"Worried about general horse body? General Ji himself said that there is nothing to worry about? "
"The former empire several times nuclear weapons bombed general ji, didn’t we also bombed general ji twice? Why are you afraid to blow up now that General Ji has become a Samsung general? "
"We are all precious, and the alien transportation resources are not so abundant. Let us gather here and wait. It is murder, murder, murder, federal murder and human murder."
More and more people make suggestions, so suggestions become accusations.
Qiao Menglian, commander of Base 6, also joined in and gave a fatal blow.
"Either give us more resources and don’t let us give you any more resources, or don’t send them over. We can’t afford to borrow resources from the independent group now. If we go like this again, I really regard General Ji as our theater commander."
Ji Xinghe, who has not been able to master the limited base of No.6, has been expanded and recruited. He wants to be bigger and stronger with an independent group. If he really gives Ji Xinghe the limited base of No.6 …
When those who were waiting in line for gifts at the No.6 base suddenly applied to the original army to be transferred to the independent regiment, Ivanovic finally couldn’t help it.
"Give him a dirty bomb, let him eat it, let him eat enough to vomit."
Let Ji Xinghe wait for Li Yuanba?
Can’t wait.
Chapter 697 Hundred percent overclocking!
The federal weapons management is extremely strict, especially the weapons in the living base.
Five years ago, when Ji Xinghe just arrived in alien, he came to Su River in alien, and told him that there were some tragedies in alien life base. Those who were driven crazy by the pressure of war and harsh living environment would hurt themselves and others at the same time.
Even now, the pressure of war is much less than before, and the living standard has risen a little. There are more psychologists who have gone to great pains to make themselves depressed and crazy. We should keep strict control over weapons in the base department.
In this case, it is normal that there are no nuclear radiation-containing substances or weapons and equipment in the No.6 base, and the independent group of the mecha nuclear fuel pool needs to "purchase" itself, and Ji Xinghe is reluctant to dismantle it.
Okay, the people in line at base six explained the word "the general trend"
A team from Nantianmen brought a dirty bomb that Ji Xinghe needed and cooperated with the mechanics of No.6 base to build an exclusive recovery for Ji Xinghe, similar to that built by Xingyue in Xianyang City.
There was a small problem before it was built.
"What’s the name? Just call the old man’s exclusive training room. "
"It’s better to formally name the old man as General Ji Xinghe."
"What training room practice room is not more appropriate? I always think that the old man will one day be able to soar to immortality or break the virtual enlightenment and surpass the road of technological evolution. "
"That’s too much. The old man has said many times to believe in science."
"Well, the old man said he wanted to believe in science and turned his head to dismantle a mecha with his bare hands."
"Don’t talk nonsense, the old man hasn’t reached the level of unarmed mecha."
"You didn’t go to the garage these days? God punished methyl by the old man with his bare hands. "
"That also took several days."
"God punish a mecha is what level? But also maintenance and transformation can’t be violently dismantled. If it is really a fight, the old man will dismantle it with his bare hands and let’s cut the armor for a minute. "
"It’s not so easy to dismantle the mountain armor, is it? Broken array mecha … why don’t we ask the old man if he can dismantle it?"
"ask? Do you need to ask? I’m sure I can dismantle it. "
"That makes sense, but let’s continue to name it."
In the end, Su Chuanyun came up with a name that most people were excited to accept-Jijia Private Restaurant.
It sounds nondescript, but considering that Ji Xinghe is equivalent, it seems that there is no problem to’ eat’ dirty bombs with great lethality here.
The reason why most people in the independent group can agree is that the name gives them an expectation that they can have a private dinner with the old man one day.
"Old man, your private kitchen is a little hard."
Shen Mu got the news one step ahead of Ji Xinghe, and his eyes were envious and expecting when he spoke. If he could eat such a hard dish, how could he get the sixth level?
It is no secret that it is impossible to awaken the gift ability after receiving the gift from Ji Xinghe, that is, to directly absorb nuclear radiation and cultivate the ability
But the greatest hope of mankind is that it has been able to keep hope.
What if?
Ji Xinghe’s ear has already heard the sound of the stars and moons, which explains the origin of Shen Mu’s sentence.
"I’ll take you with me if you want to eat."
"Dare not wait until I break through?"
Shen Mu has also reached the third stage. It is not the more recent reason, but that Shen Mu is really crazy. Before he got the gift, he often worked 16 or 17 hours a day to force Liu and them to turn over Shen Mu’s direct medicine, which is a good sleep.
After receiving the gift, this guy is even crazier. He has been repairing the mecha, changing the mecha and building the mecha for 40 hours, which makes people worry that he will suddenly die one day.
Gas power is not everything.
In this case, it is difficult for Liu and them to control Shen Mu any more. When they are angry, Shen Mu can play a good role. Xinghe won’t stay in the maintenance area all the time. Shen Mu doesn’t die suddenly. Xinghe made a’ private’ personal ability.
Although Ji Xinghe has given more than one person the third paragraph of environmental gifts, and the number of people who accept the second paragraph of environmental gifts is close to three figures, at this stage, no one in the Federation can break through the realm obtained through gifts on its own.
It’s not so difficult to break through from the first stage to the second stage. Kazeman just got the gift from the first stage and broke through to the second stage by himself. According to Kazeman, his orangutans and the research of the Academy of Sciences, it is predicted that someone will break through from the first stage to the second stage in three years.
It will be much more difficult to break through from the second stage to the third stage. Many Academy of Sciences expect that it will take about ten years, and the Academy of Sciences has not been able to make a public forecast in the third stage.
And Ji Xinghe’s strongest gift is the third stage, just like Emperor Wu III.
For a long time, except Ji Xinghe, Li Yuanba and Ji Rongxinyue, the strongest in the Federation can have the third stage of environmental strength. Ji Rongxinyue can be tied with Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba not because she got the third stage of environmental gifts and talents earlier, but because Ji Xinghe is ready to undertake psychological preparation.
However, it is far from enough to be psychologically prepared to complete the inheritance, as Emperor Wu III gave Adakang the gift ability.
This makes today’s experiment particularly important.
It looks the same as before. The God punished the armor machine repair area and stood solemnly. There were no onlookers around. Shen Mu led the machine repair personnel to continue their work in its operation area.
There are four people, Ji Xinghe, Shen Mu, Su Chuanyun and Lame, who make this experiment look very confidential.
I already knew some feelings about Su Chuanyun and Lame. Both of them are very nervous at this time and have been jumping. Su Chuanyun has also kept silent. Speaking of it, this is still the credit for cutting Su Chuanyun before Xingyue.
After that, Su Chuanyun will continue to jump when it is time to jump, and Su Chuanyun will be like a Chen Xun when he should not jump.
Ji Xinghe and Shen Mu are both relaxed. The latter is because he doesn’t recognize that he can succeed in one experiment and fail several times, so he should be nervous and worried.

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