Mark directly grunted coldly, and Hades’ mind pressed directly to Saul.
Saul’s face a change.
Burst one
Saul directly sat back in his seat, indecision and uncertainty, and looked at Mark, who had changed a lot in his sight.
In Saul’s world, Mark is sitting behind the Throne of Fire, and his white wings covering the sky are stretched to the fullest …
Saul was dumbfounded for a while.
soon afterwards
Cut it!
Mark raised his eyebrows and stared at him. He threatened to resist Sol, but Sol was now a mortal. Although he had the heart to resist, he tried to resist, but he just sat down and broke his chair because of excessive movement.
Mark withdrew his coercion.
not bad
Saul is a little less contemptuous of this man who can intimidate himself and resist.
But Mark still doesn’t like Saul.
What Saul has done doesn’t meet your requirements at all.
Saul is so competitive.
What is more suitable for Saul to be a general than the Norse God Court?
Choosing a career is very important.
But I can’t help it. Although frigga is the mother of gods, she also has Sol as her own child.
So here comes the question
Will frigga give the throne of the future Nordic Shenting to Odin because of Sol’s personality problem?
I don’t even think about it.
Sosol can also choose the wrong career path and continue to walk, either leading the Nordic Shenting to continue to be brilliant or … the family is ruined.
Combining with the 199999 universe story, Mark thinks that the second possibility is far greater than the first one …
Izzy, the coffee shop owner, is unhappy at the moment.
Broken a cup, so-called
But broke a chair?
Issy, the manager of a rough and crazy woman, came angrily.
One second
Izzy’s eyes were bright and his face was full of smiles. He took over three Jason Franklin and then smiled and turned to go.
Little assistant Daisy’s eyes turned into little stars.
Rich again
It’s a perfect man.
Dr. Shavig also got up and invited Tony, who is interested in becoming his big money, to sit down directly.
"Good afternoon. Hello again, Dr. Foster and Ms. Louise."
"Good afternoon, Mr. Lewis."
"Good afternoon. We are really destined."
Mark smiled and sat down in a chair directly. Jane winked at Daisy, a little assistant who had become a nymphomaniac again.
Mark has long been used to this.
If handsome is a sin, then Mark has already been guilty.
It’s not your fault that you are handsome.
Moreover, Mark deeply suspects that one thing old Louis treated himself so badly, partly because he found himself a demon complex, and partly because he was not as handsome as Mark …
The first chapter little brother’s mind
Saul, look at Mark.
Mark, look at the menu. There may not be alcohol in coffee shops in big cities, but there are far more alcohol than coffee in small towns.

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