Xiao Lanqi paused and said to Lin Ying, "Let me go. I really can’t. Remember what you said to help me find women and children and take them to the shelter, okay?"
Looking pale, Xiao Lanqi Lin Ying put him on the sofa and nodded to him and said, "I know, don’t worry, I will promise you something. Besides, it’s part of our deal and I will abide by it."
Hear Lin Ying guarantee XiaoLanJi satisfaction nodded and then closed his eyes.
When Xiao Lanqi closes his eyes, a lot of blood comes out of his mouth and nose.
At the back, his eyes and even his ears kept bleeding.
Lin Ying looked at him and finally knew what is called 7 bleeding.
After taking some blood, Xiao Lanqi let out a scream of pain, and then his head fell flat and there was no movement.
Qing Muyang ran to Xiao Lanqi’s side, stretched out his hand, tried his nose and shook his head. "The boss has died. Do you want to make up a knife?"
Looking at lying on the sofa, Xiao Lanqi Lin Ying shook his head. "Forget it, let him go. Take his bag and things and let’s get out of here."
"Good!" Green Muyang pulled Xiaolanqi’s backpack as soon as he answered, and then Xiaolanqi rummaged through his pockets.
In the end, Qing Muyang searched everything in Xiao Lanqi’s body and put it in his backpack.
After confirming that there is nothing missing, Lin Ying and his wife came out of the room.
Lin Ying took his things after Xiao Lanqi’s death because Xiao Lanqi’s mercenaries had something with them, which must be good. Lin Ying might get it.
Besides, he’s dead, and one step is to become a zombie.
I almost laughed when I watched yesterday’s addition. It’s good to have a new subscription. Let me cry for a while first.
Chapter 143 Someone gets there first.
The beach attracts a lot of zombies, which also leads to the decrease of zombies in other places.
So Lin Yingbiao intends to take this opportunity to enter the hospital with a bang.
Coming out of the residential building, Lin Ying let the zombie cat explore in front of its launching ability.
After the zombie is invisible, ordinary people or zombie roots can’t find him, and it can also solve some obstacles for zombies to clear the road ahead, which is very good.
In this way, the zombie cat came to the hospital with Lin Ying in a thrilling way.
The hospital is surrounded by zombies, and there is no way to rely on zombie cats to move forward.
Some zombies are still wearing hospital diseases, while others are wearing white coats. These zombies all ran out of the hospital.
But zombies around here are more changed by town residents.
Lin Ying glanced at the zombies around the hospital and felt that there was no way to enter the hospital without disturbing the surrounding zombies.
But Lin Ying found that there was an emergency passage behind the hospital, where there were fewer zombies, but she could enter the hospital from there.
An ambulance stood across the emergency passage and blocked the whole passage.
There are probably more than ten zombies near the cab seat with a zombie car tied to it, but these zombies are all outside the channel.
Because there is an ambulance blocking the passage, there is no zombie inside.
Lin Ying intends to go in from here.
Lin Ying observed the zombies around and made arrangements. "Crazy, wait a minute. How about we enter the hospital from there and clean up the zombies on both sides behind Wangcai?"
Wangcai is rough-skinned. It’s hard for zombies to bite through its skin and let it rush ahead. It can resist tons of damage.
Green MuYang stand stand hand "I have no problem."
Green MuYang holding his screw pike waved in the air gave a buzz.
Qingmuyang is in good condition and has not been injured by the previous explosion.
See green MuYang state ok Lin Ying will make arrangements.
Wangcai is responsible for dispersing the zombie formation, followed by Lin Ying and Qing Muyang, and is responsible for cleaning up the zombies dispersed by Wangcai.
Behind Lin Ying are his animals, and these animals will also join the ranks of cleaning up zombies.
After the formation is arranged, Lin Ying can move easily.
So Lin Ying and all the beasts also jumped out.
As soon as they got out, they ran to the emergency passage.
Zombies near the emergency passage saw Lin Ying and they rushed over.
Wang Cai ran like a cheetah before.
Before a zombie rushed to bite, it was directly knocked over by Wang Cai.
Lin Ying and Qing Muyang will follow the lead screw pike in their hands and be killed by a zombie knocked over.
Behind the animals are also rushed forward to the zombies to the fastest speed to get rid of these zombies.
More than a dozen zombies will be solved in less than a minute.
Lin Ying and others turned over from the roof of the ambulance and ran into the emergency passage.
The door of the first-aid passage was left unlocked. Lin Ying pushed the door and entered, and found that there were several nurse sisters turned into zombies.
Usually beautiful and beautiful than the nurse sister has become particularly ugly at this time.
These first-order zombies have rotted and the stench is constantly giving off, making people want to vomit when they smell it.
After solving these once beautiful zombie sisters, Lin Ying found that there were no traces of zombies and humans hanging around the first aid side.
There are a lot of data and equipment scattered on the ground, but there are no zombies.

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