai. Am I right?" Fang Yao spirit not dozen 1 come way
"Oh, you play well. Keep playing!"

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