Town north king sighed again.
"Retreat is like taking your fist back first if you want to punch hard. We should not be led by the nose by the federal government. We should force them to join forces and fight a real decisive battle with us. Of course, we must have intelligence. Without intelligence, we will still be led by the nose.
I’ll take your uncle and brothers to war then. "
I don’t know which sentence was said by the king of Zhenbei, or because of Ji Xinghe.
When the Seventh Anti-Xinghe Corps was about to arrive at the battlefield, when two federally-transported individual starships opened energy shields and braved imperial fire to send God’s punishment armor and Xingyue armor to the battlefield of the independent regiment.
The empire has reached the retreat order.
Once again, the Federation won an unprecedented victory. From the point of view of the value of breaking and capturing the imperial mecha, it was not inferior to the War Mark Canyon. That time, it was called the’ Last Battle of War Mark Canyon’, which was greatly surpassed.
In history, this battle is called the third surface battle of the Mountain of Gods, which is the third battle in which both sides invested their troops to reach the line level in more than 20 years.
And many emotional propaganda campaigns are also called’ Chessboard Campaign of the Mountain of the Gods’.
Li Yuanba didn’t participate in the battle because it decided the outcome of the battle. Su Chuanyun didn’t really participate in the war, and the famous name was even worse.
Driving the Imperial Armor Jackson said it was a decoration, but it was almost like pretending to be Jackson Williams, not to mention that if he hadn’t been facing the Imperial Duke Armor, it would definitely be exposed and bring unpredictable changes.
In this era, many people also called this battle’ Jixing River Chessboard Campaign’
Because of Li Yuanba, Jackson, Rovich, Su Chuanyun, Li Han, Williams Xinghe Independent Group, Trapped Independent Group, Holy Independent Group, Baldheaded Eagle Independent Group, Blue Independent Group,
This battle is full of chess. One careless move will lose the game.
But in the end, he won because Ji Xinghe’s most powerful chess game was himself.
Five-thread synchronous warfare takes the lead
Needless to say, driving a transport-type single-soldier starship always calculates the energy shield threshold and takes Ji Xinghe to the battlefield to reach the top of Huang Thirteen’s disappointment.
"A group of dog orangutans have been preparing big moves for several years. Why don’t they give the old a chance?"
"Fortunately, being old and young is not like an old man having a chance to come out."
"But when will the old man give me a gift? I always really don’t want to die after the big move."
"Always laugh with your hands akimbo in front of the living old man and ask him."
"Who said that only a mecha can break Duke Jia?"
Chapter 64 Stars and moons You are exposed
Li Yuanba was disappointed and worried.
Li Zhengfan noticed the change of Li Yuanba’s eyes and asked with a smile.
"Why didn’t the old man get one hundred and thirty red stars like you said? One hundred and twenty-one stars are almost there. If the empire hadn’t withdrawn, even if the old man could get one hundred and thirty red stars, we wouldn’t have won. "
We know our own business.
Li Zhengfan has a good understanding of the existing federal forces and various weapons configurations.
He knows very well that if the empire can put all its eggs in one basket, the Federation has absolutely no hope of winning this battle today.
"No, we can win."
Li Yuanba made Li Zhengfan frown. He couldn’t figure out why Li Yuanba was so confident.
Ji Xinghe?
Not enough!
Better than a horse, Xinghe can get more than 20 red stars in this battle today because he has no real meaning from beginning to end, and he is fighting with the major independent groups and the Imperial Mecha Corps.
"From a tactical point of view, the old man’s five-thread exercise is just beneficial to the empire’s lack of preparation. The reason for dividing the battlefield targets and tactics interspersed with the empire is that today’s motive force is a whole elephant, and the old man is a python that can continuously cut meat and then eat it.
However, it is still too little for a lean camel to cut meat than a big old man. If this last bite is directly bitten, I don’t know what we will win. "
Li Yuanba didn’t say that he knew the answer, but he also knew that the answer could not be kept secret for too long.
Today, in the battle of Ji Xinghe, he chose to "break the limit" again and drive five mecha at the same time. It is difficult to explain the miracle of fighting with strong spirit and will.
Because up to now, the Federation has been able to separate itself in actual combat, including Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba, and Li Yuanba’s limit is to fuck two mecha at the same time and still be in the same battlefield.
Ji Xinghe’s five-thread exercise spans three battlefields, and the situation in each battlefield is completely different.
So do you want to tell Li Zhengfan? Li Zhengfan’s wisdom, talent, experience and so on may think of a more suitable method.
When Li Yuanba hesitated, he received a message, which was a question.
"Can you fuck five mecha at the same time?"
For others to ask Li Yuanba without reason, including commander-in-chief Ivanovich.
But the person who asks this question now is Andy, his father, Grand Marshal of the Federal Crown.
Moreover, Li Yuanba knows Andy very well, and he would never ask directly before he has any ideas, even if he is his son.
Is it analyzed or guessed, or is it Tu Yuan?
Li Yuanba didn’t answer directly, but gave this question to Ji Xinghe and also to Xingyue. He handed over his choice.
And added, "Xingyue, you are exposed."
The battle is not over yet. Ji Xinghe, Xingyue are driving God’s punishment armor, Xingyue is wearing Su Chuanyun’s overlord armor to kill the fifth and sixth anti-Xinghe Corps of the Empire.
The seventh anti-Xinghe Corps of the Empire, which came with reinforcements, had already retreated quickly before it officially entered the war, and could not be chased.
But the two imperial mecha corps Ji Xinghe, who had already fought in the war, did not want to let go.
God punished Jia Ji for driving the Milky Way. He was good at prancing and directly smashed many imperial earl Jia. Today, he didn’t have a chance to make the energy weapon "The six great divisions in the wheel of karma", which is a massacre.
In the face of defense, compared with tungsten, steel and gold to build weapons, some ordinary imperial earl Jia Ji, Xinghe, broke through in a clean and crisp way
Two combat knives stab the waist.
Strive to minimize the damage of the mecha to bring the deadliest and most efficient way to defeat Ji Xinghe. It seems that these earl armour will become a federal mecha and naturally reluctant to cause more damage.
From the mechanic’s point of view, the penetrating wound in the waist and eye position can be repaired at the lowest cost of the federal government
Before and after the six anti-Xinghe mecha corps, there were 1,000 in Earl’s Armour alone. Although not all federal mecha can do it like Ji Xinghe, they can also complete the restoration of 1,500 after being captured.
At this time, the less damage is caused, the less difficult it is to repair, and the resource pressure on the Federation will be much less.
Also chose this high-efficiency way to break, and at the same time control overlord armour, star and moon armour, star and moon.
Needless to say, Xingyuejia has started overclocking, which enables Xingyuejia to move at a very high speed and dexterity, just like an experienced old farmer waving a sickle and reaping harvest fruits in a rice field.
Each blow of six three-section spears can bring fatal effect. Combined with two combat knives in both hands, the breaking efficiency is much higher than that of Ji Xinghe.
If it is true that the ability of machine maintenance is stronger than that of Ji Xinghe, the life foundation of artificial intelligence and the ability to play a nearly perfect computing power in such a melee.

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