For humans and orangutans, Ji Xinghe’s figure is tall and strong, and there are images of Ji Xinghe in the empire. But when Ji Xinghe undressed and showed his present appearance, people and orangutans could not help but take a deep breath.
Skeleton-shaped, the back should be straight. After losing the armor support of individual exoskeleton, it bends like a thousand pounds to bear his back.
Broken and dried-up blood looks ferocious. Metal balls are embedded in the heart, and there are cobwebs around them. Blood stains and veins are like selecting people and eating parasites.
So Ji Xinghe just wanted to fight to the death?
So Ji Xinghe just killed the base defense force?
So Ji Xinghe just threatened Emperor Wu III?
In the heart shock between man and the scarlet, Ji Xinghe went to Ji Rong Xinyue and went to the champion, while Ji Rong Xinyue didn’t help him. It seems that helping Ji Xinghe is the biggest insult to Ji Xinghe.
When Ji Xinghe walked into the champion Hou, the champion Hou was controlled by the stars and the moon and sat behind the ground. The cockpit entrance was so low that Ji Xinghe could walk in with his feet lifted.
But Ji Xinghe didn’t lift his feet. He looked at Ji Rongxinyue and stretched out his hand.
Ji Rong Xin Yue took hold of his hand and held his body straight with his head down for the first time.
Once again, he said, "Grandpa, please wear armor!"
Ji Xinghe was silent for a few seconds, and after all, he should be one.
He lifted his foot into the cockpit of the champion Hou, and Ji Rong Xin was relieved. She didn’t want to let go and watched Ji Xinghe finish piercing armor.
Then returned to her individual exoskeleton armor position also wear armor.
Chap 65 can I decide my own destiny?
When Ji Rongxin unloaded her armor, she had surrounded the imperial forces in her area and there was no change. When Ji Xinghe unloaded her armor, she could see the image of Ji Xinghe at this moment, and the imperial orangutans and monkeys were horrified, but at the same time they did not dare to look forward to it. They seemed to be tempted to move.
However, the gate controlled by the transition base command center did not start the attack command, which did not reach the point that they could continue to endure and produce more and more practical outlooks, which they considered more practical.
The first person in the Federation is weaker than ever. Who can bear it in front of him?
It’s hard for the command center. They can’t hear the dialogue between Emperor Wu III and Ji Xinghe. They know what the situation is now. If they don’t solve Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue, they won’t have the mana to deal with the federal general attack from the surface. Moreover, holding six tactical nuclear grenades, Ji Rongxinyue can cause damage to the base department, which is fatal.
Will Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue still be killed? Should the federal general attack curb the counterattack? Have you mobilized more reinforcements after all? How to fight this war?
Many questions made them choose to connect with Adakang’s communication for instructions. This is a procedural problem, not a matter of seeing that Emperor Wu III had been personally recruited, but Adakang returned a’ stay put’ and said nothing.
Stay put?
Is the base department on hold or should the outside of the base be on hold?
The transition base command center is more and more difficult, but no matter how difficult they are, they can continue to be difficult to go to the empire. The federal system is very different. When Adakang and Emperor Wudi III were all defeated, they would never obey the order of staying put even if Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue replaced the command center of Emperor Wudi III and Adakang.
Of course, before the command center, there were federal generals such as Tu Yuan and Yang Antai who disagreed with Ji Xinghe. Their command sequence was higher at the same level as Ji Xinghe, and who in the empire could be at the same level as Emperor Wu III and Adakang? Who dares to disagree with them?
The orangutans and monkeys were amazed that Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue almost finished armor piercing at the same time. Compared with the need for parts to be re-developed, adsorbed, superimposed and embedded in individual exoskeleton armor champion Hou, this mecha armor piercing process should be simple and rapid, and more tactical helmets with brainwave sensing function should be worn to directly operate the champion Hou.
But for Ji Xinghe, he doesn’t need to finish armor piercing, but he can get into the champion’s cockpit first. When he finishes armor piercing and controls the champion to stand up again, it is still the same as when Ji Rongxinyue wears armor again.
He moves slowly as if he were really old.
In the click, the champion Hou turned to face Ji Rong Xinyue, but did not move further, which made the monkey suspect that Ji Xinghe had exhausted his last strength.
"Is he really good?" Idakang thought that he was a little worried about just riding the Milky Way and asked Emperor Wu III, "What’s the matter with the body directly drawing energy from the sacred crystal?" Can having a mecha like Hou, the champion of simulated nervous system, help Ji Xinghe to stabilize his state? Is it possible for him to have the champion and then burst into the sacred crystal energy? "
Ji Xinghe was forced to absorb the sacred crystal energy, which was caused by it. After that, Ji Xinghe manipulated several prince armor at the same time by controlling armor with air, which alleviated the sacred crystal energy and witnessed the destruction speed of the body.
Based on its understanding of the characteristics of Qi, sacred crystal energy and gifts, it feels that Ji Xinghe may be able to live, but it is difficult to make an accurate judgment because it does not know enough about the artificial mecha nervous system.
Emperor Wu III suspected that he knew the artificial mecha nervous system, and now he seemed to be in a good mood and answered patiently and seriously.
"I wasn’t sure before, but now he is because the sacred crystal he has is the most suitable natural sacred crystal to draw strength from directly, and I gave him the reason why he had to succeed."
Natural Shengjing
Adakang’s heart suddenly tightened because if the sacred crystal that Ji Xinghe had at this time was a natural sacred crystal, it must be that it got the sacred crystal from Taowucha, the Grand Duke of the Empire. It was seized by other means, and Adakang was redeemed before being carried in the wreckage of the miniaturized transition door. These sacred crystals could not have the most precious natural sacred crystal.
Theoretically, Emperor Wu III should not know this.
Is it because Emperor Wudi III perceived the unusual place of the sacred crystal, or was Taowucha’s original transaction with himself in the hands of Emperor Wudi III?
The former is most likely due to the fact that many generations of imperial armour have made the energy core a natural sacred crystal, and it is normal for Emperor Wudi III to practice in Imperial armour and know something about the natural sacred crystal.
But if it’s the latter … It seems that nothing has come to this situation. Have you stolen the natural sacred crystal without permission? What’s the good intention?
Adakang calmly continued to ask, "Then what hasn’t he?"
"Give Ji Rong Xinyue a hand," Adakang added, "or can he be stable when he needs it? I didn’t feel any unusual breath fluctuation from the champion. "
Like Emperor Wu III, it was able to isolate six metal walls and perceive the champion Hou.
Emperor Wu III is not surprised that the tone has a smile. "What changes do you think the champion Hou should have?" Is it radiant or energetic, or is it comparable to a nuclear explosion? "

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