Businessman businessman
Most hurtful …
Mark’s idea has never changed. In this world, only his mother can keep letters.
Mark won’t recognize saving his life and make Norman Oss grateful to the mutant.
To put it bluntly.
Mark’s choice of Norman Oss Antidote Receiver is also considered from this point.
Even if the mutant situation evolves in the future, it will be very good for Norman Oss to read the mutant’s life-saving words and remain neutral.
There is no eternal friendship in this world. Just look at how Harry treats Peter and how Peter treats Harry.
Interest is the foundation of everything.
With interests, even enemies can temporarily become friends …
Just like Mark made a message to someone who had not appeared for a long time after returning to new york and was cheated by Mark twice.
Stryker’s bones are probably eaten by wild animals.
Worthington II’s ending is also a foregone conclusion. It is estimated that it is definitely not a life sentence but also a 20-year sentence.
In that o’ lear?
After Mark fulfilled his promise to get O ‘Lear to testify, he will be included in the federal witness protection program.
A new name was sent to Texas, where he would work in a ephedra plantation until he was old …
Promise that Mark still has integrity in this respect.
This point
It’s the advantage that marks are few …
"Robert, didn’t you eat early?"
"Shetty John, can you light a cigar with this flame?"
"Ganglix, I told you to move forward. Do you have to lean against the wall?"
Half an hour later, Mark Qin led him to a place where he looked at the avatar coach Create and conducted special training for several elite mutants he selected.
Mark looked at the swearing words and jumped out of Create’s mouth. He looked at the piano beside him and said, "What happened to Create?"
"This is the candidate selected by Eric at the beginning of the day to attend the budo conference held in Dongguo Mutant City."
"… but it’s only January"
"I know!"
"That …"
Looking at there from time to time to fly over a piece of iron plate for special training, Create Mark was confused.
Is it because the professor felt that he owed too much to his good friends before? Just because of Create’s sex? Create went into Alzheimer’s disease because he had nothing to do?
Chin smiled and then said to Mark, "I also want to see whether we want the city to be stronger or the mutant city in the East."
Mark was completely numb at this.
Good half-day
Mark couldn’t help shaking his head.
Anyway, the timeline has been distorted like this.
No matter how bent, how can it be distorted?
Can’t Dongguo really plan to integrate mutants and aliens to recover their inherent territory for three years and attack the world for five years?
Rabbits still like peace. They shouldn’t do that.
soon afterwards
Near four o’clock in the afternoon, Mark left Xavier Genius College in a bumblebee.
At the entrance of Zhongcheng School
Mark saw the police car George in the 122 nd precinct
After changing an environment, George seems to be younger, and many faces are full of smiles.
Mark and George hugged each other for a while, and then they chatted by the roadside.
"how about it? The scenery of Staten Island should be good, right? " Mark’s right hand repeatedly took out a cigarette and handed it to George, then molested him.
George took a puff on his cigarette and smiled and said, "You know Staten Island is not new york."
Mark ha ha a smile!
New york is like a besieged city. The law enforcement police outside want to come in but don’t know that the police inside the besieged city want to go out.
You just want new york to be a small policeman. If it weren’t for Queens, he would be called a branch office
But if you are promoted to George’s level or lower, you won’t have to deal with all kinds of forces.

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